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THN Exclusive: Upcoming Giallo/Murder Mystery Film 2019

THN, good friends of production company Decades Apart Prod. Have been given some insider information into a new Giallo film they have in production slated for a 2019 release window. DAP work with ultra low budgets yet produce some of the best work I've seen on so little.
Most companies even traditional 'low budget' studios still have in the tens or hundreds of thousands to make a movie. Not DAP this film is apparently being made with the fantastically low target amount of $6000!

The title they're going with at the moment is: Silver Stars on Red Velvet. IMDb link:
It will star:

Laura Sharlotte as Madelyne
Image result for laura sharlotte
Max Caudell as Alexander de Toth
Max Caudell

These two actors who must be brave as Decades Apart is touting that 23 actors have already walked away shocked with the project (in a bad, kind of good way), spooky!
It's a murder mystery and without giving to many details Madelyne is Alex's girlfriend, Alex works as a photographer and they get mixed up in some trouble...

Typical to this kind of budget the effects will all be practical and low cost, but again by their last standards it should look good for the budget they have.
They are filming in eau Clare WI and St. Paul MN they are looking for somewhere in the region of a 90 minute run time, reasonably good length for any film to tell a decent story.
THN can't wait to get their mitts on this it all sounds so exciting especially since we know a bit more about the film  than we can let on at the moment!!!
2019 can't come quick enough...

Monday, 23 July 2018

THN Stuff: Horror Anthologies

One of my favourite types of horror film are Anthologies, especially if the stories are linked in some way. As in same world, same neighborhood or like creepshow for example have some in-between narrative.
In more recent years the anthology seems to have taken a back seat amongst horror film makers. There's still some Indies and low budget guys who push one out now and then but there's been nothing big as such.
I know Anthologies have never been a massive seller movie wise but I'd hate to see them drop off completely here's a list I've made of most of the ones I've seen or still have to see, how many have you seen?


Trilogy of Terror (1975)
Tales from the Crypt (1972)
Asylum (1972)
From Beyond the Grave (1974)
Vault of Horror (1973)
The House that Dripped Blood (1971)
The Uncanny (1977)
Dead of Night (1977)


Cat's Eye (1985)
Creepshow (1982)
Creepshow 2 (1987)
After Midnight (1989)
Nightmares (1983)
Night Train to Terror (1985)
Deadtime Stories (1986)


Tales from the Darkside (1990)
H.P.Lovecraft's: Necronomicon (1993)
Two Evil Eye's (1990)
Quicksilver Highway (1997)
Twists of Terror (1997)
Body Bags (1993)
With Friends Like These (1991)


Trick r' Treat (2007)
Hood of Horror (2006)
Creepshow 3 (2006)
Fear[s] of the Dark (2007)
Nitetales (2008)
Terror Tract (2000)

2010-20s (so far)

V/H/S (2012)
V/H/S 2 (2013)
V/H/S Viral (2014)
The ABCs of Death (2012)
The ABC's of Death 2 (2014)
The Dark Tapes (2016)
XX (2017)

Friday, 20 July 2018

Review: Brainscan (1994)

Stars: Edward Furlong, Frank Langella

Budget: unknown ATM

Directed By: John Flynn

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Mr Furlong still fresh from his T2 debut stared in this video game based thriller/horror not long after.
the mid to late 90's tried to start a fear of gaming, it was getting to real!!
more and more violent game were being released and some people weren't happy with it. Hence we had a slew of films that tried to put the fear of what this evolution of gaming would do to us.
From this to, lawnmower man and existenz, plus many others that I may cover in the future. Lets get on with the review shall we.

We see old Eddie Furlong playing Micheal a boy in a fevered dream. He's dreaming about the night he and his mother apparently crashed and his resulting leg surgery. Though played on a lot, as in we see him limping from place to place its never a major factor in the films plot at all. We quickly see Micheal has a somewhat creepy crush on his next-door neighbor, a girl named Kimberly (played the absolutely lovely Amy Hargreaves). Creepy in that her massive bedroom window is directly across from his and she seems to frequently get nude in front of it, which Micheal films on his camcorder. though it's later shown she knows and even takes pictures of him!

Micheal is it seems is a techie into gaming and horror films. He even runs a horror movie club in school, though that is quickly shut down by the schools principal (at least I think he is) who is very dickish about it all. Micheal has one friend, Kyle who also seems to be a bit of down and out loser like him. Kyle informs Micheal about a new interactive game that's been released called brainscan that literally submerses you into it's game world (there's your get out of jail free card right there).

How is Micheal able to do/get away with all this?
His father is not at home, though this just says he's working hard to keep his home and son in some semblance of normal, a good dad in my books. Micheal sends away for the game and it quickly comes in the post. Playing it right away it seems like Micheal has taken on the role of a serial killer, he quickly dispatches his target and even takes the guys foot as a trophy!

Micheal wakes and thinks he's played a really realistic game, the next day he's horrified to find that the guy he murdered is plastered all over the news. Frank Langella plays an over bearing police officer who quickly suspects Micheal as he keeps showing up or is involved some way to each murder. Micheal finds the foot in the freezer and goes to bury it in the woods to hide the evidence. Kyle tries to get Micheal to let him play the game, being a dick about but just because he cares about Kyle he rebuffs him, though he takes it the wrong way.

Later in Micheal's room an embodiment of the games npc erupts from Micheal's TV as the Trickster, a weird looking guy with stretched features and a shock of red hair. He tells Micheal he must play the second disc of the game as there's a witness to the first murder and if he doesn't kill them too he'll surely go to jail. Micheal is willing to do the right thing but tries to get evidence to show that it's him doing the killings. Playing the second disc he awakes pretty much the same as he did the first time except this time he doesn't know who he's killed.
Checking the freezer he see's Kyles necklace in there, distraught he rings his friends house. The phone is answered by the police officer who listens to Micheal scream down the phone asking if Kyle's alright. When the officer answers asking who it is Micheal quickly hangs up the phone. The Trickster appears again and Micheal berates him for having him kill his best friend, the Trickster with no feelings tells him it was necessary but that he's messed up again. This time leaving footprints at the scene of the crime, Micheal agrees to play the 3rd disc only if he doesn't kill anyone. The Trickster just says to do as he wants so long as he does it in the allotted time.

Covering the tracks the Trickster phones the house where a forensics guy is doing some work and tells him that Micheal's out in the garden tampering with evidence. He gets away with the officer in chase (yes with his bad knee).
Unknown to Micheal Frank's officer has ordered a sweep of the neighborhood with some neighborhood watch members, who he specifically tells not to go armed. They do of course grab guns. Micheal manages to hide after killing the principal (?) under a ton of bricks.
The forensics guy shows up at the exact moment he's about to caught but as he's wielding gun one of the zealous watch people blows him away. This give Micheal much needed time to escape the scene.
Now earlier after Kyle's death The police officer came to Micheal's to question him and noticed the fire had been lit (Micheal had destroyed his bloody clothes from the first murder by burning them). He returns later breaks in and takes some ashes for the forensics team.

Micheal is falling further down the rabbit hole and has also fallen out with Kimberly after she says how much of a friend he was, when she hardly knew him. The forensics come back that there were trace amounts of blood of the first man killed in the ashes too. The Trickster tells Micheal there's just one more murder to perform, Kimberly, it takes some persuading but he agrees.
When it comes to it though especially when Kimberly tells Micheal how much she's secretly loved him too. Micheal cannot kill her, Unfortunately Hayden (the cop) bursts in see's Micheal with a weapon and quickly blows him away without a warning.

I won't spoil anymore though I think it's guessable at what happens next, but there's a few things after the fact that are quite funny too, one involving the Principal...
Over all it's a decent movie, it's nothing that'll get your brain juices flowing but if there's nothing else on i'd give it a go, even if it's just see Eddie Furlong at his screeching best before he takes the great gutter dive that is his carrier choices.
THN awards Brainscan a mediocre 3 out of 5 stars

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Review: Child's Play 2 (1990)

Childsplay2.jpgStars: Brad Dourif, Alex Vincent

Budget: $13 Million

Directed By: John Lafia

The good thing about this one is it starts off not long after the last one and we see just how Chucky manages to come back from the dead too.

I mean how serious can you take a possessed wise talking small murderous doll right?
But from this one onward the humor starts to increase, in both kills, one liners and just overall acting.
I personally don't mind this at all but i know it's a reason for dissension among some fans, though it's no where near as much of a turn as bride of chucky did comedic wise.

A larger budget meant more special effects and better ones at that. This also meant you see a lot more of Chucky throughout the series from this film on, no longer just shoes under the bed or scampering feet sounds. No now thanks to a massively popular first film people though the audience wanted to see more of the puppet. Some would say this even detracts from it's horror somewhat, I disagree with this we are introduced to him in the first film we know who he is just get on with it this time. Which this film does nicely.

Two years after the incident where Andy, his mother and the detective managed to stop the good guy doll possessed by the soul of killer Charles Lee Ray the company decides to reintroduce the toy after losing sales. Now that Andy's mother is in a mental hospital and Andy himself fostered out for them both sticking to the story the company see's it as the prime time.
They even take the 'Chucky' doll and remake him too just to show how confident they are. While remaking him one of the factory workers is killed in a freak accident which they cover up. The Chucky doll is to be disposed of too.

Andy at this time has been adopted by Phil and Joanne Simpson who also have another kid under their care Kyle an older ex delinquent girl. Matteson the guy charged with getting rid of Chucky is killed after going into a shop, Charles has also found out where Andy is staying by ringing the foster homing place as a relative.
Reaching Andy's new house Chucky accidentally sets of another good guy doll that they used to try and break Andy out of it, Chucky caves in it's head with an ornament breaking it in the process. After burying the other toy Chucky takes it's place. Phil blames the kids for the destruction of the ornament and when they don't own up to it both are grounded.

Chucky in the night almost possesses Andy but is stopped when Kyle comes in from being out, Phil captures them both awake and Kyle being out past curfew. Saying he'll deal them in the morning he throws Chucky into the basement and goes back to bed.
The next day Chucky follows Andy to school, causing all sorts of mischief and gets Andy told off that he has to stay behind. Killing Andy's teacher with a yard stick, the kid just manages to escape in time.

Back at their home Andy goes to attack Chucky with an electric bread knife, Phil catches him in the act thinking Andy is quite bananas. Chucky attacks Phil making him fall down the stairs breaking his neck in the process. Joanne is convinced Andy had something to do with her husbands death sends him back to the foster centre.
Kyle however finds the broken good guy doll under the swing set and believes Andy. Chucky has killed Joanne however, capturing her Chucky makes Kyle take him to the foster centre where Andy is being held. Setting off a fire alarm Andy manages to escape with Kyle catching a glimpse of them as he does.

Before long they all end up at the good guy factory for one final showdown where Chucky manages to complete the ritual. Unfortunately it doesn't work as he's been in the dolls body for to long by now, enraged Chucky tries to kill both Kyle and Andy.
I'll leave it there as Child's Play 2 is well worth a watch a formidable sequel to a great first part in a long line of films to come, THN awards this 4 out of 5 stars.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

THN Top 5: Most Wanted Reboots/Sequels

With the upcoming new Halloween, that's a Reboot, Sequel and Remake all in one film us here at THN have decided to throw our minds to what we'd like to see next and in what form they might choose to be their destroyer, or redeemer.
It'll be horror franchises of course those things I can't get enough of, be them bad good or mediocre i'll invest time into something that give me a series of films to watch.

So in at number 5:

Nightmare on Elm Street Series:
Freddy Krueger has already had a shot at remake, just like Jason did except his outing was an abysmal failure. Not that Jackie Earl Hailey is to blame he did everything he could with the shitty script, so this I think falls into reboot territory. As much as I'd like to see Robert England reprise the role he is unfortunately getting on a bit now at 71.
Not that I don't think he could do it mind, the prosthetic pieces and make up cover a lot of sins after all. I just think that this would do well with new blood now and some creative writing, unlike the latest reboot though a slight tongue in cheek aspect has to be kept by Freddy in order to keep it feeling authentic.
One last hurrah by England might be a foray into Freddy vs Jason 2 perhaps?

At No4:

Leprechaun Series:
Another one that's had a semi reboot already but not in the same vein as NoES, is Leprechaun. Though I think the newer film is not part of the series as proper. It's also serious, well more serious than the main films. I think a proper sequel bringing this film back to it's stolen gold roots more (like 1-3) would be fine. Warwick Davies I think would be fine to return for one more outing as the wee green fellow too.

At No3:

Hellraiser Series:
The abysmal continuations of this series need to stop without Doug Bradley in them. Write a god damned good script that Doug wants to do and try to finish it off with a flair. He said he'd come back if the story was good and he was allowed to read it first, except people keep writing sub-par sequels that they wont show him unless he agrees to star.
since part 4 we have sequels that do not centre around the box or even the cenobytes, they are pretty much subplots added to a terrible film. The last 2 didn't even star Doug for the aforementioned reasons. Get it right and get Doug back!

At No2

Friday the 13th Series:
This is and odd one, i'd like to see both a sequel to Jason x and to the reboot, then whichever one impresses me the most is where i'd like to see the series stick too. Kane Hodder could come back as Jason in Ft13th pt11 and Derrick Mears in reboot Ft13th part 2.
As most will know i kind of regard the 2009 film as a quasi sequel anyway, it feels more like more of Jason than a reboot, like an earlier untold story. Whatever comes about it might be a while due to the court case and I hope they don't go with the Elias Vorhees rubbish i'd heard about before they canned the last film.

At No1

Childs Play/Chucky Series:
Ok this is another one where I think a good remake/reboot of the original would be nice to see, also I want to see this last I was a fan of the last film but with the whole multiple soul division thing going on now, I think one more to finish it off proper is on the cards as I think they've played out all possible avenues now.
A Reboot/Remake would allow them to back to the roots and make it scary again, like the first one was, where you didn't much of Chucky until the end of the film.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Review: Troll 2 (1990)

Image result for troll 2Stars: Micheal Stephenson, George Hardy

Budget: Unknown

Directed by: Claudio Fragasso

God lord what can i say that hasn't already
been said about this film. It's bad, worse than
bad, it's a train wreck. But it's so much of a
mixed up crazy ride into mindlessness
that it comes out the other side.
This film despite being bad is everything that
needs to be seen to understand what truly makes
a bad movie.
From incoherent storylines, bad acting/effects and
poor editing this film has it all. Even one of the most
gif'd scenes ever (which is probably how a lot of
people know about this film).
You all know the one, OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD
while a fly crawls about on his face. The costume designer was Laura Gemser of the black Emanuele series, it's just odd through and through.

A non sequel to the older fantasy film Troll (where some people think J.K.Rowling got her ideas for Harry Potter)
This was originally called goblin. Reinforced by the fact that the town the family go to in called Nilbog (goblin backwards). So a family arrange for a lifestyle swap with another family so the husband can see what rural living/working is like. Strangely the son of the family is visited by his dead grandpa the night before warning of the vegetarian goblins that infest Nilbog.
Yeah Vegetarian, we'll get into that more soon. So they do a kind of house swap with a family from Nilbog and they move there for a month. Unbeknownst to them the whole town are vicious little goblins in disguise, the only thing is they are vegetarian and can't eat meat as it's a sin. Not the worry they have a serum/poison that can turn you into vegetables, yeah that's right.

There really isn't much left to say about this but one scene where the boy stops his family from eating by urinating all over the food! That's about it for this bland piece of crap film apart from if you want a truly brain melting, yet at times hilariously bad film to waste your time on give it a go, if you dare.

THN awards Troll 2 a 0 out of 5 stars, BUT even though it's a god awful film it's definitely worth 1 watch, or not.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Review: It Follows (2014/2015)

Image result for it followsStars: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist

Budget: $2million

Directed By: David Robert Mitchell

It follows release dates are like this as the film was released in the Cannes film festival in 2014 then had a major full commercial release in 2015.

A play on sexual transmitted diseases which are still a big problem in our day and age, this film follows the dangers of unprotected sex by passing something deadly on. Instead of a harmless yeast infection or life threatening immunodeficiency disease though, this happens to be a supernatural entity that follows you to the ends of the earth through any obstacles just to kill you for knocking boots.

featuring some class acting and a very original story-line this movie certainly deserves most of the praise it received. I mean certain internet sites have explained how you could evade this entity. its still scary to think that this thing (whatever it is, it's never properly explained) can just keep coming for you despite how many shut doors and distance you put between yourself and it. It's also funny how many people have put up ways you could avoid this monster or even stop it, see it's not super fast or really really strong either it just keeps walking after you forever until it catches you.

So after a seemingly okay date with a boy called Hugh, Jaime is a bit surprised when he seems to get antsy in the cinema/theater over a girl she says she can't see. Despite that they go on a second date but Hugh ends up chloroforming her after they have sex in his car. He explains to her while she's tied to wheelchair that now they've had sex an entity only she can see will pursue her forever until it kills her, it was the only way to stop it killing him (though after it's killed her it'll then go back to being after him) Hugh drives Jay home after they see a weird naked woman and then rapidly leaves
When she goes to the police the next day she finds out Hugh wasn't really Hugh and was living under a false identity. With no leads on where he went or who the woman is Jay goes back to school distraught, she see's an old woman walking towards her that no one else can see. Despite it all sounding bonkers Jay's older sister and some friends agree to help her avoid this entity.
Despite this the thing nearly ends up killing her as she's the only one who can see it, it ends up following one the friends in. Jay flees and they all end up at a playground.

Trying to work out what to do they go to Gregg their neighbor who helps them find out where and who Hugh really is. His real name is Jeff and they trace him back to his real address. When they catch up with him he's surprised but explains that he was duped pretty much the same way after a one night stand, he explains that she can pass it on the same way. Either that or just keep trying to outrun it forever, Greg offers they go his nearby family lake house.
There Greg teaches Jay to shoot a gun, unfortunately the thing arrives again and starts attacking them all. Jay shoots it and then escapes in Greg's car only to crash it slightly down the road and pass out. Awaking in hospital with a broken arm.

Strangely Greg has sex with Jay at the hospital, being that he doesn't really believe in the entity still. Later it takes on Greg's form and enters his house Jay see's this and tries to ring him to warn him, unfortunately the entity attacks Greg in the guise of his own mother in a disturbingly sexy way. Jay flees to the beach and while there see's 3 men out on a boat, we see her undress and walk into the water. Implying that she's going to have sex with them. Paul one her friend also offers to have sex with her but she refuses him.
They do try to come up with a plan to kill the entity. Using herself as bait Jay intend to stand in a pool waiting for it to come after her then drop a load of electrical devices into the pool hopefully frying it. I'm not going to say how it goes as it's near the end of the movie, one thing i will say is that Jay does end sleeping with Paul too.

Overall this isn't a bad movie and there's been talks about a sequel for quite a while too, as a stand alone film it works and if done right i'd like to see more of this monster is and where it came from and why, although there's the old trope of knowing to much can spoil it. Lets just leave this at an interesting story on the dangers of STD's. THN awards IT Follows 3 stars out of 5

Monday, 4 June 2018

THN Top 5: Brains for Lunch

One of the things that seriously grosses me out in horror films, or pretty much any film that includes it is the eating of brains. Zombie chow, cannibal, alien food. If it involves your brain being main course it is certainly cringe worthy for me.
Why? Because it's the thought of you being alive while it happens that's icks me out so much. You can feel bits of you just vanishing as your precious grey organ of life is slowly, or rapidly munched away. So without further ado let's get on with my top 5 brain munched moments. Beware for spoilers for Bad Taste, Hannibal, RotLD 2 and starship troopers.

5. Bad Taste:
This is pretty much an honourable mention as its no longer a cringe for me but it was when I was younger. Having had half his head sliced off we see an alien has become a snack for one of his former comrades. Digging in a spoon like he's eating a tub of ice-cream.

4. Bad Taste Again:
Unlike the last one still makes me a little bit eew depending what mood I'm in. Having taken a dive off a cliff and presumed dead, Derrick miraculously survives but not without now having a skull flap in the back of his head that routinely opens to allow bits of his brain to fall out willy nilly. Permanently losing some later on he replaces bits with some of the aliens brains he butchers! Not really eating but he does a good sniff like his going to take a bite!

3. Return of the Living Dead pt2:
After she is saved (well until they're nuked) in the first film Thom Mathews girlfriend in the second film (in another comedic retelling of the duo) manages to escape his clutches a number of times. Only to eventually give up and let him chow down on her 'spicey' brains, complete with crunching apple like noises!

2. Hannibal:
This almost made number 1 spot when Clarisse catches up to cannibal Lecter he has trapped another agent in a chair. Having amazing knowledge of how to dissect a human from years of practice etc, he has removed the top of the guys head. He's still alive but a bit of a vegetable at this point. He then proceeds to remove parts of the guys brain cook them up while the guy says 'something smells nice' to top it all off later he's on a plane and some kid next to him asks what he's eating, he offers the kid some!

1. Starship Troopers:
You know it I mention it a lot, it's the brain bug, it's the guy having his brain sucked out through a proverbial straw, enough said I think. CRINGE!!!!!

Thursday, 24 May 2018

THN News: Everything we know so far about IT Chapter 2

Most of the cast has been finalised now, some of them not what i expected or what i would have preferred. but considering how good part 1 was I trust in them to make a good part 2. unlike most films the part 2 of this book even in the old Tim Curry version was just as if not stronger than the first part. First off then lets look at the cast.
So lets jump 27 years into the future and see who is cast as who!

                                                      Bill Skarsgard:
Returns as the evil clown Pennywise, did a great job in the first part, i believe in him to pull off a great second part and scare the adults just as well as he did in the original.

Image result for bill skarsgård

Jessica Chastain:
Wasn't my first choice as an adult Beverly, I think Amy Adams would have been better in this role but who am i to go against real casting people! I hope she can pull off the love triangle well, as well as the hate that still festers for her father. I'm not a fan of her acting but only time will tell
Image result for jessica chastain

James Ransone:
Not really sure who this guy is, opnly joking, he stars in sinister 1 and 2 though not a massive fan of his work either he plays an older Eddie Kaspbrack.
Image result for james ransone

James McAvoy:
This popular actor from everything from Xmen to wanted is playing an older Bill Denbrough, McAvoy has yet incredibly disappoint me in any role I've seen him in.

Image result for james mcavoy

Jay Ryan:
Is an australian actor who has mostly been in series things, a relatively unknown has been recently cast as Ben Hanscom

Image result for jay ryan

Bill Hader:
Stand up comedian, popular voice actor and seemingly good choice to play an aged Richie Tozier, who is a joker in his older life. Good casting here I think.
Image result for bill hader

Andy Bean:
The most tragic of the losers club Andy has been cast as Stanley Uris, Andy is another one that's a relatively unknown though we know its not a big part for the older Stanley we should see if he can the fear off well in the scenes he does have.
Image result for andy bean

Of course some if not all of the child actors will return for some flashbacks during the second chapter. Finn Wolfhard etc, with a slated release date of 2019 we wonder how old these kids would look by then, though i'm sure Finn will still be pumping out stranger things too!
All in all i'm looking forwards to this despite some of my casting woes if the first chapter managed to draw me in that well i trust the second will do just as good what are your thoughts?

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Short Film Review: Family Game Night (2018)

Director: Nicholas Ferwerda

Budget: $4000

Stars: Meredith Heinrich, Brad Linton

I was contacted like I usually am through twitter if I would like to watch a short film, Nicholas intends for this to show case his comedy horror skills for a feature they are working on this summer. Nick was a very agreeable person who has made this amusing and satirical short with a little twist.
It's very rare these days that families spend any time together what with social media, phones, Ipads and many other reasons to not spend time around the dinner table.

This short manages to bring together a family for a very specific reason, family game night, what this entails is slowly and amusingly revealed once the families daughter brings home a homeless man. Also despite this being family game night the son is still trying to sneak in the use of his phone, amusing berated by his father every time.

it quickly takes a turn for the odd when us as the viewers realise FGN is something a little more sinister than we first realised. I mean when do families these days look forwards to doing something together as much as these are?
The trick is realised when the homeless guy sinks his kindly offered glass of 86 red wine. Game night is apparently family sacrificial night, aaw how nice is it that satanic worship can bring a family so close together!!

It is going to be played in the Toronto Indie Horror Festival in late August. This had some fantastic scripting and genuinely funny moments that brought a smirk to my face many times in this 11 minute short. The acting was fantastic and the fathers creepy facial expressions should have warned anyone else other than an oblivious homeless guy that something wasn't quite right!!
Remember let your family come together for at least one night a year and enjoy your Family Game Night!!!

THN gives this a strong 4/5, can't wait to see more work by this talented Director.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Review: The Asphyx (1973)

Image result for the asphyx full movieStars: Robert Stephens, Robert Powell

Budget: Unknown

Directed by: Peter Newbrook

You ever watch a film that shits you up so much you stop watching it?
The Asphyx is one of those films, well one of only 2 movies that I've had to do that with in my entire life.
I was young though again to young to properly understand the film and just got terrified of the screaming ghost stuff that was going on, lol.

Made in 1973 it has great effects for its time but there's a problem with modern day releases. The american version is an inferior 35mm copy but longer. The UK version is shorter but a much better quality print. I've seen the most recent version that splices some of the inferior scenes back into the UK version.
It is a noticeable jump between the scenes when this happens.

The time is Victorian England Sir Hugo is part of a duo with Giles who are interested in death, ghosts and the afterlife. They come across a discovery that a photo taken at the right time of death will reveal a strange blurry shadow escaping from the body.
They believe it's the soul leaving the body, though Hugo is a tad skeptical over all of this. Later while he using a very early form of a camera to record family movies his wife and son unfortunately meet their demise to drowning in a boating accident.
Re-watching the film over he realizes that the dark blur is actually moving towards the target at the moment of death rather than leaving away. This is apparently from old Greek mythology a creature named the 'Asphyx' further research into this leads them to using a machine they built with phosphor stones and filming a man being hung for crimes and witnessing the same phenomena.

Later watching the film back they realize the beam caught the asphyx in it before it shorted out the men come to the conclusion that a persons asphyx my well indeed be caught or trapped possibly preventing their death.
they use newer equipment to successfully capture a guinea pigs asphyx, Hugo asks Giles to perform the experiment on him. He gets a great vault built so once he has trapped his asphyx he can seal it away so no one can ever free it once it's caught.
He uses an electric chair to kill himself, except slowly so Giles has sufficient time to capture his asphyx. Giles however needs help as it's a two man job and he gets his fiance to help out with capturing Hugo's. He offers them his blessing to get married if she does help out with the experiment, she agrees despite being horrified by the whole ensemble.

Christina ends up getting killed through a very bad sequence of events that lead up to them attempting to capture her asphyx. Hugo blames himself and insists on freeing his asphyx so he can actually die, Giles agrees so long as Hugo makes him immortal first.
Hugo doesn't know that Giles is tricking him and has removed the phosphor stones from the lamp so he can die when Hugo tries the experiment. Hugo realizes and tries to reverse the gasing of Giles but Giles manages to light a match and kills himself also destroying the equipment.

I'll leave it there as this is a decent enough film to warrant at least one watching especially if you are fan of old hammer horror stuff THN awards The Asphyx 3 out of 5 stars.

Friday, 4 May 2018

The Rain (2018 Netflix series)

Stars: Iben Hjejle, Alba August

Image result for netflix series the rain

This Danish made Scandinavian show is set to break records for non English speaking series even more than other recent programs from Japan or other areas that are breaking out with amazing must watch programming.

It's started on Netflix today and is around 35-45 minutes per episode. It is Scandinavian spoken so will unfortunately require you to read English subtitles.
If your anything like me though if a program or film that is subtitled is good enough your often find yourself watching and understanding what's going on despite the language barriers (often forgetting to read the subs anyway).
Image result for netflix series the rain
It's set in a dystopian future where the rain carried a deadly virus that wiped out most of humanity six years previously.
Simone and Rasmus a brother and sister leave their underground bunker in search of remnants of humanity.
I have only watched on episode myself so far but I'm hooked. It is apparently going to deal with everything from coming of age to love and other emotions, mixed with how a world with no moral or social barriers will effect how we go about those feelings.
I strongly erge anyone who doesn't mind subtitles to give this a go!

Review : Hungerford (2014)

Image result for hungerford movieStars: Drew Casson, Georgia Bradley

Budget: £20,000

Directed By: Drew Casson

Well well I like to be good to low budget b-moviesb but this movie has some flaws I absolutely hated i'm sorry to others it might seem petty but these heavily detracted from my viewing pleasure.
Right first off I've NEVER been a big fan of 'found footage' films. The janky way of filming just grinds on me but if the film is good enough to make me forget or see past that it's always a bonus.
This film tries out things filming wise to cheaply achieve some of their effects and I appreciate that, they're trying something new but when it detracts not only from the viewing pleasure but also understanding of whats going on in film that's never a good thing.

The fuzzing and distortion whenever one of these creatures is near is very annoying, (also is never really explained why it does this either) with the already (to me) shitty nature of found footage filming makes this film at times a little hard to follow.
Which is annoying because I like to think of myself as at least moderately intelligent. So when a film loses ME on the plot midway through I think it's damn near going to confuse the hell or lose the interest of a lot of people.

So that's the filming gripes out of the way, now onto the acting, it was very by the numbers and very over acted like the actor being overly enthusiastic over a crumb (not literally a crumb just an over exaggeration of a point) though as the film goes on this does dumb down slightly.
Now for the plus points, made for an amazingly small budget in British pounds, this £20k would not have gone far trust me. On that budget this film does have some mighty impressive effects for it's buck. Good blood and shooting effects as well as the anomalies in the sky.

So lets get on with the film. Cowen a film student of sorts decides to film his life for a week or so after waking up from a night on booze. we are later shown some kind of rocking explosion from the inside of their flat. When they go out and see whats going on they see some kind of weird storm going on throwing out random guff. An out of breath cop shows up, who they all happen to know explaining radios, phones etc are all knocked out of action.
A council man of some kind also stops the officer to see whats going on and exclaims that a nearby empty factory has been hit by lightning. Slowly but surely people start acting weird and getting violent all over town, after a botched party where one of the friends gets accused of drugging someone who has a fit they all leave for home.
When they get back they are attacked unable to stop the attacker until they spray him with deodorant (a plot that is quickly lost as well as inconsistent throughout the film) this kills the guy.

Now here's a another niggle I have with this plot, as explained in the brackets above. The deodorant thing seems to kill some people, or make the bug spring from their neck, though neither really matter all that much because by the end of the film they are just shooting people dead anyway.
So yes the cause the attacks and people getting angry are some kind of burrowing alien bug that controls you by going into your neck.
They seem far to big for this but meh film logic. Soon loads of people are infected and they try to escape multiple times only to have something go wrong. Car crashes, finding other people, getting caught the think it, it happens to this group.

Like i said i kind of lost the plot when the cop shows up and they try to escape, i picked it up quite quickly but its a bit of a cluster fuck of an ending especially when sometimes you don't know whose left alive at certain points too. They all get captured near the end but are saved by some military types, after seeing some kind of humanoid kind of alien in the dark.

I haven't totally spoiled the ending as it seems pointless and just sets up a sequel, which yes they have indeed made and yes I will endure to see if it's any improvement on this mess. THN awards Hungerford a paltry 1 out of 5 stars.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Review: Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018)

Image result for day of the dead bloodlineStars: Sophie Skelton, Johnathon Schaech

Budget: $8 Million

Directed By: Hector Hernandez Vicens

Jeez what can I say about this?
A pseudo remake of George Romero's Day of the dead, which no one asked for.
Since the dawn of the dead remake which was good these remakes have gone steadily down hill. There was another day of the dead remake a few years back in 2008 with Ving Rhames and Mena Suvari that had no similarities to the original at all.

Then there was Day of the Dead 2: Contagium which was meant to somehow be a sequel to the original Day of the Dead, also baring no similarities to the original. Both of these films were absolutely awful and if i haven't reviewed them already I may or not torture myself into watching them again.

Anyway this remake, starts of quite promising, we see how the disease kind of starts this time (having no bearings on say dawn, or night that came before it). Except this time we have a student doctor working in virology who has a creepy patient with a higher than normal white cell rate than anyone. I seen where this was going right from that point on, he's obsessed with Zoe so much so he carves her name into his arm.
When the zombies inevitably attack (possibly from a strain of influenza H1N1, that in itself a possible nod to the game H1Z1) the creeper is bitten and Zoe manages to escape.
A few years later we see Zoe in an underground bunker as a main researcher/doctor of the base, just like the bunker in the original. It houses soldiers and civilians a lot more than the original film did too.

Zoe is caring for an ill girl who has an illness that needs stronger antibiotics than the base has to hand for her. Zoe suggests to the irritable base leader (so much of a pale shade compared to sergeant in the original version of him) that they should go to the hospital where she worked to get the better drugs.
He doesn't like this as it's out of their 'patrol zone' but agrees reluctantly to let them go so long as they're quick and efficient about it.
The get to the hospital after some car trouble that really doesn't lead into anything serious other than to pad out some time. In the hospital however after getting the drugs, Zoe STUPIDLY wanders off to get some photos from an old room.
She also picks up some random extra supplies and the camera focuses on some ammonia she picks up, plot point for later!! She is then attacked by the half zombified creeper. Shooting she attracts the attention of other zombies and the others suddenly realize Zoe is missing. One of the members is killed and the rest escape back to the trucks and get on the road back to the base.

Unknown to them the creeper (Max) has latched onto the bottom of the trucks and gets a free ride into the base on them. Listen this film is bad, Max ends up some weird sexually frustrated pseudo Bub from the original except now his blood may and does indeed hold the cure, no not cure immunity from from the virus. So you can't cure the already dead infected people but can halt an infected live person and then make them immune to further infection.
Of course things goes wrong Max escapes zombies get in, many people die, some stupid situations where if people had said something, reacted better, earlier arguments and accidents may of prevented completely.

THN doesn't totally hate this as theres some good acting on some people parts especially Max and Zoe play their parts believably. So we won't totally spoil the ending and if you are bored and want to watch a brainless zombie flick and haven't seen the original so it won't feel like someone just set fire to an original copy of it in front of you it might be worth watching.
THN Awards Day of the Dead: Bloodline 2 out of 5 stars.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Review: Happy Death Day (2017)

Image result for happy death dayStars: Jessica Rothe, Rob Mello

Budget: $4.8 million

Directed By: Christopher B. Landon

So, happy death day, was not a film I thought
I would enjoy quite as much as I did. Not a
true horror film, more of a comedy horror
with slasher elements.
In a nut shell think mean girls, mixed with
scream to the tone of groundhog Day. Which
is what drew me to watch it, groundhog Day is one
of my favourite non horror movies.
With the theme of repetition till you get it right
being it's main focus.

Made for a modest 4.8 million dollars it's not
a major bank buster film either. Which shows,
though not in a bad way.
The effects are subtle but effective and a lot of the
gore kept to a minimum, probably to keep age ratings down for more butts on seats.
This is evident with the nude bit which I'll get too a bit later.

So we first see Tree wake up in a college dorm room. Her phone blaring it's her birthday, which low and behold it is!
She seems irritable even more so that it's a dorm room and she's apparently slept with this guy, Carter.
After pestering him for headache tablets/pills and telling him to keep quiet she flees as fast as she can bumping into Carter's room mate who refers to her as a fine piece of puss, if I remember rightly.
It's clear already Theresa is not a nice person, in fact she's quite a bitch to a lot of people on the way back to her frat house.

Inside we meet some proper college tropes from the airhead girl to the room mate, Lori who has made Tree a little birthday cupcake. Which she promptly throws to the ground. I think here and a few more scenes into it before her first death the movie tries to set up as many people who would have a motive for killing Tree as possible. Even more pointers that she is a nasty person, such as not sticking up for people and even having an affair with her doctor/teacher too!
My initial guess though was surprisingly right but I was thrown off a number of times despite that and questioned it, even with the 'fake reveal' these movies always do which certainly gave this film a large lift in points.

So later on we join Tree wandering back again when she stumbled into a man wearing a mascot mask. Then a few moments later she is ambushed by him in a tunnel after finding a wind up music box thing.
Though fighting back she is inevitably killed.
Only to immediately awaken in Carter's bed with its your birthday blaring on her phone again. She doesn't seem to really notice this 1st time that she's reliving the same day and almost goes through it exactly the same for a while. Until the tunnel bit where manages to avoid the killer this time. Only to end up be killed at a frat party instead.

This time waking up shes terribly disoriented and stumbles around a lot. She seems to realise it's the same day this time and ends up barricading herself in her frat room. Unfortunately for her the killer was either already in there or found a way in, she fights back again but is murdered once more.
Waking in Carters room again we actually see a small change in Tree this time, we also learn that Carter didn't sleep with her just made sure she was okay.
She explains to him what she thinks is going on and even proves certain things, now to me he's slightly excepting of this a bit fast, but time of the movie and pacing it has to happen. Also i mean what would you be like if some you hardly knew told you they were living the same day over and proved it with timed accuracy. Carter tells her if she really is living the same day over and over she has ample time to find out who is killing her and stop them.

Several times we see Tree observing and investigating people who she thinks is the possible killer and either they aren't or she learns something about them. All through this we see her slowly changing as a person too, though later on we do learn why she has turned her feeling off to a degree, though to me it's a bit late and would have been a bit nicer if it was expanded on a bit more throughout. She lost her mother three years ago and it kind of twisted her (though still not a massive excuse for some of the things she does, mainly the affair).
Later we find out that she can't actually (unlike groundhog day) keep this reliving the same day over and over thing up for much longer as each time she dies she gets a little bit weaker. This raises some plot holes especially the fact she seems to retain internal scarring, wouldn't that make her have a shorter life span? A number of other minor ones that just niggle me.

Before she finally works out how to sort everything out Tree has one more blow out and struts around the campus naked. Again as I mentioned earlier kept to shots from behind or shoulder level for age rating purposes, which brings me to this point. Jessica got naked for that scene, well probably with modesty strips etc but, its like why?
Okay it's a scene where she doesn't care anymore, its liberating and funny but quite pointless in the grand scheme of things. This draws me to my last point too, Tree, she hasn't done this that much, I think we see every iteration of her deaths on screen, not like GH day where some are hinted at or just not seen. Tree seems to come to terms with her nastiness and grows as a person very fast, breaking habits, friendships and behaviors ground into her for years in the span of two to three weeks?
A little unbelievable in that sense. So I wont spoil anymore of this film and i'm pretty much done except I will say there's a few nice nods to the films that influenced this one at the end. One last thing a sequel is also in the works for this thanks to its massive $122.4 million return, though its said this one will not be a retread of the first like most sequels are, this will carry on from the end of the first and we will discover how she managed to relive the same day over and over.

So Happy Death Day is a pleasing film and definitely a good waste of spare time or a movie night choice, not quite a four out of five but a very very strong 3 out of 5 stars with recommendation to watch from THN!

Monday, 26 March 2018

Review: The Evil Dead 2 (1987)

Stars: Bruce Campbell, Sarah Betty

Budget: 3.6 million

Directed By: Sam Raimi

Sequel to one of the most influential horror films of all times. This takes a slight retread at the beginning giving us a sort of recap/retelling of the first film.

It was also the first evil dead to include more of a comedic vibe and make use of Campbell's amazing slapstick abilities. You'll usually find that this will be the first entry most people watched, then went back and watched the first film.
At least that's the way I've experienced it and a lot of people I've spoken to have also. Although as with a lot of films I do recall attempting to watch the first film at a very early age.
A poor VHS copy in the UK when i was about 7 or 8 years old, it did not scare me I just think I didn't get it nor watch all of it at that time.
It was only years later about 11 or 12 after watching this one did i re-venture and watch the first one with renewed vigor and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Some people don't the comedy line the series took, luckily they are in the minority. It took a long time between each film to get a sequel out, around six years per film. Unlike today's sequels where they are popped out on a conveyor belt though these were worth the wait.

So we get a 30 minute or so recap/redo/parody of the first film, except only Ash and Linda venture to the deserted cabin this time. Finding Knowby's tape player once more Ash unleashes the forces evil upon him and his hapless girlfriend. Linda of course gets taken and possessed by the forest spirits and attempts to try and kill Ash a number of times.
That is until Ash manages to kill her by decapitation and then he buries her body. Ash is then taken on a joy ride throughout the forest by the demonic spirit, finally smashing into a tree he falls face first into a deep puddle. Raising from the dirty pool of water we see Ash himself has been possessed by the spirit of the forest. Though the sun comes out and quickly dispels it's effects over him.

Though his respite is short as the evil powers move the day along at an accelerated speed. Ash quickly gets in his car and speeds towards the bridge out of the forest.
Unfortunately it's nothing more than a twisted load of hand shaped metal when he reaches it. Chased once more by the speeding demon he manages to drive back to the cabin and get inside and hide before it gets him this time.

We then see proffesor Knowbie's daughter Annie and he fiance arrive back via aeroplane where it seems they have found some extra pages of the necronomicon. Arriving at the bridge they meet a hillbilly Jake and his girlfriend Bobby Jo, they explain the bridge is out and Annie fools Jake into carrying her heavy luggage and alternate route through the forest to her father's cabin.
Mean while Ashley has been going mad in the cabin seeing weird things and gotten his hand possessed and then chainsawed off.

The other group spook him out arriving at the cabin and he ends up shooting but only hurting Bobby Jo. Entering and seeing all the blood and gore splattered around Annie and the others think Ashley has killed her father and mother, not helped by the fact he shot bobby Jo either they lock him in the cellar.
Playing the recordings further they begin to realise Ashley might be telling the truth about his ordeal. This is backed up when Annie's mother erupts from the cellar floor and tries to kill Ash.
They free him though one by one the others are either killed or possessed. This is until Annie realises there's a spell to end it all in the new pages. Ash dons dons his trademark chainsaw hand to retrieve the pages from Annie's mother.

I won't spoil anymore because this film needs to watched, not many liked the first film this is where the slapstick took off in the series too making it a fan favourite.
It certainly is one of mine THN awards evil dead 2 a full 5/5 stars with recommendation to watch.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

THN Games: Last Year, New Slasher Game!

Slasher games, a newish genre for games currently led by dead by daylight and Friday the 13th. A new one coming to the genre is the 90s slasher based game called Last Year, it's more based on the human kind of slasher that the 90s made popular.
In contrast to the invincible killers like Jason, Freddy and Micheal. The human aspect is going to play into it well as the killer can be incapacitated if set about by more than one or two of the teens unlike ft13th or dbd.
The killer though of which there's going to a few to choose from can respawn and travel around like that. It seems like it's all about setting up and stalking.

Unfortunately I only have a console and a shitty laptop as this game is slated for pc release only, INITIALLY, they would like to see it on consoles only when they've totally ironed out its running on pc.
So here's hoping they get their act together and get it to us that can't afford the likes of a gaming laptop or desktop!

Additional information can be found on their official site

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Review: Bad Taste (1989)

Stars: Peter Jackson, Terry Potter

Budget: $30,000

Directed By: Peter Jackson

So here we are, we are at 200 posts amazing hey?
I've been doing this for so many years too it's a little overwhelming but hopefully i'll see another few more years and maybe 200 more posts!

So to mark this landmark event in my calendar I've done this, the first official film that got me into horror. I was 8 or 9 years old and my older friend had this on a fuzzy old copied VHS.
I didn't know what I was getting into but i'm glad I did get into it. I would also find out many years later that this was Peter Jackson's first feature length film too.

This is the thing that helped him launch wingnut films and go strength to strength with each subsequent film, one of his next films was the ultra violent puppet show parody Meet the Feebles. Another one I love.

There are so many things I love about this film and so many things that make me wince too. Not only that there's visible mistakes too, these don't matter one bit though they only add to the films charm. With a tiny, tiny budget the film did some spectacular effects with it's cash too, from alien costumes to rocket launcher explosions. Because the film is more a tongue in cheek gore fest rather than a genuinely scary film I think eased me into the genre nicely.

The film starts with an empty town, the town of Kaihoro and some specialists sent in from the fictional forces of AIDS (yeah I know right?) which stands for the Astro Investigation Defence Service. The team of four bumbling guys comprise of Derek (Jackson), Frank, Ozzy and Barry who are trying to deduce the whereabouts of the towns population.
Some of the others are attacked and kill some blue shirted aliens, Derek captures himself what he believes to be an alien to. It could be his bearded brother (mainly because ever including Jackson plays at least 2 or three other people/alien) this alien is called Robert. Derek tortures him to try to learn what the aliens are up to, unknown to him Roberts screams are attracting the surrounding aliens to his aid.
Derek bravely dispatches these reinforcements, accidentally leaving the torture knife in Roberts foot, when our nerdy hero turns from killing the drones he quickly realised Robert has escaped. In some good cutting and camera angles he fights himself, Derek is unfortunately seemingly knocked to his death from a cliff top.

A fake or seemingly fake charity collector is attacked by Robert next, though he does manage to escape to a large house. Thinking he's safe he's unfortunately knocked on the main alien hordes door he is knocked out and dragged indoors.
Down from the cliff top Derek awakes, his head seemingly saved catastrophic damage by hitting and killing a seagull in it's nest. unfortunately it's not saved him enough as a flap drops open on the back of his head and some of his brains fall out. Derek after convulsing crams his brains back in and stops the flap up with a hat.

The other guys manage to infiltrate the aliens house and after tearing off an aliens head Frank wears the blue shirt to mingle in with the other aliens. Robert is commended for taking out Derek and is given the pleasure of serving his vomit in a bowl to the masses. Frank after eating some (and enjoying it) finds out the towns populace has been packed up as a new source of fast food for these aliens and about the trapped charity worker.
After getting back to the others Frank explains the aliens plans and they plan to save the charity guy once the aliens have gone to sleep. They attempt to but are attacked by the aliens who get alerted, a stray shot knocks off Dereks hat and he loses a chunk of brain by stepping on it.
He quickly rescues the rest and uses his belt now to keep his head together grabbing a chainsaw he goes on a rampage in the aliens house saving some of the others in the process. He even uses some of the aliens brains to replace his lost chunk too.

So that's as far as i'll spoil this delightfully strange, gruesome yet incredibly fun film, THN awards Bad Taste the highest 5 out of 5 stars.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Review: The Evil Dead (1981)

Stars: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss

Budget: around $380,000

Directed By: Sam Raimi

Evil Dead, one of the horror greats and trend setters and something I watched very early on a very poor VHS copy and I didn't really understand it's weird claymation stuff and disjointed feel so much so I never finished it until I watched it again at a later date.

Which i'm glad I gave it another chance, especially since I saw evil dead 2 before re-watching this which gave me a better understanding.
watching this series all out of order at around 11-13 years old was not good, yet despite this on watching it again especially being older gave me a totally new perspective on this film.

I realised the film was pretty low budget and once i discovered it was filmed months apart at some points I understood why it felt disjointed at times.

This is the beginning of a series of films that would end up being something much, much bigger and something we all wanted so much more of for so long before it finally got a TV series (I would have preferred a movie but that's for another time)

Ok so lets get on with the movie, to be honest it was/is a very simple premise some friends hear of a cabin in the woods and decide to go there for a weekend away. Then after some ancient words are spoken and releases an evil they all die one by one.
Yes so in more detail, Ash Williams (Campbell), his girlfriend Linda, sister Cheryl, Scotty and his girlfriend Shelly travel to an abandoned Cabin in the woods they have heard about. It's a bit run down but they neaten it up by the time they go to have lunch.
while eating the cabins basement door blows open, this leads the youths to take a look what did it. Finding a tape recorder, ancient book, knife and shotgun they bring them all up into the cabin and proceed to listen to the recordings.

Unknown to them the words spoken on the recorder awaken an evil force out in the forest. Later a scared hysterical Cheryl goes out into the forest when she thinks she hears something out there.
Searching around for a few minutes she is attack by tree branches which rip at her clothes and eventually violate her. Ash has given Linda a small silver magnifying glass necklace which she adores, Cheryl is unable to convince the others so talks ash into taking her into town.
He agrees though unfortunately when they reach the bridge it is totally destroyed, sending Cheryl hysterical again. Heading back to cabin they listen to more of recordings, Cheryl starts to predict the cards being pulled from a deck and spins around floating in the air possessed by a demon.

Cheryl manages to stab Linda in the ankle with her pencil before the guys lock her in the cellar, unfortunately Shelly becomes possessed also. Scotty having heard that they need to be dismembered from the recording grabs an axe then proceeds to hack her up.
Scotty also tries to flee after this to find some kind of trail through the forest back to town, while he's gone Linda also turns yet she just sits there taunting Ash. Not very long later Scotty bursts back in very bloodied and hurt by unknown assailants.
Linda and Cheryl pretend to be normal again but revert quickly forcing Ash to throw Linda outside she however attacks him until ask manages to use the dagger against her. He goes to use the chainsaw in the tool shed to dismember her but can't bring himself to.
He ends up just burying her corpse, which once done she immediately leaps from her grave, only to be decapitated by a shovel. Heading back inside Cheryl has freed herself from the basement and ash manages to wound her with the shotgun, Ash heads to the basement to find more ammo.
Emerging from the basement Ash is shocked when Cheryl attacks again and also Scotty comes back as a demon too.

I'll leave it here as we're near the end of the film and this is one film that NEEDS to be watched by any horror fan, trend setter and franchise maker THN awards Evil Dead 5 out of 5

Sunday, 4 February 2018

THN News: Halloween 2018

Are you looking forwards to this?
Are you terrified it might be bad?
Confused as to whats going on story wise?

All these things and more we are all wondering even here in THN, we are however keeping an eye on all fronts soaking up every bit of knowledge and news we can to keep everyone informed. As always this may contain spoilers for the film series or even the upcoming film so if you don't want to know either then please turn away now.

Still here? Okay then here we go.
We like many are a filled with a bit of trepidation when it comes to sequels, especially sequels that plan to forget nearly everything from every other sequel past the first film. You all know if your avid THN reader I;m a massive sucker for a franchise.
Be it Friday the 13th, Chucky or even leprechaun, I lap them up like a cat with creamy milk. So as you see above and may have seen other places there's a familiar face returning to the franchise. One Jamie Lee Curtis in the form of Laurie Strode, her real name Cynthia Myers. First seen in the original film from 1978 In the film we learn she is the only remaining member of the Myers family a family massacred by their one member Micheal when he was only a mere 8 year old kid himself.

Micheal after escaping from asylum workers returns to Haddonfield many years later to finish the job of killing his family in the form of the now teenage Laurie, adopted by the Strode family and renamed. Pictured above, after many attempts and killing a bunch of other teens he fails to kill her in the first movie. Thwarted by the late great Donald Pleasance in the form of Micheal's personal psychological worker Dr Loomis. Despite being shot many time and falling from a high balcony Micheal manages to survive and disappears at the end.
The second film is basically a retread of the first except set in a hospital where Laurie is recovering from her ordeal. Micheal once again tries to murder her while dispatching hospital workers in a myriad of creative ways.
Loomis shows up to help again and Micheal seems to be killed by being set on fire by an ether explosion set off by Loomis, who we also assume is dead. (He's not he returns in a later Halloween film) Somewhere between the second film and the sequels up to Halloween H20 Laurie fakes her death and moves, she also changes her name.

Now set 20 years after the second film and pretty much ignoring 4, 5 and 6 Laurie now known as Keri Tate has been living a relatively normal life and had a son named John with a guy she had a bad relationship with.
A head teacher living on campus with her son everything seemed peachy on the surface, she even had a new relationship blooming with school guidance counselor Will Brennan. Unfortunately due her past experiences and hiding her real identity she turned into a functioning alcoholic (someone who can drink get drunk but still go about 'normal' life).
Over protective of John, when he rebels against her telling her Micheal is dead she does proceed to be more lenient with him, allowing a school trip. unfortunately she makes a link between being an early teen and Micheal turning up to kill you and yes he does indeed attack John and his girlfriend.
Saving them and after a bunch more people including Will meet their demise Laurie sends John and Molly to call the police.
She confronts Micheal herself with a fire axe, both of them hurt each other but Laurie comes out on top after stabbing Micheal repeatedly and sending him off a high balcony. The police arrive and they load Micheal's seemingly dead body onto an ambulance, Laurie managed to steal the ambulance knowing Micheal would rise again.
He does and after a few more tense scenes she beheads her brother and thinks it's finally over.

In the next film we learn that the man at the end of H2O was not Micheal but the security guard who Micheal has crushed his larynx preventing him from speaking and disguising him as himself.
She ends up in an insane asylum due to this, she seems to be in a catatonic state but this is just to fool the sanatorium workers. She has however been setting things up for when he murderous brother eventually returns.
Setting a trap on the roof of the building, when he eventually comes for her she fights back leading him up to then roof. Once there she spring out on an unsuspecting Micheal triggering her trap, she says she doesn't fear him anymore as he dangles over the roof by his ankle. Micheal manages however to fool her by clawing at his mask making her think it could be a different person again. When she attempts to make sure he grabs her and brings her over too, the rope breaks but Micheal grabs onto the roof and stabs Laurie with his other hand, thus ending her role in the movies.

Bleh, bleh and more bleh especially part 2. enough said about them.

So we can ignore every movie after the second one now, some people are saying this is just like a retread of H2O or maybe a H4O lol. Though from what I've seen it does look suitably different. Even though I do hate it when they retcon a series if it's done right it can be a decent addition to the series, well redone series.
Things i don't like are the implied thing that Laurie being Micheal's sister may well be wiped from the cannon, why?
That's one of the main things that links her to the protagonist give the first film it's meaning and reason. So if it's wiped why is Micheal even back now, 40 whole years later?

We won't know until we see where McBride decides to take this idea and if he does indeed run with it. So yes its set 40 years after the original now with a Laurie who isn't Micheal's sister still worrying about if he will ever return after his disappearance at the end of the original.
She does have children, even a granddaughter Karen and Allyson respectively.
John Carpenter is back as executive director, which does give me a little hope that it go in a good direction. Also the fact that McBride and David Gordon Green are massive Halloween fans themselves makes me want to believe it can work.
We've seen set photos such as this:

That are places and houses done up to show its Halloween night much the same as the original film this means Micheal will be retreading his steps in Haddonfield on that night again. Speaking of Micheal there's been also been on set very distant pictures taken of the killer himself such as this:

He's blurry but that's definitely  him by the tree on the right hand side there. That's almost everything we know here at THN so I hope this has helpful getting you caught up with Halloween where it was, where it's gone and where it's going.
Slated for an October 31st release date, believe me THN will be there to see where this takes the series first hand!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

THN Exclusive: PvP Players Vs Philmore

Directed By: Adam Morgan

Budget: $3000

Stars: Friends, Family, Justin Thompson

Got a bit of an exclusive one here folks
a great triumph coupled with shit luck,
luck that took the form of one such hurricane
that hit Texas not so long back.

A guy I have made good friends with through
the power of Friday the 13th multiplayer. A stand up guy and very funny, Strangely he's a stand up comedian!
So this friend of his was working on this zombie/mishmash/surreal piece of work, like most micro budget films are.
I was excited to hear about this of course being in my line of work it's my bread and butter. Unfortunately the hurricane hit and totally fucked up the production in many ways. It totally changed the landscape of a lot of places, destroyed things they were working with and threw timelines out of the window.

Any higher budget film might of scraped by with this but micro budget meant friends family and kind strangers helping any they could.
Many effects were left to rot, one such some pig items were lost due time constraints. Although principal shooting appears to have been completed.
Reshoots and effects touching up have not been an option, so being this film at a still hefty 100 minutes is as is.
Posted to YouTube now, the director etc is hoping to continue with further ideas and films he has on the books.

Speaking of director this fresh faced young fellow:
Adam Morgan, so unfinished, unedited (to a degree) I give you PvP: Players Vs Philmore.

The film opens up with our protagonist doing a series of weird excercise routines. He's a portly fellow who we learn by Vlog form has lost and is continuing to lose weight, he's very odd also but heck who isn't these days.
The filming is very grainy and mostly naturally lit from what I can tell but very well done for the micro budget scene. Locations are obviously places chosen for privacy and seclusion needed for filming things of this nature.
I'm sure the gym scene early on here is taken at a time when the place was at it quietest, though I could be wrong these are just my educated guesses.

I'm not going to beat around the bush with this, due to the editing and lack of reshoots this is a difficult film to watch. I had to watch it 3 pieces myself.
The walking in this film is one of the worst parts, there's a lot of it and in silence too!
There's a part where there's a devil/demon in a hill and the ambient sound is a killer too.

So on to some good stuff, the effects are great for the budget, apparently set up just using some marshmallow and food colourings etc.
I always marvel at the creativeness of micro budget films for using alternative methods for things done these are the things that score extra points on these films in my books.
Sometimes I wish Hollywood would take a look and return to more practical effects for some things. Not all things just so more of the little things can be done effectively in a cost efficient way.

Justin Thompson's scenes are funny and no I'm not just saying this because I know him. The guys genuinely funny even in real life, so when he's putting an effort in its even better.
This guy deserves a Netflix special for himself, for sure. So is this a good film?
Sorry no due to all the faults and I know this is because of unforeseeable accidents and mother nature herself. A bit more editing, reshoots etc would help this exponentially. As the ideas here are good ones.
It's not your average zombie apocalypse story it's authentic and from a point of view I've personally never seen before. I liked that, A LOT.
So even for its flaws THN is awarding this film 2 out of 5 stars for efforts and ideas. It's something I'd like to see done right with a bigger budget almost certainly!

Thursday, 11 January 2018

THN News: Critters, Returning?

I'm a bit late with this but I have to report it, you all know I'm a massive franchise fan. If your horror movie series has over 2 sequels I love it even if it's shit.
I'm looking at you puppet master, seriously though franchises give you something to invest in which is your time. If you give something that time you invariably grow to love it.
So the Krites are returning it was 1992 the last time we seen them. With Charlie having been jettisoned into outer space with the only 2 remaining eggs. Frozen he was found by a gang of mostly lovable rogues, of course it goes bad and the crew as they hatch and spawn more.
Small furballs standing at the most 1 foot high with terrifying red eyes. A razor maw of sharp teeth capable of piranha like eating and the ability to shoot paralyzing darts from their back makes them quite formidable foes.

Like many I'm surprised to see these returning before Gremlins. Everyone's been crying out for a 3rd film for so long, but it is only a TV show.
It will be on a advertisement streaming serving called go90 from Verizon, when the UK will get it and on where I don't know, as soon as I do I'll update you all.

It's going to see in modern times with as far as I can see no ties to the original films. It will see the critters Returning to earth in some rural American state to find one of their number left behind. Sounds a bit odd that they would have been here already and left one behind but we'll see how it goes. They will then terrorise a group of school kids in the mean time.

Of course we would all love to see Don Keith Opper return as Charlie but he threw in the acting towel in late 2005. On the plus side his brother who was involved with the films and this project may be able to twist his arm perhaps?
So not a lot to go on be sure I'll be bringing you any more news and reviews on this as I find out more!