Saturday, 5 November 2016

Review: Hellraiser (1987)

Stars: Doug Bradley, Claire Higgins, Ashley Lawrence

Budget: $1million

Directed By: Clive Barker

Larry and Julia move into an old family house after his brother Frank disappears. Julia wanders about the house we see her having flashbacks of a torrid love affair she had with Frank.

Larry helps the moving men with an item of furniture and ends up cutting his hand on a nail. He run in on Julia having a flashback of Frank and drops blood from his gashed hand all over the floor.

While Julia sorts Larry's hand out his brother Frank who has been dead after opening a puzzle box is resurrected. The puzzle box opens a gateway to hell where demons called cenobites reside. they then eternally torture your soul for being stupid enough to call them.

Kirsty, Larry's daughter decides not to move in she seems to have never trusted Julia, who is her stepmother. Julia discovers Frank, Frank uses his erotic hold coupled with blackmail to force Julia to bring him more 'blood'. This blood turns out to be hapless idiots who Julia brings back to the house with sexual promise. Kirsty starts to cotton on thinking shes just having an affair with these men. When she goes to confront Julia she is shocked by the skinless creature Frank is and is attacked. She manages to throw the puzzle box out of the window giving her time to escape. Grabbing the box outside Kirsty wanders for a bit before blacking out.

Later Kirsty awakes in hospital and while there she opens the puzzle box releasing the Cenobites. They are about to claim her when she offers them the soul of Frank back, at first they don't believe her but then a quick check and they agree.
Meanwhile Frank has killed Larry and is wearing his skin. Kirsty returns to the house releasing the demons, they attack who she thinks is Larry. Julia dies in the crossfire from Frank stabbing her, Kirsty realises the mistake shes made and tries to send the Cenobites back by getting the puzzle box.

This film has to be one of the all time classic horror films, spurning many, MANY sequels and a horror icon such as Jason, Freddy or Micheal in the process. Original book and script penned by one of the most successful horror writers next to Stephen King, Clive Barker who also directed this film. This is a superior piece of low budget movie making at its best. THN awards Hellraiser 5 out of 5.

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