Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Been a While, Now I'm Back With a Special

I am happy when I get some correspondence from my friend in the business Mr Bill Oberst Jr. My latest is from a company he's recently worked for I have been given the special privilege to view an early screener of a movie they have made.

The film is called Ditch Day Massacre. 
It's a teen slasher flick but I haven't watched a decent one for a long, long time Bill is one of my favorite indie actors and a brilliant one at that, he's playing the bad guy in this movie as he usually does. This always makes me laugh as in real life Mr Oberst is one of the most nicest down to earth actors i have ever had the pleasure to talk to.
I have supplied here A trailer of said movie:

Expect a review up soon of this chilling new film!

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