Monday, 21 July 2014

Exclusive look at Under the Flesh Comic (Kickstarter)

Here's the official press release from J.L.

Independent comic book creator Gilbert Deltres, with artist J.L. Giles, are set to launch their first Kickstarter for Zombie Comic UNDER THE FLESH. It’s been two months since Desolation Day, when an unknown male-specific virus ravaged the world, degenerating men into savage cannibals called “fleshers.” Ruben Lobos, is a short-tempered, genetically enhanced soldier, who’s clueless about his abilities since the pathogen struck at the same time of his experiment. He’s interestingly surrounded by a diverse cast of strong female characters in a dying world where women outlast men. That's the world of Under The Flesh. A gritty blast of sex, horror, sci-fi, and dabbling in various sub-themes like evolution, spirituality, and transhumanism. A zombie apocalypse comic that strays away from the traditional viral story by accentuating a premeditated reason behind the virus, as opposed to leaving the origin of the outbreak as a common question mark. To a degree, Under the Flesh is kinda Y: The Last Man meets The Walking Dead and Crossed. Under The Flesh was released as a weekly updated webcomic of free access in March 30th. In order to bring the first issue of their insane post-apocalyptic horror to print, the project is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign on Sunday, July 6.

My Thoughts:
I also got sent the first edition as an avid walking dead reader and pretty much anything else zombie orientated I was very happy to read and offer up my thoughts on this project.
With many things available through a kick starter these days it can often be hard to know what to back with your cash.

I can happily say after reading this that if you do it's money very well spent, it's got great characters coupled with some tense gritty moments. The comic starts off with explaining how the virus broke out and gets right into the gore right away showing decimation in all corners of the world.

The premise of the main character as a genetically enhanced soldier is a bit out of the norm as most comics try to stay to the human vs zombie aspect. This is only minor niggle on my part as Ruben who is pretty much a dick for the most part ends up being a great character, mostly as everything he does is for a damn good reason.
One the grossest things the virus does as it only infect males (most of which just eat women) is that it can make some of the zombies be reverted to base needs. Yes that's right sex, it was a bit of a shocker seeing a zombie raping a poor woman. This just adds a whole next level to the comic though, yes it's wrong on a lot of levels but also give the undead a seconds more gruesome reason to stalk the living.
The zombies aren't traditional shamblers though there seems to be different stages of them some are fast incredibly strong others are more brainless and slower. It's certainly a nice mix, all the women are strong characters and the taster that is issue one leave you craving more just like brains to a zombie. Please show your support so we can see this made into a full on series.

definite 5 out of 5 here

For more details and news you can check and Facebook Twitter: @Under_TheFlesh

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