Monday, 7 October 2013

Dream Seekers Productions Short Correspondence

Peter Dukes is an indie filmmaker with 14 films under his belt These  films are only small but have attracted name talent and have been in the press worldwide.  You can find more information on him through the links below or just Google "Peter Dukes filmmaker".  
Short films are his specialty but as I write this he is developing two new horror features, both of which have name talent attached to them. Always on the look out  for new and exciting contacts in the media/press he contacted THN as we are right down their alley.  THN will be doing an in depth review of The Beast in the coming weeks so stay tuned and in the mean time check out these two links:

Their latest short film, LITTLE REAPER, is a short horror comedy about the grim reaper's difficult teenage daughter, and how she must take over her dad's duties for one day.  As you can guess chaos ensues.  This film recently premiered at the prestigious LA Shorts Fest and has received some good press/exposure so far.
THE BEAST a great film which received a lot of good press (despite being uber low budget, though i find creativity can counter effects decently) it stars the thoroughly nice and rising horror icon THN friend Bill Oberst Jr.  It's an old fashioned monster horror flick about a father who's son has been afflicted with the curse of the werewolf, i do love a good werewolf story.
Hope you enjoy these and THN will be back with you soon