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Outpost 2 Black Sun Review

Outpost 2 Black Sun Review

Year: 2012
Stars: Richard Coyle, Clive Russell, Michael Byrne
Directed: Steve Barker
Running Time: 101 mins

So the sequel to 2007’s outpost which was a decent enough movie, did it warrant a sequel? No I say but as usual with films these days the open ended ending left it there for one. Is the sequel any good? As an unneeded one in my eyes this did actually continue the story very decently and if it was told as just another supernatural Nazi zombie movie it would have been just as good.
With a $3million budget and directed and written by Steve Barker who also done the original and nothing else, I guess he had an idea for the films and wanted to continue it so hats off to him for getting it done.
It stars one of my increasing in popularity actors Richard Coyle (Wallace) who I can honestly say even in bad B-movies he’s been in has been one of the shinning lights in them. He has excellent acting skills and plays a role very well. I feel he should be more main-stream than he is or maybe he does just like these roles I know some actors do.
The movie starts with Lena (Catherine Steadman, salmon fishing in Yemen) harassing an old Nazi for where about of one Klaussner, the man mocks her dies of a heart attack and she takes his ring a map.
Now since the first movie the activation of the machine has made an increasingly growing EMP field from the base which is allowing the immortal undead Nazis to slowly sweep out and start taking over, the armies are trying to halt this to little avail.
Taking a lead from the map she comes across someone she recognises, Wallace in a bar who says he wants to disable and destroy the machine. Initially he advises her to stay away but she insists on following him with the help of the map.
After an initial run in with some Nazi soldier when going to find some mercenaries to hire they find themselves in an abandoned farm house. Lena accidently finds a Nazi in the attic later on trying to escape they’re saved by a bunch of typical soldiers the one dimensional ones who are just ass hats, we find out an EMP can disrupt the field and allow the Nazi soldier to be killed.
We also find out that Wallace is a physicist with the ability to activate one of these EMP things but they just used the one they had. They still take Wallace with them to see if he can do anything as it’s the best option and leave Lena behind.

In a scene a little later Lena in an empty school, he we see the most iffy bit of CGI in the whole film where one of the Nazi’s stabs a guy and infect him with some black goo who (now she’s met up with the soldiers again) seem to think it’s for making people into more of them.
Wallace here I didn’t know his true reasons for being here there was just a little niggle at the back of my mind. The soldier on the other hand of them the Scottish one with a sense of humour was growing on me.
We now learn if they don’t stop the machine a nuke will be dropped to destroy the area, so they are now against a clock to find some way to stop this. So they enter base and immediately find the machine isn’t there, So far Lena’s hunt for Klaussner is fruitless. It’s all about Hunt now the guy who worked with the machine.
The one dimension captain (Daniel Caltagirone quite a few films under his belt, the beach, tomb raider) now grows another dimension, showing some emotion but we mostly know this spells death for most people, sure enough a Nazi attacks and they got locked in a room and to kill it he explodes a grenade with both of them. So after some more bumbling around for a bit they decide to stay and try and find the machine.

Which they do, Wallace stays behind while Lena and a soldier go looking for Klaussner and the machine. Wallace tries to make the machine overload in an EMP which he eventually does making all the Nazis within the base killable. Reaching the machine Lena see’s Hunt tangled up in the wires being tortured explains about the machine and the symbols. Scottish saves Wallace from Nazi’s breaking in, Klaussner later appears where Lena is as she’s about to turn the machine off with the ring and tries to stop her. In a last ditch attempt to redeem himself Hunt uses electricity from the machine to fry all the soldiers and Klaussner. Lena deactivates the machine allowing the allies to kill the outside Nazis though Klaussner isn’t fully dead and she beats his head in with a fire extinguisher. The three meet up and the film is pretty much over from then on. Despite the betrayal and an open ending, which as always I won’t spoil for you

So the Horror Nation I said earlier about was this needed and also mentioned frugally the poor little amount of CGI. The CGI was a bit bad very fake and it even moved side to side from frame to frame but that’s the only bad thing. The rest of the effects, costumes and makeup was fine really good for the small budget.
Was this movie needed? Like I said no, but it ended up being a good movie and a good sequel for what it was well written and acted despite the one dimension soldiers. Four out of five methinks.

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