Sunday, 29 January 2017

Review: YouTube Short, The Visitor

Well this short ten minute movie does not allude to what it is until the very end. We see a fertility hospital where a doctor is going about her rounds.

Pretty normal she does seem to have made some kind of advancement in fertility treatments that are pleasing to the women who are attending the hospital.
Then near the end of the day she gets a text we can't really see this one or atleast I couldn't read it to well on my small screen. We then see her at home going through her notes when she receives another text, someone or something will see her soon.

She thinks it's her mother on a withheld number but when she rings her it's not. We then get a flash of something hurtling towards earth. The doctor awakes with a start it's just been a dream or has it?
Moving to the sink to put her wine glass inside she gets another flash of the same thing.

I won't spoil any more as you should watch it, it's a great short that makes you think one thing is happening, a stalker is what I thought then pulls out the rug from under you at the last minute. The doctors quite nice one the eyes too! Definitely worth a watch I think this company are innovative and ones to watch!

Friday, 27 January 2017

Romeo's Distress (2016)

Director: Jeff Frumess

Budget: $2553

Stars: Jeff Frumess, Nick Bohun, Alex Echevarria,
Anthony Malchar

Wow what can i say, this has to be one of the most
surreal ultra low budget film i've seen to date. Anthony
Malchar plays James a boy obsessed with a girl, quite deeply
obsessed too. He follows her around spying on her.

Jeff made this film for the Macabre faire film festival
2017, it was nominated for best director, best feature, best
actor (for Jeff Solomon). The picture actually won best
screen play too.
Shot over 15 months in Ny, Sleepy Hollow (I love that place)
and the white plains. The soundtrack, music and effects are
all outstanding in this film for such a low budget.
From the way some sounds are enhanced to give a scene more
bearing, like grandma eating cheese balls or feeding her
some baby food. Some really odd scenes where the extra sounds makes it just that tad more surreal.

So the actual film starts off in a nice colour scene where everything seems to be nice to be nice for our protagonist James. He is dancing with a girl he loves, Jane and all seems well between them.
This is some kind of dream sequence though as the colour disappears and we are introduced to the REAL James. A boy obsessed by the girl in a black and white world.

He gets roughed up by a boy, Bobby who Jane's father has hired of sorts to deal with this boy, for some reason that isn't entirely obvious at the moment. His grandma is weird but i think he's just caring for her the best he can.
There's also this guy uncle Elmo who pops up he's very strange and they all seem to have an obsession with cheese balls. He still persists in his following etc, so Jane's father actually kidnaps poor James and threatens him quite horrifically to stay away from Jane.
James is on probation for something we don't quite know yet, it must be quite serious by the way they end up threatening his life and torturing him.

Sending Bobby off with a note for James Grandma, telling her James has skipped town. He makes a mistake of leaving a sharpened trowel in James leg when he goes to take a call. He frees himself from the bindings and to the father protestations (who he caves his skull in with a shovel) James manages to escape. It kind of ends how i expected, i did guess the twist by about halfway through but this doesn't detract from a well told story.
I won't spoil it because if you ever get to watch this I really recommend you do, even the heart felt monologue at the end was great. For a low budget film this has some of best acting i've seen in any for a long time. Like any Romeo and Juliette story it ends as expected. but on a bright note it turns colour again and if there's anything you have gleaned from this, that's a good sign!

THN found this film odd, strange yet very though provoking. This gave it a deepness that even some big budget films fail to include in their stories or gets lost in to many plot devises. A strong 4 stars out of 5 for this great little low budget effort, I hope Jeff continues in this area of work!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Review: The Final Girls (2015)

Stars: Malin Ã…kerman, Adam DeVine, Alia Shawkat

Budget: $4.5 million

Directed By: Tod Strauss-Schulson

Wow what can I say I went into this film with certain expectations that just weren't met.....
In the most fantastic way ever!

Watching what I thought would be a bad parody of horror films like Halloween and Friday the 13th in the same vein as say Date Movie I was, and gladly might I add let down.

This was because I was instead treated to a fantastically meta, self aware film that was the right blend of tongue in cheek with some amazingly dramatic performances. The Final Girls has comedy and yes it parodies schlock 80s slasher flicks yet does so with a brilliantly bold story at it core. Not only that the performances by some reasonably familiar faces like Malin and Alia make this a great hidden gem. By the end of this movie I literally had a lump in my throat with sadness. There's flaws and sometimes some jokes or scenes don't 100% hit home but it does 90% of the time in an almost unbroken chain. So enough praise let's get on with what happens in the movie.

We are treated to a trailer of some old slasher film from the 80's called Camp Bloodbath, then back in the present Max daughter of Malins character Amanda is waiting in the car. Amanda was one of the stars of the movie and people still occasionally recognize her, mainly because the movie like films it takes the fun out off was and still is a b-movie classic. They do seem to get along reasonably well though despite some squabbling in the car.
Max is clearly distraught over some bills and tries to talk to her mother over them, though something that's not explained seems to be troubling Amanda to the point that she doesn't care about them. I definitely seen some hidden meaning here, maybe she was terminally ill? Unfortunately we see that pan out as the are involved in a car crash.

Cut to three years later Amanda died in the crash and Max seems to miss her an awful lot, she's also not doing well in school/college. Max is chatting to her friend Gertie (Shawkat) when Gerties brother Duncan asks her to come be a guest speaker at the showing of her mothers film.
She initially declines but with her failing marks Duncan offer to help her write some papers up for her for the whole year. Gertie also thinks a boy that keeps talking to Max called fancies her, especially since he hasn't long finished with Vicki an older ex friend of Max's.

She agrees and later that day they show up to the viewing, in a strange course of events (i think taking the piss out of each type of annoying idiot you can encounter in the cinema) the cinema catches fire.
In an effort to escape, the five-some pick up a dropped machete, don't ask me where it came from it just seems to materialize and drop to the ground. They then proceed to cut a hole into the cinema screen to escape through it.

Suddenly sucked into the movie world, though it seems to take them a little while to realise whats going on. The get taken along for the running time of the movie. Duncan suggests they just let the film run it's course but stay with the movies heroine so they can get back out of the movie.
Unfortunately this all goes ass backwards when the other start interfering in the films plot line. This end up getting one of them killed, Duncan who stupidly interacts with 'Billy' the films Jason style killer. Everything you can think of from flashbacks to comedic parodies happens in this film from here on out following all the usual tropes.
You act like a dick, you get killed.
You act slutty or have sex, you get killed.
Your not a virgin, you get killed.
Your an idiot, you get killed.
Throughout this part of movie Max and her mothers counterpart start to get along well like they used to. Only she is one of the people who dies in the movie, Max tries her hardest to stop this happening with some very heartfelt efforts.

This movie somehow evolves past a parody to become its own slasher flick, to a film with parodying elements and a very self aware plot. IT ultimately pulls on the heart strings when Max and even her mothers character realise near the end that the final slasher movie rule has to take effect.
There has to be one FINAL GIRL to take care of the killer, I'm not joking i got a lump in my throat and was close to tears at this point because they had built such a believable bond that you almost thought they might break the rule. Unfortunately not. Now there's more to it, a lot more but its all wrapped up in the ending that I just don't want to spoil any further.

So THN went into this with low expectations, these were soon elevated beyond normal movie, or B-movie  standards to something surprisingly well written and acted. In no means as good or cult worthy as it's original material (though i do believe it could reach cult status easy if more people see it) it's certainly worth a high 4 out of five stars from the horror master, with a heavy recommendation to sit down with some snacks and watch this thing!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Review: John Carpenters The Thing (1982)

Stars: Kurt Russel, Kieth David

Budget: 15 Million

Directed By: John Carpenter

Well what can i say about this film, John Carpenters master piece, possibly the best film he has ever made. Yes i know he has other corkers of films such as escape from New York and Halloween but this just hits ALL the right notes and ALL the right times.

Now enough praise lets get on with the film, it is believe it or not a kind of remake or at least based upon a much much older film. The Thing from Another Planet in the 50's both of these though are based on the book/novella Who Goes There. This film is based around fear and paranoia and does it so well, here is my review of the film:

We have an opening where some people are chasing an Alaskan Malamute through the snow, them in a helicopter the dog running for it's life below.
They seem to want to kill the dog for some unknown reason. When they land one of the men accidentally drops a thermite charge destroying the helicopter and it's driver. An American expedition catches wind of the gun shots and goes to investigate the disturbance, they stumble across the dog and when the language barrier prevents them from understanding the Norwegian gunner. Forced to kill him when he doesn't put his gun away the Americans take in the dog and put it with their dogs.
MacReady played by Kurt Russel and Dr Copper go to the Norwegians base and find the place in ruins. Burnt, blown up and half destroyed the two men find some charred corpses out in the snow, unusually one of them is two headed. Dr Copper bags it up and the two return to the American base.

Blair performs an autopsy on the creature and finds that it has all the human organs this puzzles the men and starts the initial fear in them all. When the kenneled dog metamorphoses into a terrifying creature and starts assimilating the other dogs MacReady alerts the others. They destroy the creature with fire and think its done. Though and autopsy on the dog tells them it was some kind of creature able to imitate other life.

More paranoia and fear sets in when they discover the Norwegians found a spaceship out in the ice that had been buried there for many thousands of years.
Blair becomes very paranoid as he believes this organism could assimilate the whole human race if it were to escape and reach civilization. His research shows that the creature they killed was still barely alive.

Windows manages to stop the creature which has almost assimilated Bennings, MacReady burns him to a crisp with their flamethrower. They think about escaping unfortunately Blair has sabotaged all the sleds and the remaining dogs. While Blair is destroying their radio the others capture him and lock him in a store cupboard. Since the creature is afraid or at least really effected by fire/heat, they devise a test to see if any of them are infected. This unfortunately doesn't work as all their blood has been sabotaged.

Further paranoia and fear sends the men a little crazy and they start to turn on each other, some ending up dead and even making Nauls cut MacReady's rope leaving him stranded outside. He does this because he thinks he's found evidence he's been infected.
MacReady breaks back into the base and threatens to blow everyone up if they don't do as he says. In some commotion Norris appears to have a heart attack and when Copper attempts to give him cpr he is killed when his chest bursts open into vicious giant teeth. MacReady once again toasts them both, then makes Windows tie everyone up.

MacReady devises a new test of dipping a super heated length of copper wire into samples of their blood. Palmers blood leaps out of the petri-dish when he dips the wire into it proving he is infected. He then transforms and ends up attacking Windows and MacReady the ever burning flames them both to death. He then remembers about Blair and sets out to test him, they find he has tunneled under the supply shed. Then the others discover that he has building a small space craft under there.

They try to stop it all with explosives and a bunch more get killed. I'll spoil the ending because this film is so much more than this review or explanation its so worth watching if you've never seen it before. MacReady ends up destroying the alien and his form of escape, thinking he is the only one left then Child's appears. Both paranoid of each other realize the futility of it all since they are going to freeze and die anyway. They end up laughing with each other and drinking a bottle of scotch and the movie ends.

This is such an ambiguous ending too some people believe that MacReady gave Child's a bottle of fuel to drink, since the alien wouldn't know any better. Whatever the ending and however you want to take it, this is by one of the most perfectly made films you could ever watch which is why THN awards this film the highest 5/5 stars with a heavy emphasis to watch it.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

THN News: More up Coming 2017 Horror Films

So more news has popped up on a few things i left out of the last list, by far this year is going to be the return of to franchise or remake year for horror films that i have seen in a long time.
To kick off the list since a whole slew of what the story line is etc has surfaced since my last list is:

1. Cult of Chucky

Oh I so wanted to include this on my last list but the lack of information well anything solid anyway made me a bit weary of using any sources.
Now though there's been a slew of info on what this is all about, I still say take it with a grain of salt but here we go.
Recovering in a mental home Nica from curse of Chucky believes she has killed all the people they say, when a new good guy doll shows up and killings start again Andy Barclay catches wind and tries to help, though he ends up being hampered by Chucky's old flame Tiffany.
It is nice to see a proper new addition to the series though and none of this remake business we are getting or got with Freddy, Jason etc. Tipped to have a December 2017 release date, so quite a wait.

2. Suspiria
Years in development hell since 2008 or beyond this remake of 1977 classic penned by Dario Argento and Daria Nicolodi is once again picking up steam with the cast now swelling with stardom from Chloe Grace Moretz, Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson. Though filming has been seen going on i'm still a bit iffy on the release, especially since Moretz has said shes taking a break from acting not so long back will have to wait and see if it actually goes anywhere. Release date is some time in 2017.

3. 5 Nights at Freddy's
A game to film adaptation what could go wrong here right?, RIGHT?
In a world where game adapts are usually somewhat bunk, mainly because people take FAAAAAAAAAR to much liberty and making them into something not even resembling the game its based on (looking at you resident evil) Yes i know games don't usually have great plots but improve on whats there not change it!!
Ok rant over so five nights at freddy's is a game where you work as a security guard in the Freddy's pizza joint, kind of like that american place chuck e cheese is it?
Well theres animatronic animals in a band that play music by day and kill by night, you have to work your power grid out to make sure these homicidal robots don't kill you. Silly plot etc I know but the film is actually in good hands city of ember director Gil Kenan wants practical effects so little CGI as possible and stick to the way the game works as is.
Will it work? Who knows but we'll see, again no fixed date for release just 2017

4. Friday the 13th 2017
Ooookay another walking on thin ice and take it with a grain of salt movie here, considering it was supposed to be out this January's Friday the 13th, where was it?
Well we certainly didn't get it that's for sure. So what do we know about this so far?
Well it was going to retell the Jason Mythos, include Pamela to a certain degree and tell us why Jason is able to suddenly to jump from any attack that would kill anyone else. Originally it was going to include some found footage shite as well but they back tracked on that thanks to the heavens above.
So theres still no more info on it than that or a concrete release date, i am interested if it could mean a good reboot for the series then go ahead but if doesn't work (likely) it'll mean we may not see another forray into Crystal lake for quite some time, Seriously though JUST MAKE ANOTHER PROPER ONE part 11 go go go..........

5. Sky Sharks
Okay we are back in indie Territory here, something I've slightly moved away from, not for want of trying it's just lately there is not much on offer, but this, oooh this film well you'd think the title was zany enough with Flying Sharks right?
WRONG there is more to it than that oh yes a lot more.
So deep in the antarctic some scientists and geologists uncover a hidden Nazi base from the second world war. In this facility they find sharks that can fly!
Not only that their genetically modified undead zombie pilots, if that's not silly enough when these terrors start to wreak havoc around the place to counter them america reanimates dead Vietnam vets to counter them!
This movie sound amazingly funny and convoluted and that's the best things about it!
a 1st of september 2017 release date is slated.

6. The Mummy, Invisible Man, Bride of Frankenstein etc
Ok then now we come this this, something i like the idea of a lot but am also very weary over, all these classic horror monster movie remakes and shared universe supposedly coming along. Tom Cruise in a remake of the mummy, a more serious take on the franchise than Brendan Frasers tongue in cheek ones (i liked the first one). With a female mummy this time who brings a terrifying curse with her when the tomb is opened. With Russel Crowe as Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde too.
Directed by Alex Kurtzman, he's some okish films and some good ones, also some stinkers but generally i've viewed his writing as pretty decent. He will be overseeing the entire project.
We also have the invisible man, Dracula, Frankensteins monster, Creature from the black lagoon bride all appearing in their own films perhaps to have an avengers style team up in the end except of monster club preportions lol (i can only wish).
How these films will pan out I don't know. I believe some won't be named directly after their namesake, I think Van Helsing will introduce Dracula, though the invisible man, starring Johnny Depp is still called just that as is Bride of Frankenstein.
July 2017 release date for The Mummy

7. Day of the Dead
Not a lot floating around on this one but worth a mention, with remakes of Dawn and Day. Dawn being vastly superior to Day and including the running crazed undead that caught on quite well. Day just being a really bad mess and quite possibly just a quick cash in. This Day of the dead is supposedly going back to it's origins with slow shamblers.
Also the storyline seems somewhat reminiscent of the original with it simply stating that a bunch of survivalists seek shelter underground when the planet is overrun with zombie hordes. We've also seen on set pictures of the return of Bub too, but called Max now? I am cautiously optimistic about this from the small amounts i've seen. I guess only time will tell.
No fixed date just ETA 2017

8. Cute Little Buggers
Lastly we have cute little buggers a British indie film set to be a comedy horror in the same vane as Shawn of the Dead etc. Now you may or not have seen Monty Python and the holy grail. If you have you'll remember one killer rabbit that was exploded with the holy hand grenade.
Well this movie see's a plethora of killer Bunbuns, Rabbid Rabbits Ready to kill. Now i've got that out of my system whats it about?
When an alien spaceship crash lands the aliens take on the appearance of cute little bunnies, then when the women of the little nearby village start vanishing they take it upon themselves to find out whats going on. Blood and bunny death ensue in this unique looking film.
Sounds like a lot of fun to me, pretty much the same way black sheep was, it has a 10th of February
2017 release date

Okay then i'm and actually do know theres a lot more install for 2017 than what i've reported here but these are a few that have really caught my eye, if theres anything you'd like to know about just drop me a line here at THN.

THN Top 5: Leprechaun Kills

Aaah Warwick Davis you have played some of the most fantastic characters in movies, none so more than one of my favourite little killers. The Leprechaun, a relatively new one to the horror scene compared to some staples like Jason, Micheal, Freddy or Chucky but still deserving of a spot in the super natural serial killers hall of fame.
So to celebrate this pint sized killer from the emerald isles i've compiled my top five favourite kills of the tiny terror. When he can twist a wish or use magic to end you, some of these kills are very inventive. So grab your four leaf clover and come with me, oh and spoilers ahead....

5. Bouncy Bouncy ooh Such a Good Time

So at number five we have Joe from the original film playfully put to his end by a laughing leprechaun. Firstly gets his leg bitten then falling over the wee chap then proceeds to pogostick all over the poor man chest crushing his ribs. Leprechauns must be heavier than they first appear..

4. Coffee To Go

The next one is from Leprechaun 2 having been tricked into getting rather drunk the Leprechaun goes to a coffee shop to try and sober himself up, it works too unfortunately the barista tries to charge the little man. If anyone knows you never try to take a leprechauns gold. He is then treated to a fork in each hand and a hot steam facial, ooh nasty!

3. Not so Lucky, Private

The next offering is from where nearly all franchises end up at some point, IN SPAAAACE! Yes Leprechaun 4 take the leap to light speed in the future. In an amusing parody of Star Wars the Leprechaun magics himself up a green lightsaber and makes mince meat out of poor Private Lucky.

2. Tooth and Jaw

In Leprechaun back 2 tha hood, the second 'in the hood' of the series theres a simple but quite gruesome kill that shows the extent of what the potato munching sprite will go to just for gold.
Chanel has a gold tooth and rather than just ripping it free he rips the whole bloody jaw out! Quite quite nasty there..

1. Total Makeover

So the wee man makes it to the bright lights of Las Vegas where a woman, Lorreta afraid of getting old asks the magic fellow to help her in the looks department. She likes it when her lips and ass get more badonkadonk. But when that Badonka doesn't stop growing she realises her folly to late, all the way to a very explosive end!!

So these are my top five from the Leprechaun Franchise any you think should be on here?
Let me know down below if you think i missed a particularly good one!

Friday, 13 January 2017

THN Ramblings: Friday the 13th

So that day for many an unlucky day so many people are unashamedly superstitious about this date. So much so that they lock themselves away for the whole day, can you believe that?

Well I'm not one to bash ones decisions if they feel safer doing that then go ahead, I myself have never believed in things like that I'll walk over manholes, under ladders, smash a mirror, look on as a black cat serenades across my path.
We make our own luck its only the laws of the universe like physics etc that stop things sometimes occasionally other times a lot.

I'm rambling though, but that's what my rambling bit is about, for me Friday the 13th spells something quite quite different it puts me in mind of a hockey mask and the first time I saw it attached to something that rocked my world.
Now I had seen nightmare on elm street but I was young, about 9 or so yes my folks let me watch stuff. But at 12 a massive 8 years after its release I watched ft13th part 6 seeing this gave me something an interest in franchises I actively sought out all franchise films and boy was I not disappointed (well maybe by some and definitely some sequels) to find the amazing world of horror franchises.

Ft13th, nightmare on elm street, child's play, evil dead, reanimator, wishmaster, Halloween, leprechaun and many many more.
But Jason has always been the one that's burned into my memory he's my favourite of all the invincible killers. I'm looking forwards to 2017s Friday the 13th game, also hoping among hope we get more news about a PROPER sequel too.
Maybe I'm hoping to much but well we have to have something to look forwards too hey even on this day.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Review: Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Stars: Chris Sarandon, Danny Elfman

Budget: 18 Million

Directed By: Henry Selick

Nightmare before Christmas THN, are you sure?
Yes this film can be spooky at time especially for younger kids.
Oogie Boogie is scary in his scenes, some of the things packed away into presents are genuinely freaky or horrific.
So whats this film about then?

Jack Skellington is the main resident in the town of Halloween, he's the scariest, he's their unchosen leader of sorts.
Jack every year does the Halloween town celebrations, every year he tries to top the last in spectacle and scariness.

Unfortunately Jack is getting bored with his job the other citizens of Halloween town are oblivious to this and just expect Jack to continue as is.
Only his dog Zero and a creation of the of the zany doctor Finklestien, Sally see his pain and boredom. Sally is unhappy living and serving Finklestien and constantly escapes him, she also has romantic feelings for Jack. Wandering around the forest dejected, Jack stumbles upon a bunch of trees with doors to other holiday themed places. He takes one to Christmas town and is amazed by all he see's a new fire alighted inside his dusty bones.

Tasking the citizens with making presents, Dr Finklestien with making a sled and Lock, Shock and Barrel to kidnap Santa Claus. Jack has dubbed him Sandy Claws, He asks Sally to make him a costume. She quickly has a vision of Jacks idea bursting into flames and tries to warn him, Jack of course arrogantly believes he will succeed just like his Halloween ideas.
The Kids deliver Santa to Oogie Boogie who is of course a very nasty boogie man who see's himself as Jack's equal. He is quite scary too, probably one of the scariest things about the film.
Jack doesn't know this as he's busy preparing for his Christmas take over. Sally after trying to warn Jack to no avail tries other things to sabotage his flight. Using a fog potion she thinks she's succeeded in grounding his flight.

Unfortunately Jack notices Zero's nose can be seen through the fog, much like a parallel to Rudolph the reindeer. So, much to Sally's chagrin he sets off on his fools errand to deliver his frightful presents to kids all around the world.
This of course starts to freak out the poor kids and parents who have been awoken by giant lizard snake things eating the Christmas tree, or being chased by a demonic toy around the house. The army gets wind of this and sets to shoot down the impostor Santa. Jack thinks they are applauding him with fireworks until he gets shot out of the air with a rocket.

Halloween towns citizens believe Jack to be dead, he fortunately is not but he has realised the folly of his ideas. He is after all Jack Skellington THE PUMPKIN KING, returning to Halloween town with his renewed sense of terror everyone is happy to see him still alive.
None more so than Sally, he looks for Santa so he can save the real Christmas and finds out the silly kids have left him with Oogie. I won't spoil the ending though there isn't that much of the movie left but it really isn't worth me spoiling this it needs to be seen.
Spectacular music from Danny Elfman makes this one of my top 5 musical films ever, i'll do a list one day as 3 out of those 5 films are considered 'horror films'. This film for me holds no downsides, a love story and a Halloween story and a Christmas movie all rolled into one makes this film watchable on almost any holiday.

                            THN awards Nightmare Before Christmas 5 out of 5 stars.

THN News: 9 Up Coming Horror Films of 2017 THN is Watching Out For

A new year and a whole new slew of horror films on the books for this year.
Here at THN we are looking forwards to a number of these both with interest and horror both real and not HaHaHa. So I've compiled a few of the big contenders for both failing and succeeding with us here at the Nation. There's a certain return to franchise horrors on the books this year too along with remakes which we'll see if it they are worth it or not...

As always let us know what your looking forwards to and why in the comments section below!

1. Hellraiser Judgment
Another off the wall return to the Hellraiser series, we are worried here that this might just be another kick into the series so rights can be kept etc, etc. This one does have nightmare on elm street veteran Heather Langenkamp on it's books, this might be a saving grace.
This will revolve around three detectives investigating a serial killer, more than likely diving them head first into the surreal world on pinhead. No returning Doug Bradley is one minus on this films stat line for me personally though.

2. Amityville: The Awakening
This crazy film series, so in all estimates i can see this will be the 18th installation in this movies franchise bananas right?
I've watched many of them, many of them have been some what disappointing, others have seemed more like thrillers rather than horror films, but those are for another time.
This entry was initially going to be a found footage escapade but changed to another standard film, this will follow a family Belle, her younger sister Juliette and twin brother James.
James is Comatose and along with their mother they all move into the Amityville house (unknown to Belle) to help care for him, soon after though he miraculously awakens. Belle also suffers with horrendous nightmares too.
Well the last one of these i enjoyed was actually Ryan Reynolds remake affair if this is anything as good as that it might be worth a watch.

3. Rings
Oh dear another sequel to the ring franchise hey?
Well the first one was a great american remake of the Japanese original it worked, at least for me. Samara was just as spooky as her counterpart and the story flowed well. This one probably won't go for the same route as the third Japanese film, in fact it doesn't.
This one is set after the last ones, no Naomi Watts this time, A woman becomes worried about her boyfriend when he gets mixed up in the dark background of the video tape. She sacrifices herself to save him, probably by watching it again like they do, only to discover there is now a movie within the movie that no one has ever noticed before. I'll watch it because i'm a stickler for movie franchises I have to watch them good or bad.

4. World War Z 2
Ok the first one i strangely enjoyed not being a massive fan of the super fast yet decayed zombies and the massive CGI zombie waves (though that i still hate because no matter what zombie or not under all that human weight thousands of zombies would get crushed under the weight) oh and also the fact it had my home country in it WALES.
So not much is known at the moment, Brad Pitt is supposedly coming back as both actor Gerry and producer. Other sources citing a total reboot or even that yes it will take off after the end of the lasdt movie. Whatever way this film goes THN will keep a close eye on it, zombies being one of my favourite types of topics in horror films.

5. Flatliners (remake/reboot of sorts)
Ok so this was one of the first thriller/horror films i generally got in my young years, the movie that made me realise there can be more to film than blood, gore and viscera. I enjoyed it no end and it awakened the ability in me to see further into films than face value.
I'm sure with many other film reviewers had some film have this effect on them too. So some medical students decide to push the limits on how long a person can stay dead before being revived only for their past guilt to come in the form of horrifically real and deadly daydreams.
The new one which is a pseudo sequel staring Kiefer Sutherland's character from the original and Ellen Page reprising studies into the death limit. With a good cast I have some high hopes for this film to be at least 'good' finger crossed.

6. IT (Remake)
Pennywise the clown, Tim Curry's iconic performance as this frightening clown from Stephen King's story IT. Now we all know the original staring Johnboy is not perfect by any means but it is cult worth and as said Curry redeems most the films downfalls with his class portrayal.
So this remake will again follow several outcast type kids who are tormented by an evil entity that disguises itself as a clown so as to attract children and prey on their fears. This band of misfits must band together if they have any hope of defeating the child killing evil.
I'm not unlike many seem to be bothered by the new Pennywise makeup/looks i'm just interested in whether they can actually make a decent King adaptation, because i'm sorry this year seems like a king year and the Dark Tower is NOT shaping up to be something i'm looking forwards to, more on that shits torm later though, this could be even if it's bad more enjoyable than that.

7. Alien Covenant
A sequel to Prometheus, David the android head returns seemingly with his body reattached. Noomi Rapace is back too though we all fear just in flashbacks or a small cameo as she is not present in the trailer and 10 years is a long time to have survived on this seemingly hostile planet. Fassbender  also plays another synthetic Walter who accompanies the Covenant crew.
Danny McBride plays the pilot in this film too, if he dies or lives who knows. We might end up seeing two different aliens in this movie some spawned by the black shit others spawned by traditional facehugging. All i know is i'm just interested to see the next evolution and know what went down after the end of the last film, also to see if people have learnt to run left or right if a giant round thing is chasing you....

8. The Dark Tower
Goodlord, what can i say about this? I absolutely LOVED the dark tower series since i read the first book the gunslinger. Enthralled all the way through with Blaine/Charlie the choochoo/Mono, Oi the weir cat dog thing even Susannah and Eddie. All i have ever wanted is something along the line of Harry Potter or Hobbit for this book series, heck even a TV series.
So when i heard it was finally happening i was like 'yes' did a dance etc, then came the news of Idris Elba playing Roland, ok anyone who knows me knows i am the most laid back person concerning age, sexuality, skin colour or even religion, love/worship whoever you want just don't be a dick. Sorry Idris is NOT Roland the book even says he looks like Clint Eastwood. Even Susannah calls him white, so how will that work?
Now the stories, sources say it's going to be based after the book series, are they trying to fuck it up before it starts?
Can no one make a good Stephen King book to film/series adapt?
Come on the fucking books are excellent and sorry for my language but this is something i feel REALLY strongly about and i feel this will destroy any hope we have for seeing a proper telling of the series like Hobbit or Harry Potter.

9. Saw: Legacy
I've never been a massive fan of the saw film series, yes it was creative for the first three movies, then each one got more convoluted and watered down with nothing new and was like flogging a dead horse or milking a dead cow.
I really thought the last one was as far as they can go or could go. So now this year we are going to see a return to this with another sequel. It has been a while and this is going to be handled by the Spierigs of Undead, Daybreakers and Predestination fame.
Like i said before, it's another part in a series that I've watched so i have to watch it to see where it goes, bah!
Who knows where this one will go only time will tell.

Okay so that's the main ones I have my eye on for this year there will no doubt be a lot more that will show up on the radar as the year progresses.