Monday, 7 November 2016

Review: The Mannequin, YouTube short

This 10 minute short film was brilliant very creative with minimal but good practical effects, enough to even give some full run time films a run for their money.

You can catch it yourself here:

As for the actual film it's shot in black and white and I'm sure this is a choice not a necessity as it adds to the shorts overall feel of noir.
I'm sure it's meant to set in the sixties/seventies maybe even earlier by the clothing and hairstyles that's the best estimate I can come up with.
The thing date wise that threw me a bit was the TV looking thing in the corner. That aside it was just a good storyline too it got its point across clearly in the short running time which I find very admirable as some long run time films can even leave you confused these days.
I would like to see more from this channel/company in the future if this is the quality of production at the moment time and support can only help.

THN awards this short film a sturdy 4 out of 5 stars

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