Thursday, 25 February 2016

Back review, killer klowns from outer space, 1988

Directed by: Stephen Chiodo
Year: 1988
Stars: Grant Cramer, Suzanne Snyder and Royal Dano

Killer Klowns from Outer Space an American film made in 1988 directed by The Chiodo Brothers and starring Grant Cramer and Suzanne Snyder. It is a comedy horror and the only Chiodo Brothers' directed and written film, they have worked in many other projects in other roles.

In the town of Crescent Cove, a Farmer named Gene Green spies an object falling to Earth. Muttering to himself about Haley's comet he goes to look for it. Eventually he comes across a large tent-like structure. Bemused by the sight he and his dog are quickly captured by the clown-like aliens. Mike Tobacco and his girlfriend Debbie Stone also go investigate. They come across the same structure, puzzled at a tent but on entering realise it's not what it appears. They discover Gene in a cotton candy-shaped cocoon, they are nearly captured by the alien clowns. They get coated with popcorn from a gun as they escape
They are also chased by a living balloon animal dog. They escape making it into town where they rush to the police station. Debbie's ex boyfriend works there and is highly sceptical of their story. Officer Mooney believes them but when they go check its not there anymore and calls it a hoax.
That is until later when mike and debbies ex go looking they find the make out spot trashed and covered in cotton candy. While this is happening the clowns are gleefully collecting all the town's folk in a manner of amusing and horrifying ways. 
Mooney starts getting calls convinced it's some mass hoax now until he encounters one of the clowns for himself. Even then he doesn't believe and just locks the clown in a cell. 
Dave returns to the station to find everyone dead and the clown using Mooney like a hand puppet. He fires his gun many shots going awry but a lucky one hits the clowns nose, this is where's they hilariously die by spinning and exploding into confetti.
Dave accompanied by two brothers finds the ship once again but gets sepparated. The brothers get seduced by female clowns,Dave on the other hand sees that the cocoons are liquifying people when a clown using a twisty straw drinks the juice from one cocoon.

That is very near the end of the film as always there's more to it than that and you know I never spoil the ending unless I really think a film ain't worth watching. This is by far watchable, a cult classic that you will want to watch every now and then from the point you first see it. By far not a perfect film but outrageous and very original is what will keep you coming back.
For this film I give it a very strong four stars and a highly recommend that you watch it.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Bed and Breakfast

A new and from what I can gather from the trailer slightly unhinged horror flick coming our way. I was asked to view the trailer, can't gather an amazing amount of detail from the short teaser but it looks to be some kind of psycho in a b&b wreaking VERY bloody trouble.
Heres the trailer for your perusal see what you make of it I myself am intrigued!


Saturday, 13 February 2016

My top 10 horror games (supposedly) coming in 2016

Hey there folks I've been trawling the Internet's looking for things I love and that's a damn good survival horror game. 2016 is going to be no different to previous years in that a large glut of them are coming in, be it PC or console related. I have recently played through firewatch which although wasn't a true horror game there were certainly tense moments, well longer than moments in some cases, check out the review here on THN to learn more.
Now back to the task at hand there's a lot coming out I've only chosen things that have a damn good chance of giving at least one or two jump or tense moments. A large amount of games coming unfortunately seem to be going the outlast way.
This is not necessarily a bad thing as outlast did give me some genuine oh shit moments rare for me, so without further ado here are my 10 most looked forward to 2016 horror titles:

1. Outlast 2
Got to start with this one, not much info or much of a trailer for this so far, but the first horror game to genuinely shit me up since silent hill many moons ago is getting a sequel let's hope its as tense as its predecessor.

2. The Peterson Case Files
Again not an incredible amount found on this game but from what I've seen it has an alien abduction vibe going on with elements of alien isolation like hiding set in around about our time frame.

3. The Walking Dead
Not tell tale or that abysmal failure of a third person shooter released a while back. No this is a new game based in the zombie filled world of TWD. The trailer though not showing anything is still suitably bleak. Info I've found aludes to a rainbow sixish style of relying on others to survive and scavenge.

4. Visage
Another isolation type game somewhere along the lines of the now cancelled 1st person silent hill game. Just the trailer managed to shit me up with this so I am well excited here.

5. Grey Dawn
Set in alush looking open world, at least the trailer seems that way. It does again seem to have an isolationist feel (a running theme this year) with some nice olde world visuals.

6. Pamela
Going a futuristic route this time in a utopia where things seem to have gone seriously wrong for the inhabitants. Unlike the others this seems more action orientated with weapons an combat involved.

7. The Dark Inside Me
The initial start screen sees a scarred man embellished with your game options, the game itself seems action like with incredible amounts of gore and blood throughout.

8. Friday the 13th
This I seriously cannot wait for the 13th franchise is by far one of my favourite movie series's, so when I learned of a game based on it I was ecstatic with anticipation. From what I've gathered either you or an AI controls old Jason and then a small team of Councillor's have to survive him L4D style except each person has a skill, jock is strong nerd is brainy etc work together to live or just throw Jay the nerd and run if all else 1efails.

9. Routine
Another outlast type game set in the near future where from what I've gathered robots routines have gone haywire. Armed with what seems to be a hacking tool that can be used motion trackerlike, stun some robots or be used liked night vision. A lot of alien type stuff used in this corker of a game.

10. Allison Roads
Looks almost Identical to to visage, based in a house with spooky setting. This was once again a trailer that spooked me a little again, differences the corridors doors etc seem much more tighter and chlostrophia is evident. Black mail a friend to hold your hand whilst you play.

This concludes my ten most wanted 2016 horror based games what are you looking forwards to?

Review: Fire watch the game

Release date: 9th February 2016
Developer: campo santo
Wow this game, what can I say, atmosphere, fun, beautiful and all at your discretion too!
After heart warming but sad intro, that you get to interact with mind your character (Henry) decides to take a job away from it all in the wilderness as a fire watch person.
This entails staying in a cabin up on tall struts overlooking trees in the spring\summer watching for random brush fires and reporting them should that happen.
You get introduced to your boss almost right away Delilah each avenue of speech with her can go one of three ways, open, closed or generally nasty ( or if you truly feel like it you can mostly ignore her and just carry out the tasks at hand) this is what is truly good about firewatch, choice.
The start of the game chronicles the first few days simple things checking stuff etc, telling some dumb teens off for setting off fireworks. This can handled a few different ways too.
Then things get tense later on as its skips weeks ahead and depending on how you've treated Delilah have an ally or possible enemy in what's to come.
You know here at THN I don't spoil things, this game is not truly horror but every time your out each mission grips you tightly with a feeling of foreboding until or even beyond its completion. I played friendly to Delilah first time and it was great, I upset her once though and she turned her radio off for a while!
This made the already lonely setting that much more silent. The game unfolds with unique twists and turns as you play though and never let's up that tension or isolation ( you don't truly meet or see anyone close up most of the game)
I've got the first part of a let's play linked here by a good lp'er danq8000 watch the whole series or watch the first part and like me get it yourself to play.
Lots of fun in between other games a strong 4\5

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Back review: Splice 2009

Year: 2009
Actors: Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley and Delphine Chanéac
Length: 104 minutes

Splice sees two genetic scientists\engineers Clive nicoli ( Brody) and Elsa kast ( Polley) trying to achieve fame by splicing some different animal DNA together. Yeah I know this shit never goes to plan does it, well they are making hybrids for some company called N.e.r.d what an acronym right?
I forget what it stands for right now research and development is the last two. Anyway they've had some luck in the field by creating what the call a veriform they call Fred. He's dog sized and made to be a mate for the female version called ginger.
This works well so they decide its time to try human hybridisation (that's a big word for me) of course nerd forbid them to do this, well I say of course 9\10 its the evil company who sees an opportunity for gain saying yes.
They are told to extract genes or proteins from Fred and ginger for commercial drug use. This doesn't deter them from pursuing their goal in their own time. In which they make a female human veriform, which they agreed to terminate before it became anything substantial, Elsa persuades Clive to let it come to term.
In typical fashion the hybrid becomes aggressive she attacks Elsa who lives, but then in an effort to escape sheds some of her parts possibly to look more human. She still gets caught.
Testing sees she is aging at an excelerated rate and is confused, Elsa feels for it, which it has made a name for itself, Dren yes its nerd backwards, groan, Clive is no longer allowed to call her specimen anymore. The movie gets a little confused at times with Clive trying to kill Dren by drowning, but it turns out she's amphibious. neglect their other experiments in the meantime ginger has strangely turned male and attacked Fred.
The latter half of this film concerns them looking after Dren Clive bonking her, much to Elsa's disgust, but he talks his way out of it, weird hey?
Earlier after another attack they remove Dren's stinger, the enzymes in this are discovered by someone from nerd to be human DNA, also to hold lots of new patents for drugs. So a doctor from nerd goes to confront them, I won't spoil the end of the film as you know I rarely do rest assured it's as odd and sketchy as the rest of the film.
I did not dislike this film but I wish I'd watched something else rather than it, it may end up being your cup of tea but here at THN I give it a two star and a meh rating, watch if there's nothing else on\available.