Saturday, 5 November 2016

Review: Hellbound, Hellraiser 2 (1988)

Stars: Doug Bradley, Ashley Lawrence

Budget: $3million

Directed By: Tony Randel

The second film in the series continues near the end of the last. Kirsty has been institutionalized due to spouting on about demons.
Her doctor seems overly interested in this. Once he discovers that frank was brought back using human blood he uses a madman who commits suicide on the mattress Julia died on.

This does indeed bring her back from the hell dimension. apparently the doctor has had an interest in the puzzle box for years. It's then Kirsty starts seeing visions of her father telling her he's trapped in hell.
Kyle the doctors assistant catches wind of all gthis and believes Kirsty's side of the story. He frees Kirsty and they plus a girl who seems to have an aptitude for solving puzzles.

The doctor, Channard, has been stealing more crazies for Julia to feed on. Giving her an almost complete new skin. When the trio inspect Channards house they split up. Kyle heads to attic where Julia who he doesn't recognise now with skin ends up killing him, completing the last patch on her back. Kirsty catches the end of this and attacks the newly regenerated Julia, she is knocked unconscious.

Channard with minimal protestations from Julia use Tiffany, the girl to open the puzzle box. Pinhead and the rest arrive. The Cenobites sense that the girl is not the one to blame, Channard is the true caller of them.
Kirsty awakes and ventures into the hell dimension where she finds out it wasn't her father who was trapped but Frank. He tries to keep her there as one of his concubines, Julia appears and kills Frank in a jealous rage and for killing her. They fight again with Kirsty tearing Julias skin off making her fall to her doom.

Meanwhile Channard has been turned into Cenobite himself but of a new configuration of hell. This sets him at odds with Pinhead and the other Cenobites, he kills them one by one. Urging Tiffany to reconfigure the box again Kirsty in Julia's skin tricks Channard just long enough for the to use the box again.

I'm probably giving away a little to much of the end there but suffice to say there's still a good portion left that leads into the third movie. A larger budget gave way to less constraints and it can be seen here, by far a great sequel as far as sequels go but with a bigger budget they went off the rails just a bit with this one. Still a great film that just misses catching the original grittiness of the first.
THN awards Hellraiser 2 4 out of 5 stars

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