Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ditch Day Massacre Review

Year: 2014
Age: TBC (probably an 18 or R)
Length: 77 Mins

Short Description:
Indie Actor extraordinaire Bill Oberst Jr stars in this film by production company Water Tree Media. Written by   and directed by Joe Hendrick. An all star straight A student who has never been in trouble makes a the silly mistake of bunking off school. This leads to the creative and gruesome massacre of a bunch of teens at the hands of Bill's Murderous character. Gore and wounds galore in this teen slasher flick!

My Full Description:
The film starts with Katy Foley playing Jenny one year ago from the current time line she's leaving a party and gets into a car accident as she's drunk/drugged. Some people get badly hurt and Jenny is out cold.
We then have the superb acting skills of Bill Oberst playing the character Vick. He's clearly mentally unstable as we watch him seemingly getting prepared for the murdering to come.

We meet Jenny a year on unknowing of the full extent of her accident. Jenny's parents say their leaving and we quickly meet Mike her BF. The parents leave and the inevitable teen party ensues, Vick follows Jenny's parents plays whack-a-mole with their craniums after he's run them off the road. He doesn't however kill them.

We then meet the rest of the party goers typical horror fest fodder. A hot Goth girl named Trina, Two dunces Bill and Max then lastly the normal hotty Cathy. Vick certainly has a thing for apples. The kids do all the usual teeny stuff from drinking to playing in the pool with a little cheeky flashing.

Vick seems psyched and ready to go on his killing spree when he's side tracked by a nosy/horny neighbor He clearly doesn't enjoy her fornications over him as he continually eyes a varied bunch of weapons in the shape of tools. Torturing the poor woman before feeding one of her fingers to the fish (I laughed here because it's at that point she begged for her life and not before?). Done with his killing he kisses her corpse, drinks his coffee then leaves thanking her for her hospitality, truly bonkers. 

We then meet the rest of the police force, Mann (captain Dickhead) and an introduction to the rest of the axe fodder. Not long after the teen killings start when you guessed it they start having sex, after an impromptu game of spin the bottle. Both hotties get their kit off and this is especially pleasing to the eye as both have awesome features Trina awesome butt and Cathy amazing chest.

Unfortunately they mostly or maybe all go the way of the grave by the end of the film. Which as you know here on THN I never spoil, unless the film is so unbelievably bad I tell you so you don't have to watch it. All i'll leave you with is the last quarter of the film has a great twist and goes incredibly uphill story wise. 

My Breakdown:
This film has the typical teen slasher flick cliches from the start. Including the parents leaving the house to their child, the unsuspecting but not to us BF/GF hug jump scare. You'll know what i mean when you see it, then the inevitable lets throw a party. From the get go some of the other actors lines/acting is a little methodical like line, pause, answer but mostly only at the start and only at certain intervals. Aside from that this film flows with a good fast pace.

Some of the effects or scenes can be a little choppy or at points in at an angle you can't see but these are just money saving tricks of the trade and you generally get the gist, if not the whole gruesome picture of  it at some point of the scene. All the teen party stuff even the flashing and sex made me smile as it harkens back to the more nostalgic days of scream and *the rules*

The way Bill portrays Vicks character is great you can see proper madness in his eyes from when he's crazily chewing on an apple to sneering in disgust at Jenny and Mike. Though later you get why he was sneering the most at this point which was nice. The twist wasn't totally bewildering but was unexpected as you know i don't spoiler to much i'll leave it there.

The end of the film was good with a nice little twist and turn that you can unfortunately see coming a mile off from when the doubt sets in (you'll get that when you see it). The films occasional choppy acting/speech totally dissolves from around the 55 minute mark and it's just all strong plot and acting specifically from Mr Oberst from here on in. If anything from the whole film its great to watch it the whole thing to see it culminate in this last quarter. Which to me is superb.

At THN here you know I review the best and worst of indie scarefests and i am kind because i don't compare them to major blockbusters like most would do. I watch and appreciate them for the story, merits and actors/acting they bring to the table. This one is clearly a step above the usual stuff i watch weather it's because i'm a massive of Bill that possibly jades my view i don't know. But i enjoyed this and give it a very strong 4 out of 5 stars and a THN Recommendation 

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