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Review: Silver Stars on Red Velvet (2019)

Cast: Max Caudell, Laura Shalotte            

Budget: $6000

Directed By: RJ Cusyk

So I got given an early copy of Decades Apart Productions newest film, Silver Stars on Red Velvet. sent over from my good friend RJ Cusyk, this of course won't change any views I have of the film you always get honest reviews from THN.

As usual it is what is commonly known as a micro budget movie generally anything under 100k is regarded as that these days.
RJ has previously warned me that 23 actors refused to star in the film. It's crazy that it's been 3 years since through the devil's eyes that's madness!. So the budget for that was $1500 so with 4x that 3 years later let's see what we get now.

Things I liked.
RJ has an amazing way of telling a very coherent story. Despite the restrictions that a micro budget movie can sometimes inflict.
It's clear (as was in Through the Devil's) that some actors aren't in the same place at the same time, or it seems like that at least. Yet (even though this is obvious in some scenes) the story moves on reasonably well (more on that later).
The soundtrack is great which helps pull certain emotions at the right time, such as feeling tense/suspense.
As with the last film Silver stars this is also not set in modern day it's in the mid 90s, this is why you'll not see mobile/cell phones being used. I think this helps add to tension in some points too.
I was initially worried about the acting as in the first scene seemed a little wooden, with delayed delivery. This was quickly remedied in the rest of the film.
Going back to the time period used in the film I loved little nods to era with things like a Pepsi bottle from that time, or the pulp fiction poster. All things like this add to the overall feel and believability, I'm personally interested to see if anyone even picks up on these things.
Mainly because in Devil's eyes some people didn't seem to realise it wasn't set in modern day either. Comedy was goofy and on point here as well, something I'm also interested to see if people pick up on. You see I'm sure knowing RJ that his characters asking actresses for a blowjob is a tongue in cheek way of viewing how things 'USED' to be in show business. I'm sure some people will easily misconstrue this as misogynistic or some other snowflake crap.

Now the things I didn't like, at the start of the film there's a grainy grey filter over the whole film for a little while this made things, in my opinion a little to dark.
Was it meant?, Was it something I missed that alluding to something? I'm not sure.
The typical night to day changes from scene to scene, I know it's a low budget thing, others I do know complain about it unfortunately.
Now the story-line, as I've said RJ is good at stringing a cohesive story together. What unfortunately doesn't help with this film is it's sense of urgency. These people are being stalked, killed, almost killed and seem pretty nonchalant about it until near the end of the film. Like oh you were nearly killed, ah don't worry about it lets get on with our day.
I'm sure this is to help pad out run time a little, I'm also 100% sure there's more of a comedy element to it too. It just might not be everyone's cup of tea and I can see it annoying some people. Oh and I'm no fuddy duddy or Mr do right but everyone who does smoke seems to be on at least a 40 a day habit, if you see someone without a cigarette it's a rare occurrence, but that's my own personal gripe. That's about it for dislikes.

Actor wise great choices, Max is a very relatable everyman, no rippling muscles, just a guy living in that era's world.
Laura is beautiful, naturally she is no stick thin model she is a real woman. Great line delivery.
Micheal as dick was a little odd and off at points, but I think this is due his character and the fact that I'm sure a lot of his lines/scenes were filmed without the other person there.
I loved Joseph as the detective wish we'd seen a bit more of him, great strong character and comedy relief.
Abigail was good a bit underused would have liked a bit more backstory on her, that was one flaw I did find, it's like no one knows who she is then everyone suddenly realises they did know her some way.

Main plot is basically Alexander (Max) is dating porn actress Madelyne (Laura). On the way home from a date one night a paparazzi is snapping pictures of them. He wanders out into the road and gets run over as a result of not paying attention.
The driver basically stalks them all film with twists and turns throughout, as well as killings. It's a very enjoyable way to waste 70minutes.
I always recommend that anyone working on low budget films look to others, too watch them and find ways to improve their own processes. Anyone looking to start out could certainly run to learn a thing or two from Decades Apart Productions.

the film is available Digital and DVD on October 29 through

THN gladly awards this film a very solid 3 out of 5 stars, compared to Devil's eyes it's urgency is it's biggest flaw.

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THN: Sequel It: Friday The 13th

Not everyone likes sequels, some people think some series's should have ended a while ago, others want more and/or aren't happy with where things were left off. This new series I intend to try publish 2 monthly i'll deal with trying to get the sequel people want, no reboots, re-imaginings etc just good old continuation. So in this is a new section where I gather knowledge from around internet including people I talk to, fan-fictions, as well as popular theories. Using these sources of knowledge I try to put together the sequel everyone's looking for. these wont be massive in-depth explanations (well I'll try not to), mostly bullet points (most of the time) also ultimately it is my views so it might not please everyone:

Return to Friday the 13th: Jason's Home
Cast: Thom Matthews as Tommy Jarvis
           Lar Park Lincoln as Tina Shepard
           Kimberly Beck as Trish Jarvis
           Dana Kimmell as Chris Higgins
           Kane Hodder as Jason
           Micheal Vorhees/anyone semi known
           Jane Vorhees/anyone semi famous
           Kelly Vorhees/any semi famous kid actor
           Tony Todd as Julius Duke
           Campsite people/random nobodies

I think this pretty much fulfills the casting options most of the characters people want to see, with returning faces everyone has asked for.

Ignoring Freddy vs. Jason, as some kind of separate entity or timeline, but set some time after part 9 but before X we join Micheal Voorhees. Micheal is a descendant of the Voorhees lineage, he has inherited the old Voorhees house.
He's heard of the stories and the deaths, he wants his family to have nothing to do with it, the house to be demolished then land sold on. Searching around the back yard he notices amongst the rusty remains of a jungle gym a dark discolored patch of grass. A mysterious something glints in the light of the sun.
Mysteriously drawn to it, we as the audience hear the infamous kill, kill, kill, Ma Ma Ma as he draws nearer. He sees the tiniest slither of metal protruding from the ground.  Digging through the dirt he pulls out an unassuming knife, that once properly in his grip transforms into a large blade.
It causes a cut on Micheal's hand, drops of blood splash to the ground. We see it, unknowingly to him being quickly absorbed into the dirt. He runs into the house where his wife, Jane and daughter Kelly fluster around him as he washes his hand. None of them notice the knife return to normal as Micheal places it on the side. Jane angrily remarks that the place is still taking blood, they escort him to the room to get him patched up.

Cut to the outside of a small town supermarket the sign reads Crystal Lake superstores, we head in to see the checkouts. Packing bags is an aged Tommy Jarvis, he smiles as he helps out customers. Some smile walking off, others nudge their friends saying about "the nutcase" helping out.
Despite most the past murders being attributed to Jason or his copycat's Tommy is still distrusted by others for being in and out of mental homes for so long. Jane Voorhees comes to the opposite till with Kelly in tow, she smiles at Tommy who waves. The attendant mentions that she's one of the new people that own the old Voorhees house.
Tommy's face quickly turns dark, overreacting he tells them to stay away from the house the killer Voorhees lived there. Tommy suddenly recoils when Jane mentions she is a Voorhees herself. They walk in a huff, Tommy is quickly called into the back his job threatened by the manager who states "he's already doing him a favor" Tommy apologizes.

That night we see Tommy doing his favorite hobby speaking on his CB radio, he talks about Jason and his fears of his return but he's more than ready this time. His shelves still hold his old mask paraphernalia. Cut to elsewhere we see a hand it's fingers tapping along a big sawed off shotgun that sits next to a CB radio (It's Julius Duke, Creighton's brother) a laugh (like only Tony Todd can do) rings out as he grabs the gun then leaves.

Back at the Voorhees house, it's now nighttime and now deserted, we travel through the front door to the back yard. a blood red circle appears in the discolored patch of discoloured grass. The dirt seems to start pouring in like an hourglass from the center of the circle (similar to the effects of the orange/red lights that came from Jason in part 9 they now start hitting the ground). suddenly a blackened tattered leather gloved hand erupts from the dirt, it's still faintly yellow but the fingertips are now gone showing almost fully skeletal tips. Then the whole arm clad in a charred cloth shirt with patches of gnarled skin showing through holes fully erupts from the hole. Some of the gnarled skin is badly burnt revealing sore looking charred red wet looking muscle underneath.
A second equally garbed arm plows through the opposite side the massive muscles flex. A malformed lump akin to the top of a deformed head pulls free looking up to the moonlit sky. (It's not the meatball look of part nine more like part 4 with all the previous damage still there, head axe wound scar, one eye missing due to Tommy's strike, the socket skeletal, burnt and fractured. All the rest of his skin taught, burnt almost like Freddy in the new nightmare film, (that's right a face reveal this early on!)
Pulling himself out totally we see him look around surveying the area like part 9 was only recent for him. His head with its rictus grin looks toward the hole. It does the lolling to one side in the puppy dog way he does trying to make sense. Dropping to his knees he thrusts one hand back into dirt hole. His superhuman muscles straining as he pulls forth a squealing demon of some kind. in it's grasp it holds a mask to its chest defiantly, its damaged to the level of part 7, yet sooty, slightly charred with the chevrons missing but still visible where they were, it's still distinctly his hockey mask. The demon hisses snapping at him but with a quick flick of his wrist the demons neck breaks. It drops the mask, retrieving his mask he places it on his face. The discarded demon dissolves into the ground. Jason turns to face the camera his one good eye full of rage. We then hear Jason's mothers voice.
"Kill them Jason, get your revenge none of them can survive, or they'll send you back to the bad place, mommy loves you dear"
With that he strides off into the night. Beginning credits roll something new from Alice cooper but in the same vein as man behind the mask.

Trish Jarvis an old woman now lives alone, like Tommy she's never been able to have a stable relationship since that night with Jason. She's just always had trust issues. Despite being there that night living through it then watching Tommy kill the killer. She's also been unable to face her brother since. Especially since He'd been unable to believe that Jason was dead, yes there had been killers in his wake. He'll she'd even thought about getting in touch with him after the Roy incident, that was until Tommy went mad and got himself institutionalized again. The agents came and explained to her that it has all been mostly delusional visions on his part.
Reading a book in bed a loud sound from downstairs startles her, she goes down to have a look. Boom a cat startles her. She backs up right into Jason who attempts to grab her. She manages to fight back for a while escaping to the back shed. At some point she's grabbed her cellphone, hiding she tries to ring the police on the phone. She cries saying Tommy was right all along into the receiver just as his charred leather gloved hands crash through the walls. Trish drops the phone which Jason inadvertently steps upon as the officer on the end says "mam?"
He grabs her and strangles her to the ground until she dies. One old enemy down he strides off once more.

Tommy obliviously enters work the next day he frowns when all the workers turn to look at him, pale-faced. Looking towards where they were, on the TV there's a report that a woman named Trish Jarvis has been killed in a nearby town. His face drops and he rushes out despite protestations from the manager of the store, taking his pick-up truck he drives off. We see another car pull out to follow his from the parking lot.

We next see the Voorhees couple dropping Kelly off to the new camp ground. Its called Higgins camp. They tell her it's only for a few days while they go back to help clear the old house. We see, though she was last seen in a hysterical state at the end of part 3, Chris Higgins She now owns and runs the new camp for children along with younger teen counselors.
She does a slight double take at Kelly's last name, but then thinks nothing of it as she shows Kelly and her parents around the camp, then to her own group. Her parents say their goodbyes then leave.

Her parents return to the house to begin removing any salvageable or worth anything from their new acquired abode. Micheal hears some creaking and scratching noise from a nearby wall it stops and they just think it's animals. Jason suddenly crashes through the wall as they begin talking and enjoying themselves. The special knife which was on the side goes flying across the floor.
"Holy shit it can't be!" Micheal screams.
We see how different Micheal's side of the family is as he hopelessly tries to reason with him. He says that they to are all Voorhees and that this can finally be put all the bad behind them, he can even be part of their family.
Jason seems to stand there listening until Micheal gets too close, then Jason grabs him. Drawing him into a mighty bear hug Jason crushes him forcing blood to spray from his mouth, Jane smashes Jason across the back with the sweeping brush handle. He drops an almost dead Micheal, to turn on her. On the floor he spots the knife, using all his effort he drags his crushed body forwards.
Picking up the snapped part of the handle Jason grabs Jane by the neck. He lifts her up then pins her to the wall almost instantly killing her as she feebly touches the handle before her head droops. Micheal is still trying to crawl towards the knife he found outside, he still doesn't know it's special he just wants a weapon.
Jason steps on his hand Micheal screams as the bones crush in the process. He picks up the knife which has no reaction to his touch, Micheal looks up muttering please as Jason thrusts the knife into the top of his head. He places both corpses in the basement just as loud engines rev outside.
Two large JCB's begin to destroy the house burying Jason and the two corpses in the basement in the process.

In the next town over Tommy barges into the sheriffs office, even they know who he is and warn him to keep calm or they'll arrest him. They play the recording from Trish's phone call for him, he breaks down as he hears his sister voice for the first time in years. Even more so when she says sorry for not believing all those times.
"I'll kill him Trish, for you this time for good" He shouts.
The police ask him if he wants to identify the body, he says he knows his sisters voice and that's good enough for him. They tell him not to go causing problems it's probably just another copycat killer there's been no confirmed sightings of Jason for twenty years or more.
Tommy just nods then turns to leave.
"That's what they want you to believe, he's back Sheriff you know it just as well as I do" He says before he walks out of the station.
He's taken aback suddenly as he notices a cowboy hat wearing man stood leaning against his pick up truck. He looks up with a smile at Tommy.
"Tommy Jarvis, in the flesh" he sneers
"Listen I don't have the time"
"Jason he's returned hasn't he?" The man says more seriously.
Tommy asks who he is, He introduces himself as Julius Duke, telling him he's sorry about his sister. Tommy up to date on all things Jason asks if he's the brother of Creighton Duke. Smiling Julius says his brother would have asked a price for that kind of information. He then explains that he's not as severe as his brother. Though yes many years ago his brother and some Voorhees descendant did fight off Jason in some big battle. All he knows it involved some special knife that could kill the evil inside Jason.
The only way he'd have found some way of making it back would have involved the knife and another relative. If that is the case he'll be stronger than ever now. Tommy tells him about about the two Voorhees relatives getting ownership of the house only a day or two ago. Asking if he is back can they kill him again the same way.
Julius shakes his head, saying he doesn't know if the knife will not be strong enough on it's own to kill Jason a second time around, that it might also require more of a sacrifice for it too work now. Jason will know this and attempt to seek to kill them all first. Tommy says they should get to the Voorhees house and warn them about it all. Julius gets in Tommy's truck and they both drive off.

Back at the Voorhees house Jason manages to break his way out of the wreckage while the two drivers are taking a break, he kills them both with random tools.
"The accursed camp Jason, they play and ignore poor children there even to this day, go there, show them Jason"
Listening to mommy he then sets off.
While on his way to Higgins camp he comes across a frivolous couple having secret sex in the woods. As is customary in these movies, he kills them in some gruesome way then carries on his way to the camp.

Tommy along with Julius arrive at the destroyed Voorhees house, they find the dead JCB drivers stuffed into their vehicles. Hoping they aren't to late for the others. Julius spots a car in the not yet knocked down wooden garage. Fearing the worst the two men dig through some debris revealing the basement trapdoor.
Opening it they both descend into the darkness, turning on torches they are greeted by the corpses of the two Voorhees elders.
Julius exclaims they've been dead a while from different causes. Tommy says they had a daughter, she must be somewhere else considering she's not dead with her parents down there. Looking for more clues in their car Tommy finds the admission slip for Kelly to Higgins camp. Julius says they need to get her before Jason does. He frowns a little when Tommy says he needs to go to get something that will help them. Julius takes the Voorhees car saying he'll go to the camp to make sure Kelly is fine then. They both go their separate ways. However a nosey neighbor comes over to see what the madman Tommy and his creepy friend was doing and finds the corpses, she screams running back to call the police.

Chris Higgins is still paranoid from her night of terror, so when a car pulls up outside Higgins camp she reaches for her revolver. Moving out onto the porch she watches tentatively as Julius exits the vehicle.
"That's far enough" She says.
"No problem" Shouts Julius.
"You can keep the gun in your pants for now" He says too.
She frowns. He walks forwards explaining who he is and that he also knows who she is. She relaxes a little until he says about Jason being back.
"No, no he can't be he was killed years back" she says a little hysterically.
"I'm afraid he's back, it's all linked to a young girl you have here" He explains.
"It's that little Voorhees girl, Kelly isn't it" She knew the moment the girl came.
"We need to get everyone, especially her out of here!" Julius exclaims.
Suddenly a scream from across the green where the cabins are makes both of them look over towards the noise. Running out of the darkness screaming comes one of the young female counselors. A male follows close behind limping holding a cut up arm too.
He brutally cut down as from the shadows emerges the charred, scarred Jason Voorhees. Chris screams, Jason seemingly recognizing the sound of Chris's voice looks directly at her. Chris strides off of the porch drawing her handgun. All six shots squelch wetly into various sections of Jason, yet he seemingly shrugs them off without an ounce of care or pain.
"No, no, no you won't get me again" She backs up tripping backwards as Jason holds up a hand brandishing a newly found machete.
There's a deafening roar as Julius walks forwards swinging his duster coat open. Inside is the pearl handled sawed off shotgun, he rams it right into Jason's torso pulling both triggers at once.
Chunks of burnt rancid flesh along with the thickest black blood burst from Jason's back. The force of the blast sending him tumbling backwards onto the ground.

At the noise and gun shots the kids come running from their dorms in fear, screaming at Chris and crying.
"You need to snap out of it, get these kids to safety, especially the Voorhees kid"
We see Kelly go wide eyed at this mention.
"Yes, yes the bus i'll go and get it"
Julius begins to reload his weapon as Jason does his sudden sit up thing.
"Get behind me kids, especially the girl named Kelly Voorhees"
Getting to his feet supernaturally fast Jason strides towards the hapless group. Julius pulls up the shotgun again Jason has managed to close the gap inhumanly fast somehow, Jason bats the gun aside sending the double shot awry and flooring Julius. He goes to slash at a floored Julius who manages to dodge the first blow, as the modified school bus comes charging around the corner.
Painted in camp colours with the words Higgin's Camp! painted on the side too. It rams right into Jason. For a second time the monstrosity man is thrown from his feet as the front end crumples on his unnatural bulk.
Julius sorts himself out dusting himself down from the swipe. He begins to usher the kids onto the bus as Jason lays dormant. From out of the shadows two of the counselors come running too, a boy closely followed by a girl. Jason's hand whips out grabbing the boys ankle as he tries to pass, twisting his hand the lads ankle snaps. He falls screaming to the floor, Jason rises once more crushing the screaming boys face into the dirt as he does.
Already on the bus Julius reaches out for the girl grabbing her hands. Just as she's almost safely on board Jason manages to grab her ponytail. He yanks her hair back strongly, with a snapping noise her limp body falls from the bus.
"Put your damn foot down Chris" Julius shouts over the sounds of the children screaming.
Jason is left with the dead counselor at his feet and a torn ponytail in his hand as the bus speeds off.

Despite wanting to go straight to the Voorhees house Julius sees that taking a bus full of children isn't the best option. He agrees with Chris to take them to the sheriff's office, though skeptical they might even be able to get the police's help too.
Hearing the screaming the crying of children the sheriff comes out before they can even disembark. He spots Julius and draws his gun asking him to step away from the kids.
A man matching his and Tommy Jarvis description was called in for a multiple homicide earlier.
It's all panned out that the Voorhees kid will stay in the station until someone can pick her up. Chris refuses to go stating that Jason is back, she saw with her own eyes.
The deputy is to take the kids home while the sheriff and the other cop stay and watch their prisoner and Kelly.
"Look Chris something is going on, but this man was seen with that lunatic Jarvis earlier, how do you know this isn't some sick thing they've cooked up to make everyone believe he's back?"
"Lunatic? Really Joe, you thought that of me perhaps considering I've seen him too? I know what I've seen" Chris says ashen faced.
"I didn't mean it that way, there's a lot to work out here, the kids folks are dead, some others were found in the wood earlier too, now your saying some young counselors, what am I supposed to do?"
"Maybe see what's in front of you for a change, hell just make sure that girl stays safe, she's the one he's truly after" Chris walks away back to Julius.
Julius has been locked in a cell, he looks up as Chris comes into the holding area.
"He's going to be here soon, if all else fails get that girl to safety and wait for Tommy"
Literally minutes later theres a crash from the front of the building. Chris turns in terror to the direction of the noise.
"The girl Chris" Julius shouts.
She runs into the main office where Jason is stood in the area of the front doors. The sheriff and his other officer are stood in shock and awe at the sight.
Ignoring Chris, Jason begins to stride towards the two officers. Though she knows he's more interested in what's behind them than the two stood in front of him.
The sheriff orders him to stop or they'll open fire, both start firing as Jason descends upon them. They're six shooters fire hardly making a difference.
"Throw me the cell door keys" she shouts to the sheriff.
He does as asked as grabs the female officer, he throws her through a nearby window with ease.
Chris runs to unlock the cell with Julius locked in.
"Kelly you hide in there darling" the sheriff shouted.
Jason draws his machete from it's sheathe to swing at the sheriff, holding up a hand in protection results in his arm being amputated at the elbow.

Julius free and Chris come back around the corner to see the sheriff fall to the ground holding his stump. Spotting his shotgun and ammo on a nearby table he rushes for it.
Bravely the sheriff draws a combat knife from his boot with his good arm. He rams it into Jason's thigh causing him to grunt in pain.
He swings the machete again removing the man's head this time, then looking up crashes through the back door. He looks about for the hiding young girl. Despite herself she lets out a scream alerting him to her position.
Before he can stride towards her hiding place Chris heroically charges in smashing a wooden chair over his back. His machete slides across the room.
"Come on freak, I know your obsessed with me"
Quick as lightening Jason reaches out to Chris throat, as he chokes her she flashes back to that time when he first chased her.
"Chris, fight back!" Julius shouts.
She comes too, spotting the knife still in Jason thigh, kicking out she drives it deeper into his leg. He grunts dropping her to the ground.
Julius instantly unloads both barrels into Jason's back sending him flying into spare desks.
"Kelly quickly run to Chris" the girl runs out of her hiding spot towards the both of them. They all turn to quickly leave the room. A few feet away from the door bright lights flare from outside the station.
Distracted the three don't notice as the combat knife flies from the shadows of the room. It buries itself deep into Chris's shoulder causing her to cry then stagger.
"What the hell" Julius cries.
Jason comes striding from the room, Julius tries to quickly reload the gun.
"Forget it, Julius, run with Kelly" Jason strides over towards them. The hurt Chris throws herself Infront of Jason.
Closing her eyes, she accepts the death she escaped all them years ago.

"Hey maggot head, remember me?" Comes a familiar voice.
Chris opens her eyes. Seeing Jason seeming straining to bring his muscled arm down upon her.
"I brought a friend too" Tommy shouts.
Looking over towards the voice she sees a man and woman, the woman has her hand outstretched a strained look on her face too.
Reloaded Julius once again empties both barrels into Jason. It sends him sprawling again, though seemingly more pissed off than ever he sits up almost right away.
"He's enraged, we need to get away" Julius says.
"Tina!!" Tommy shouts.
Julius and Chris watch on as the blonde woman gestures with her hand sending multiple metal desks crashing into Jason. Chris drops to her knees.
Buried under metal and wood they hear crashing as he fights his way from under the debris. Julius sends Kelly over to Tommy and Tina then helps Chris to her feet.
They all run out to Tommy's pick up laying Chris the back, Tina and Kelly leap up with her.
Julius gets in the front with Tommy.
"We need to get back to the house and find the knife" he looks back to the blonde woman. She's sat Kelly at her side, Chris's head in her lap.
"Tina shepherd, she got locked up not long after I did apparently she'd brought Jason back up from the lake after I drowned him a second time"
"What was that she was doing?" Julius asked.
"She's psychic and telekinetic, although she kept that hidden from everyone apart from me, we helped each other while locked up, I don't think we'd have made it through without each other"
"Guys I don't mean to worry you but Chris isn't looking good here, also if the bodies have been discovered" she said trying to speak as simply as she could so not to scare Kelly.
"Wouldn't they be holding them at the coroner's in the hospital?"
Tommy and Julius look at each other, Tommy switches gears then makes a U-turn. Chris is very pale, the knife is still in her and seemingly caused more damage than it first seemed.

They pull up at the hospital, Julius and Tommy head around the back towards the coroner's office. Tina, Kelly and a limping Chris head in through the front doors.
Explaining the situation doctors rush in and take Chris away, telling Tina and Kelly to wait in reception.

Around the back Tommy and Julius sneak into the morgue section of the hospital.
"You and Jason, you go back a long time" Julius questions Tommy.
"Since he attacked my family all those years ago, it's like he's imprinted himself on me ever since" Tommy explains.
"Weird you should say, I found a bunch of recordings from a long time back, your father he had dealings with Mrs Vorhees back when she first lost Jason"
"I never knew, he was very private man, after everything that happened I never heard from him again" Tommy explains.
"Your family is inextricably linked with the Vorhees further back than even you knew" Julius finishes picking the lock.
"I wish I'd never heard of the damned name" he spits angrily.
They make their way into the building. Quietly checking everything over as they go through.
"Was there not a time after the copycat killer Roy, that you thought you were possessed?" Julius asks.
"Yeah I almost killed someone else who survived that night, I just about managed to fight it back but it still got me locked up again" Tommy shakes his head.
"Then you and friend escape again and bring the real Jason back from the dead a few years later right?"
"Yeah, that was a bowl of laughs, I think all the killings after that are pretty much my fault" Julius laughs.
"If it wasn't you, it would have been someone else, besides the possession thing, my brother followed a case a few years back, they thought they'd managed to kill Jason with a task force" Julius explains.
"I remember the FBI came to see me asking if I knew anything about him, questioned me for hours, I told them as much as I could" Julius pulls out a cadaver.
"Jason possessed many people after that night, killed my brother in the process, before regaining his body back from a dead relative"
"That family is just fucked up" Tommy shakes his head.
"Some fucked up shit for sure, Creighton was sure black magic or worse was involved but it's never been proved"
"Here this is the father, Micheal Vorhees, papers says the knife was removed and stored in the backroom"
"Magic knives, possession, it's nothing normal, that's for sure Julius" he nodded as they proceed to the back.
"Just don't kick yourself too bad, if he is capable of possession maybe he really did take over Roy then try to take you over too"
"Yeah, let's get that's knife and end this for good"
They both go over and Julius forces the locked door open, they both search. Tommy find the knife in a sealed bag.
"This it?" He asks.
"Yeah, let me take that" he grabs the bag before Tommy can really answer.
"We really have to rely on a small child to try and kill this monster?" Tommy asks.
"We'll see about that when we get to it" they both sneak out of the office.

Meanwhile Tina is waiting in the waiting room with Kelly. The young girl begins to sob.
"Hey, come on, I know you've been through a lot darling but we'll protect you now" Tina cuddles her.
"I just miss my mom and dad, the police told me either the other man who helped me or some relative of mine killed them, why would he do that?"
"First off, I'm sure Julius wouldn't save you if he was a killer, if Tommy trusts him then I do too, as for Jason, he may have your family name but there's nothing but evil inside that man, so don't worry about that"
"I saw him, he's so scarred and was shot lots and still got up, he'll kill us all" she cried.
"Not if I've got anything to do with it" Kelly buries her face into Tina's side.

A doctor comes out twenty minutes later, Tina looks up then he heads towards them.
"Good news, we've removed the knife, it did cause excessive bleeding which we've stopped, she'll need a transfusion, we are in the process of stitching the wound up now" the doctor smiles.
"Great news doctor, I'll tell my friends when they get here"
"Good good, she'll be in room 2b in about fifteen to twenty minutes, I'll leave you be now" the doctor strides off back through the doors.
Tina lived in a bigger town, that's where Tommy had gone to get her. It was weird to see such a small hospital that was also pretty quiet. Since they had come in nearly thirty or forty minutes ago only one other person had come in.
They were sat a distance away cradling their head, Tina could sense he was in pain with it.
Suddenly her vision blurred as a premonition happened.
Tommy, Julius, her and Kelly were stood almost going through the doors to see Chris?
The main doors auto open, the desk attendant screams and runs. In the commotion the bad head man looks up too, he attempts to run.
To close to killer, Jason has his machete back, in one deft swing the man is cut down sprawling to the ground gaping wound from chest to waist. Her vision clears just as the double doors auto open in real time.
She's happy to see Tommy then Julius stride through the doors with a look of accomplishment on their faces.

Tina beckons them over quickly. Leaving Kelly seated she rushes to meet them halfway.
"He's near I just I just had a premonition of him coming, we need to get Chris, you did find the knife right?"
Julius jangles the bag in front of her.
"Kelly quickly come to me" the young girl runs over.
"Can't we just use this here?"Tommy asks.
"No, it's been used once Tommy, it's power is severely depleted, we need a Voorhees and the exact spot he died before even then it might not work properly"
"You really expect Kelly to do that?" Tina asks quietly.
"We'll all help, I'm not sure how but we will" he eyes Tommy.
Suddenly there's the sound of the doors swishing open. Looking over they see the terrifying form of Jason, yet he unlike in Tina's vision looks strangely as the door automatically opened like it puzzled him. The sudden scream of
"Oh god what the hell?" From behind the counter quickly snaps him out of his wonder.
"That's a child's mind trapped in a man's body" Julius comments.
"Kelly inadvertently screams too" the striding behemoth sets his sights on them.
They all run through the double doors into the corridor beyond them. Unseen to them the migraine man tries to make a break for it but like the vision is cut down.
In the corridor all four run down the wards, Tina tells them it's ward 2b. Rushing into the room there's six patients in bed. A women with a trolley full of full syringes turns startled.
"Oh what are doing here?" She asks sharply.
"Chris Higgins, where is she?" Tommy asks.
"Last bed on the right, your lucky I was just coming to sedate the patients for the night" she waves her hand over the needles.
"Chris needs to come with us now" they say.
Loud clomping bootsteps come from down the corridor and other people start to scream. The other patients start to sit up or wake.
They all scream as Jason strides to the door of the ward.
"Chris if you can hear us we need to get going, Tina can you do anything" she looks around.
The other patients are starting to run for the door, blocking the way.
"I can't I might hit one of them" she screams.
"Get to the back of the room, we'll get out of the window if needs be" Julius shouts.
Chris comes from behind the curtain of her bed. Still pale, her arm in a sling, her other hand holding a bone saw. Tina covers Kelly's eyes as Jason mercilessly cuts down the patients as they try to run from the room. One or two have stayed in bed shivering and screaming.
"No, no, no" screams the nurse.
As Jason now strides in towards her. Chris spots something and hands Tommy the bonesaw.
"Keep the little girl safe" she says weakly smiling at him.
"Chris no!" Tommy shouts.
Jason takes the nurses head cleanly off with his machete. He sees Chris running at him, she's picked up, despite her wounded shoulder, the shock paddles of a defibrillator.
She smashes one into his machete, sparks flying as it booms out of his hand. The smell of charred flesh and ozone strong in the air, Jason goes stiff suddenly for a few seconds.

Back at the window both Tommy and Julius are trying to get the window open.
"Tina can you get this?" Tommy asks.
One hand pulling Kelly's face into her, she outstretches the other and strains her powers. The metal begins to buckle.
"We need to hurry" Julius shouts.
Chris charges the paddles again, about to push with both into Jason's seemingly stunned torso. The killer quickly reaches out grabbing Chris by the neck. Colours swim as her vision begins to blacken, she shouts out.
"Keep the camp open for me will you, make it safe for kids to play again" she smashes both charged pads into the killer.
The high voltage courses through both of of them sending them sprawling into different directions. Tina pushes the window out of the housing too.
Julius runs over to Chris, feeling her neck he looks back to Tommy and Tina then shakes his head. The other patients take this opportunity to run now. Tommy shakes his head then looks out the window. It's a good few feet to the ground, the hospital was built on quite an incline, to far for Kelly anyway.
"We need to get back out that way, this way is too high Julius" Tommy explains.
Julius makes like he spots something but Tommy is distracted as Jason once again rises to a sitting position. Jason gets to his feet then strides towards Tina Tommy and the young girl.
Julius has managed to sneak around the killer, Tina holds out her hand straining her powers. Stopping Jason in his tracks with her telekinesis. Though the giant killer fights against her control, Tina starts to drop to one knee.
Julius comes up behind Jason with four syringes full of sedatives. Ramming them into his side's and injecting the fluids into him.
Tina loses control as Jason's strength is to much for her, he hits Julius sending him flying. Her view now free Kelly screams at the sight of her would be relation.
Tommy now charges forwards with the bonesaw in hand, he is instantly caught by the one handed grip of the killer.
Jason places both hands on his neck. Tommy notices a quick waver in the killer strength and his remaining eye rolls back a little.
Using this lapse Tommy kicks the sedative trolley tray into the air. Jason shakes his head renewing his grip.
"Tina the sedatives use them" Tommy gasps for breath.
Though tired out she reaches out with some last reserves. Catching the syringes out of the air she sends three more into Jason's neck.
He drops Tommy reaching for the needles in his neck. Pulling them out then throwing them to the ground. Tommy backs away into the wall, trapped between two beds. Jason puts out both hands staggering towards our hero, much like when Chris hit him in the head with the axe in pt3.
Inches from Tommy's face the killer behemoth drops to his knees then keels over completely.
"Great let's get out of here" Tommy says jumping over the killer.
"No Tommy we need to take him with us" Julius says.
"Are you mad Julius?" Tommy shouts.
"Tommy if we leave him here there's no telling when he'll get up and follow us, the longer we leave this the stronger he gets as does the possibility of killing him"
"God damn Julius I hope your right, I'll go and get a stretcher, you two keep watch here" Tommy runs off.
"Do, you really need me to kill him?" Kelly suddenly asks.
"Is that why he wants to kill me?" She sobs.
"We'll see Kelly, if there's any other way we can do this we will darling okay" Julius reassures her.
Though Tina doesn't look so reassured herself from behind the small girl.
"I don't want to kill anyone, won't he just leave us alone?"
"We won't let him hurt you darling" Tina says.
Tommy comes rushing back in, tentatively the two men load Jason's body onto it. Julius grabs the three bottles of sedatives from the tray, he loads up three more hypodermic needles. Before they move off he sinks the needles into Jason topping off the killers sedation.
"Take these you'll need to keep him topped up until we get him to the house" he hands Tommy the bottles and needles. Outside they quickly load Jason onto the back of Tommy's pickup truck. Julius, Tina and Kelly get into the front while Tommy bravely sits in the back keeping Jason sedated.

Despite only a thirty minute drive we see Tommy using the last of the sedatives as Julius pulls up near the wreckage of the Voorhees house.
Leaping from the front and back of the truck, the four are immediately assaulted by the neighbors across the road.
"You can't be here you sick freak, they never should have let you free Tommy Jarvis!" The wife shouts.
"These your killer accomplises?" The husband says swinging his shotgun around.
"What's this in the truck, another corpse?" The wife asks
"I wouldn't do that if I were you!" Julius warns her.
"Check it Harold" she commands her husband.
He goes to throwback the sheet covering Jason but the killer is already coming around. He grabs Harold's arm, Kelly screams as the man let's of a blast in terror.
"Harold, what is it!" Screams his wife.
Jason however drags Harold into the back of the truck where he snaps the mans back over the side of the truck bed.
"Run, get the back of the house" Julius shouts to the others.
Harold's wife attempts to run but Jason grabs and throws a random wrench from the back of Tommy's pickup. It embeds itself into the old hags head, she immediately drops dead.
Leaping from the truck Jason follows immediately after the group. They all watch as Jason strides towards them, their terror growing as he draws near.
"Julius do something, the knife or shoot him!" Tommy shouts.
"I've been out of ammo since the police station, Tina try slow him down" Julius asks.
Spying the rusted mangled jungle gym, she sends it flying at the killer. With all her telekinetic might she bends it around the frame of the killer. Jason drops to floor strangling against the metal bonds.
"Now Kelly can use the knife while he's incapacitated" Tommy shouts.
"No the girls always been a last chance Tommy, I haven't been totally truthful with you, your father's mother was a Voorhees, Pamela's older sister in fact since the original killings your father never told you to protect you" Tommy looks on disbelievingly.
"All this time, he's been linked to me?" Tommy cries.
"It's been no coincidence, that's why he went after Trish first, I did try to warn her but she didn't want to believe"
"The damn feds they brainwashed her, made her believe non of it was real, they tried for years with me too, even Tina" he looks over to her.
"I could really use your help, he's breaking free" Tina shouts.
Julius takes the blade from his coat removing the bag from it he hands it to Tommy, the blade instantly forms into the Voorhees killing dagger. Tommy looks it over then charges toward the incapacitated Jason.
"Time to die once and for all maggot breath" Jason's arm breaks free.
It's too little too late for giant killer though as Tommy plunges the knife into the behemoths chest. Jason falls to knees clawing at his chest with the one free arm for a change we actually hear him roaring in pain.
Falling to his knees, Tina slips unconscious from her exertion just as all the metal piping falls away from the killer. He falls forwards pushing the dagger even further into him.
The night goes eerily quiet as goes completely silent.
"Is he dead is it done?" Tommy asks.
He runs over to the unconscious Tina, who Kelly is shaking.
"I don't know, he was dragged to hell I was told last time maybe it doesn't have enough power to do that anymore"
"Or maybe hell doesn't even want him anymore" Tommy remarks.
Before any of them can react however the clanging of metal from the killers direction makes them turn. Jason, though noticeably weaker, even looking less charred (like his skin looking more human like) begins to rise.
"It wasn't enough, Tommy you need" before Julius can finish however Jason has pulled the knife from his chest and thrown it into Julius's back. It returns to normal form and slips out.
Mouthing the words Julius says weakly, "it'll take the blood of a Voorhees to stop him for good now."
Tommy nods, he picks up the knife which once again transforms in his grip.
"Keep your eyes covered Kelly, if this doesn't work, run and never stop running okay darling" he strides over to Jason.
The killer is using a long metal pole to help get himself to his feet. Tommy rolls back the sleeve of his shirt. He drags the dagger down his arm. The blood seems to soak into blade it's power slightly invigorated by the taste of fresh blood.
It's taken on a dull but definite red glow. Tommy charges at the bane of his life, Jason raises the bar to counterstrike. Closing his eyes Tommy waits for the strike that never comes as he strikes upward with the dagger. Thrusting it deep into where he hopes the killers heart lay.
Opening his eyes he sees the red glow spread out like lightening around Jason's Torso. It burns around his entire body, looking up into the masked face the red electric finishes in the killers only good eye. Like a like bulb the eye turns back and the now totally lifeless body of the killer crashes to the ground, somehow in the exact circle of dead grass where arose. Tommy see's the killer looks even more human than ever before, like the knife has exercised something from within him.
Tommy looks over, Tina lowers her hand, she must have somehow came too and prevented Jason's final strike against him. She smiles.
"Is he dead?" Asks Kelly.
"I think it's over, I think it's finally over" she notices Julius "oh, Julius no" she cries.
The sudden sound of a helicopter comes out of no where, bright spotlights shine down on them and Jason's corpse. Tina draws Kelly nearer her while Tommy looks about bewildered.
The craft lands and a lithe young brown haired woman exits it with her hair blowing around her face. She has a stern but friendly look on her face. She walks over to Tommy extending her hand to shake.
"My name is Rowan Lafontaine, sorry I haven't been able to get here until now" Tommy shakes her hand.
"What is this, what's going on?" Tommy asks
"Since we thought we killed Jason last time the FBI has been working on a new place, not far from here we have the crystal lake research facility" a second person exits the chopper.
This man has greying hair, glasses and a nonchalant look on his face. Out of nowhere soldiers come running along with a stretcher.
"Enough chat with non essential personnel Rowan" he says sternly.
The soldiers begin loading Jason's dead body onto the stretcher.
"You can't do that, he's very dangerous" he warns.
"That's none of your business anymore Mr Jarvis, you and the others will be compensated for your troubles" the man says.
Rowan however looks to Tommy seriously.
"I assure you he's in good hands, I know everything about him, thanks to you" she winks at him.
Soldiers come and start to lead Tommy, Tina and Kelly towards an APC. Before he gets in he turns back to Rowan and says.
"I wouldn't remove that dagger out of him, one day at some time it'll bite you in the ass" he warns.
Rowan just nods. Behind her the soldiers carting off Jason's corpse the camera zooms in as his hand falls out from under the sheet ki, ki, ki, ma, ma, ma
Roll credits.

Phew this has taken a lot longer than I thought, I'm no script writer or full novel writer, yes I've wrote and had published short stories but with help. Please if things seem shitty edited etc I do this all myself and will be constantly re-editing from time to time.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Review: The Killing Death (2008)

Related imageStars: Jeremy Dangerfield, Tyhr Trubiak

Budget: $600

Directed By: Ian Russell

Well where do I begin, I was sent this as a screener to review. This however will not sway my judgement in any way. If I like or dislike the film you'll know it by the end of this review.
Okay, okay this is a very low budget film, micro budget is probably pushing it to the extreme also. It starts with (and continues with) all the usual low budget hallmarks.
Grainy filming, poor lighting and handheld shakey cam. That's a given in these movies, they don't get filmed on expensive high definition cameras that's for sure. So all that has to be given a pass when reviewing a micro budget movie. This film clocks in at around 63-64 minutes including the credits at both ends.
My does it have such a large cast for such a small film too. We get a pre-credits sequence of some random girl being murdered. I'm sure it's a kukri knife used or something of similar shape.
The beginning credits roll up, I find myself getting the feeling to grab some glow sticks, neon gear and throw some shapes to the music booming over the multicolored the killing death name card.
We then join two police officers, one a very aged set in his ways cop, the other (though looking like he's late thirties at best) fresh out of training.
This is aging grump Frank and his Rookie sidekick Jimmy, they are at the scene of the crime where the victim has had her foot cut off. A few gags later we've met the coroner Morty, who seems to like turkey sandwiches. At the moment they seem none the wiser to who the killer is or his motives.

We then meet the killer who is watching a film with his girlfriend, great little fourth wall break and self depreciation of 'bad films' the boyfriend seemingly gets a call to deliver pizza (he works for a 24hr delivery service).
We then see a blind history teacher of some sort leave a lecture, there's then a lengthy (also slightly tedious) of this walking down seemingly endless corridors. Why would this guy be walking down these back corridor places in the first place, for so long too?
Its amusing for a bit but gets old fast, he does seem to cotton on that someone is following him after a while. He's then killed by his unseen killer.

The two cops arrive to investigate the situation Morty again is already there sandwich in hand too explain the chumps death. An amazing effect here for a low budget film, a hollowed out watermelon to signify the mans brain was taken. Now I admit I was pretty much enjoying the film up to this point, the effects made me smile even the acting so far.
I really don't know what happened past this point, it's like the writing took a serious nose dive as well as the acting level of everyone else involved. Now there's only so far I forgive micro budget films, if your effects are great for the budget and the story really reels me in that's pretty much all I need.
Here though the killer starts to visit former friends and lovers to kill them and take the body parts he needs.
It's quite a suspension of disbelief I have to throw a film for a creepy looking pizza delivery guy visiting an old girlfriend out of the blue after 4 YEARS of not seeing her and her just being like, "oh hi why don't you come in" even with the excuse of asking to use the phone. It's painfully obvious they didn't finish on good footing too.

So the cops learn that a picture at one of the scenes is something to with Egyptian hieroglyphics. They go to see a specialist about it who explains to them what the picture means, I liked this guy and selflessly promoting his book too made me smile.
It's around this time the older cop Frank just starts to lose it, I did not really like this arc for his character, especially after a very good scene earlier in the film where the two cops have somewhat of a heart to heart. Yeah so frank just starts accusing everyone they meet of being the murderer now.
The murderer we see a small insight that he's clearly got problems with women, these are brief flashes of some of the better writing from earlier in the film. Unfortunately it's literally brought down again minutes later. When unable to perform he fakes a phone call. He goes to see an old male friend who literally has a wall of porn, no seriously magazine pages or internet printed pictures plastered on one wall. I couldn't believe my eyes.

He kills this friend by faking? interest in wanting anal sex with him, he doesn't seem to need much persuading. He then drills out his friends asshole with the power tool collecting the juices in the process, lovely!

Anyway from what I can gather from the films plot, he seems to be creating a concoction from these parts that cleanse someones soul. NO it's not for him which some might think it is, it appears he thinks women are dirty somehow, it's not really explained, but its for his girlfriend.
thinking this pizza will cleanse her of sins or something?
I'm not sure entirely, I spoil the very end as it's not quite that bad. For me i'm sorry it very hit and miss at times especially when Frank goes rogue later on.
Due to this THN would only award The Killing Death a 2 out of 5 stars story wise, but watch if your a film maker trying to get ideas for some really good practical effects on a shoestring budget, you could learn a thing or two from this film in that respect so we'll bump it up too a 3/5

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THN Exclusive!: Silver Stars on Red Velvet

I've just found out that one micro budget film I'm really looking forwards to in the future has had its brilliantly hand drawn poster and their whole movie backlog disallowed! (For unknown reasons on Amazon).
I can't go on without at least getting it out there, this is a brilliant rendition of what's in the film. I also love the tagline, which I'll have you know is all true!
This is the post in question please give it a bit of support by telling @decadesapartproductions how great it is!

There's a bit more news about the film too, they recently worked with a musician millamix. They allowed them to use their music in the film so in turn they made a music video too!
You can see said music at this link here:

I have always been a massive supporter of RJ Cusyk/decades apart they have a great outlook and always do well with the film making tools & budget at their disposal.

Friday, 28 June 2019

Review: I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle (1990)

Image result for i bought a vampire motorcycleStars: Neil Morrissey, Micheal Elphick

Budget: Unknown/not much

Directed By: Dirk Campbell

Wow what can I say? In the mid 80s there was
A series staring Micheal Elphick and Neil Morrissey
called Boon. A sort of modern day lone ranger
helping the lowly, troubled and destitute.
This is nothing like that, but it does reunite the
two main cast. As already mentioned.
Going with a tongue in cheek hammer
horroresque vibe and a very end of the 80s
beginning of the 90s TV vibe.
It could almost of been a comic strip presents
episode/film. Things like this were very common
in 90s British TV. Murder most horrid, springs to
mind. Shortly after Morrissey would go onto star with Martin Clunes in men behaving badly. Which had like this a very male centred comedy vibe. Think a British made Troma movie but a little tamer.

It also stars a plethora of other moderately recognizable British movie/TV series faces of the era. Such as Daniel Peacock who was in literally everything back then from comedy shows to films. But most notably the priest played by Anthony Daniels of C3P0 fame. Also a tiny cameo by Burt Kwouk (pink panther films).

So the film starts off very oddly with some people doing some kind of satanic ritual under a bridge of some description. They seem to have gotten the attention of a group of killer bikers at some point. As while they are close to summoning a demon the bikers attack and slaughter the cultists sending their leading face first into a small fire.
With an arrow in his neck and a roasted face the head cultist is possessed by a demon ( the one they were trying to raise). Unable to exact revenge as a neat useless corpse the demon decides to inhabit a nearby damaged motorcycle.

Cut a little time head we meet Noddy well that's his nickname, played by Morrissey. He's a motorbike enthusiast going to see the (unknown to him) possessed bike. It was damaged by a crossbow bolt in the fight but in true 90s British mechanic way he tries to extort Noddy for £1500 for the damaged bike. He haggles a bit and gets it down to £1100 (still expensive for the time and damage) he does lie to his girlfriend later saying he only paid £600 for it.
Him and his friend Buzzer transport the bike back to his garage, while Noddy's getting his girlfriend Buzzer steals the petrol cap (great friend!). Kim does not seem impressed or believe that Noddy only only paid £600 for it (especially when Buzzer laughs at it when he says that).
They replace the punctured petrol tank and still puzzled when it doesn't start, Kim berates Noddy he paid for junk. Fixing the fuel line more Buzzer cuts his hand dripping blood over the bike. Noddy tries once more to start the bike which starts with a growl, they all celebrate at this.

Later the bike comes to life and exacts revenge on Buzzer for stealing it's cap. Noddy goes to the scene of the crime where he meets Elphicks detective (a garlic smelling running joke and plot point) Cleaver. He identifies Buzzers body and gives as much info as he can.
He later has weird dreams involving both Cleaver and Buzzer. In one Buzzer is a giant turd bizarrely too (it jumps up trying to ram itself down Noddy's throat).

After a ruckus in a pub with the bikers Kim and Noddy go to get themselves a Chinese takeaway, when Kim buys garlic prawns the bike goes haywire (it's a vampire after all). It quits when her crucifix falls out from around her neck it bucks her off then drives off on its own.
It goes back to the pub where the thugs still are and makes noise outside, one of them comes out and it lets him drive it only to kill him. it also starts to sprout crossbow bolts from its tank which it later uses to kill or hurt some of the other bikers once they start chasing it.
It kills all but the leader biker when he manages to get by a street sign that is shaped like a cross and can't get past it. The police show up and don't believe that a killer bike has killed all these people they spend the night beating him up trying to get a proper confession out of him.
Elsewhere Noddy goes home wondering what happened to Kim and his bike when he goes to bed, he is given a call that Kim is in hospital so he goes to see her. He doesn't listen to how the bike went off on it's own and seems more interested where his bike is too now however.

When he returns home he notices that the bikes garage door is slightly open, he looks inside to find that his bike has returned. It unfortunately has a new addition however, a severed limb in its jaw like front light. Freaked out he forcefully gets in to see a priest (Daniels) who initially doesn't believe him but humors him to go have a look at the evidence.
He doesn't believe him until the priest tries to move the bike into the sunlight where it subsequently severs his fingers with its brake. Seemingly only slightly freaked out by this they go to the hospital where the priest also surmises that the bike will try to come back for Kim. Noddy and the priest put up cloves of garlic around her bed and give her a larger cross for protection.
The priest says he needs to perform an exorcism on the bike, he hopes it's just a simple demon inhabiting it not a major one that would need a specific exorcism to get rid of. We all know from the beginning it already is Azazel I think at least its one of the major demons of hell anyway lol.
They gear up to go do an exorcism on the bike, hopefully before it hits nighttime, the bike seems to know this and stops their bike with some weird powers, called plot points!
They end up catching the bus and just about begin the exorcism before nightfall, when they finally think they have stopped the demon the priest sprinkles holy water onto the bike. This sends it into a spinning hell where it transforms growing spikes and horns. It breaks out and starts to make its way to the hospital, Noddy assaults a police officer and steals his bike to try get there to save Kim.

Kim in the mean time has had a bed bath where they removed the garlic from around her bed, Cleaver has gotten involved due the bike theft too. They all get to hospital around the same time Kim is attacked by the bike. She repulses it with her cross sending it running, wheeling? away again, it passes the priest and cleaver in the corridors making the detective believe.
The bike finds Roach the last biker on the way out and attacks him sending him flying into a coffin, possibly dead. It then goes after Noddy who manages to evade it enough to where it gets its front tire stuck in a gap in a bridge. Noddy uses this advantage to throw the bike over into the water, thinking he's won he doesn't notice the red light turn on under the water. Another chase ensues where the priest, Cleaver and Noddy team up.

I'll leave it there as we don't spoil endings at THN but what I will say is if you ever have the chance this film is worth watching at least once for a multitude of reasons, Nostalgia for the time if your my age, the zanny mixed up genres it embodies and just how fun and British it is, even iof your not British yourself this is a nice slice of the period to give a go, at least once. THN awards I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle 3 stars out of 5, go give it watch go on!

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Review: Bright Burn (2019)

Image result for brightburn
Stars: Elizabeth Banks, David Denman

Budget: 7million

Directed By: James Gunn

There's been many times that superman has been portrayed as evil, bad or just not caring. Bright burn shows us just what could seriously go wrong if he truly did go right off the rails.
I'm not talking anything we've previously seen either, this film takes the premise and runs with it. Whatever you think about a bad superman x100 for this movie.
It's written and directed by all the Gunn's, with James directing, the other two writing. I have been comparing it to superman as I think this is as close as you can get without copyright lol.
Though aside from some blatant copies it does have its own differences too. The main difference being is this is a mash up genre horror and comic book, something rarely if ever seen before. This is a gruesome movie in its final act with shocking moments. It does kind of fail on the horror front until the final act, though it's fun from about midway where he starts to discover he does actually have super powers.
It's very slow in the first two acts for which it will lose some score for. Also the story kind of diverges once things take a turn for the worse. Which I'll touch on in the main review, so let's get on with it!

A couple who we see have obviously been having trouble conceiving a child are seemingly blessed when a child falls right out of the sky into their laps. Yes they are an almost cookie copy of John and Martha Kent, yet on closer inspection they are different people just in the same situation.
Plus their names are different Tori and Kyle Breyer! Their farm is in Brightburn, Kansas too so the film isn't named after their last name as thought it might be (don't forget i'm from the UK i don't know everywhere in the US) It's not fully explained where he's from or how he came here but it's not really needed either.
12 years pass where everything seems peachy, they are living as a reasonably normal family they are having a nice time as a family. Then the dreaded puberty hits, Brandon (which the named him, same name as the son I lost several years ago to SIDs that put a smile on my face) starts to develop his powers. Becoming super strong and seemingly invincible.

He starts of by doing things by accident (or seemingly), then moving onto freaking his folks out or just experimenting. like chewing a fork, ramming his hand into a spinning lawnmower blade and possibly killing lots of chickens. He is one night also caught sleep walking by Tori towards the barn where his spaceship is stored. (this happens a few times throughout the film)
Brandon quickly starts to become more rowdy as his powers grow, finding disturbing images under his bed forces Kyle to have the puberty/birds&bees talk with his son. Though he kind of immediately misinterprets this as he can watch whoever he wants.
He goes outside the window of a girl (Caitlyn) he likes at school watching her do things, seemingly uncaring even when she see's him there. Due to this when they do a trust fall exercise in school Caitlyn just lets him fall to the ground. He then proceeds to super strength smoosh her hand which gets him kicked out of school for a few days.

Brandons father is all the while getting more and more suspicious and weary of his son's motives and actions. Tori however seems oblivious to it, well more in denial with love for the son she could not have. It is a bit off putting how quickly Kyle turns to disbelieving of his son, seen a few people complain about that but its not like he's ever portrayed as stupid guy.
The girls mother wants Brandon to be arrested, they settle on him having counseling by the school counselor, who is also his auntie Merilee, to judge his mental state.

This is where the movie really picks up steam as Brandon goes right off the rails. when Brandon goes to his spacecraft, discovering his origins he hurts himself on the metal of it. Tori tries to explain to him and that they will always love him no matter what. He goes mad destroys pictures of him and his family declaring he hates them.
He goes to Caitlyns house and declares his love for her, he says that he will show her sights of the world with his special powers. She explains that he can't see her due her mother Erika banning her. He leaves a flower for her while he flies over to the diner where her mom works.
Brandon tortures her with no remorse before killing her (unfortunately off screen, though this is about the only one off screen every other kill is pretty visceral). He (stupidly) leaves a symbol on the window where he killed her which gets the police more and more involved as he starts to use it more often. In a later session with Merilee it seems like Brandon has no remorse over the people dying or increasingly erratic actions she does decide to report these finding to the police.
Brandon however goes to her to try and get her to stop sending the report. interrupted he hides but is found by his uncle Noah. He berates Brandon then goes to take him home in the car, while driving there Brandon causes a car accident which he walks away from unscathed of course. Brandon uses Noah's blood to draw the symbol once again.

Suffice to say the sheriff, Brandon's dad and the other police quickly come to suspect Brandon and begin to move in on him. It doesn't end well. I wont spoil anymore as compared to a lot of other critics I quite enjoyed this film. Yes it has a lot of slow build up but it's almost worth it for the pay off, is it a true horror film though?
Almost it has gruesome horror like moments, the antagonist is scary when he's bad. It's hard to say as this film didn't scare as such but then hardly any horror film does these days. Now did it shock me?
Certainly which a lot of good horror films certainly do, do.
If i gave half stars this would be a middling ground film, the film certainly isn't a two star film though so even with some minor flaws i will award it a 3 out of 5 stars with a recommendation to watch but may be wait until it's on dvd or Netflix.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

THN: The Dumbing and Watering Down of Reboots/Remakes

With the recent remake/reboot of child's play I have to write and make my voice heard somewhat.
There seems to be something, like some kind of mental block in people involved in these films retellings. Whether it's the executives, the script writers or maybe even the directors choices to make these changes.
It's 9/10 the wrong thing they change or dumb down the wrong type of things. Strangely some of these movies fail in trying to over explain some points which also adds to their failing, more on that later.

Horror movies are rife with reboots and remakes maybe even the odd reimagining. What are the things that I've seen that really degrade or sour the originals plots, storylines or characters.

Child's Play:

Image result for child's play 2019
Take child's play for instance I'll admit I haven't seen it as it's not out yet at the time of me writing this article. But what I have learned of it which may or may not be right is few things I cannot forgive.
The Chucky design, he looks like an anime character, massive eyes and mouth, to me just doesn't like right. the original animatronic chucky seemed more expression full than the newer bland face face of the newer doll.
Good guys replaced by buddi it's not a major change but why change it? Good guys make you think it could be we do no evil, Buddies can be assholes lol.
My main grievance is our titular Chucky is not a killer possessed doll anymore. No it's now a killer ai, now to me that's how you really dumb down a plot. No longer do you have a wise cracking humanised doll you have a bland killer robot.
Now I say bland because no matter how much sass or wise cracking they stick in you'll be asking yourself how did an AI gone wrong learn to be like that?
Maybe there's certain elements that have yet to be seen of this movie that will help explain that situation, only time will tell. The bonuses are that Mark Hamill is voicing Chucky and he's a stellar voice actor. Also Aubrey Plaza is staring as Andy's mum she's always good.
For now I have to wait and see what this film holds in store, you'll see what that entails when I do my inevitable review of the film.

Nightmare on Elm Street:

Image result for nightmare on elm street remake
This remake suffers from something, well two or three something's in my book. Over explaining certain points and removing a much needed tongue in cheek nature that a supernatural dream killer needs. The over explaining is one thing that really irks me in this film. We all know Freddy Krueger was a "child killer" hinted at that it was a little bit more than that too, see hinted at. The newer remake was pretty blatant in its saying he's a child rapist. We know that but we don't need it thrust in our faces especially with how serious the rest of the film is.
They tried to make Freddy scary that's another thing wrong or right, is his look in this where as h does look more effectively burnt I prefer his older look but that's just me, also being more scary? That had been done on Wes cravens new nightmare, pretty well too. Yet even that film managed to turn a tongue in cheek joke (literally a tongue out of a phone) into something more serious but with still that hint of humor of oh look a tongue in a phone!

Friday the 13th:

Image result for friday the 13th remake
Now onto Friday the 13th remake, a remake/reboot I can actually get behind. Some people don't like it for the dumbing down of Jason's back story. This is where it differs for me, as strangely these parts seem like more of a recap to me because in this films case (to me at least) feels like a straight up sequel. Everything from his look to the way he acted was a picture perfect Jason.
Yeah that's right it's like Friday the 13th 9 1/2 to me I really do see this movie as and really feel like it's just more of what I like. Mindless masked killer goodness. That's pretty much all I have I have to say about this film. I do realise what I said can also be used as a detriment to the film instead of pluses.


Image result for halloween 2018
The latest reboot was, good, it had solid acting was nice to see Micheal back with no silly runes or masked society involved. No women riding white horses as in the previous two remakes. The problem I have with these movies is that they ignore sequels.
I know they can say oh this starts from after the first movie, or second whatever unfortunately those movies still exist. You can't just expect people to forget about them.
Where does movie now go in my collection?
In-between one and two?
The thing with Halloween too is this isn't the first time they've done this either, H20 had us ignoring everything after a certain point too.
You can't just jam a new film in the middle of an established series especially one that ignores some past events. If your not good enough to write a sequel that involves most of what went before is it worth trying?

All in all i'm not against remakes, reboots, slot ins, whatever you want to call them. All i ask is you don't mess it up keep it as faithful to the series it's from as much as possible.