Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My New book and W.W.Z was surprisingly GOOD

So i was particularly shock when i went to view WWZ the other week with my friend, i found it very entertaining. I went in with trepidation but information to suspend anything i had read on the book by Max Brook's himself.
I'm happy i did because it turned out to be a thought provoking film with a lot of good points about it, i won't spoil none and i also still hated the fact that there was a literal tidal wave of undead. THEY WOULD CRUSHED UNDER THE WEIGHT OF THOUSANDS ON TOP, rant over apart from that there was the tense moment at the end in a welsh CDC like facility.

Drawing me to my next topic, i've been away for quite some time now due to a certain reason, i've been writing my own zombie apocalypse novel!
That's right and it's based on me in my lovely hometown in wales i would love people to try it, it's amateur, it's indie, it's Ebook but intend to keep writing and hope this goes somewhere will be updating a little more frequently again now hoping to start some review back up in the next fortnight.
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Thanks for all my followers enjoys and Peace out The Horror Nation

links to my booky wook:

Feel like some zombie apocalypse goodness? well read my first book and drop me a review if you can, it's my first work and i know amateur but i have stories to tell and i want to write so give it a try for UK for US and for smashwords other formats like nook etc, its a fair price so give it a go, reviews are really appreciated