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House at the End of the Street, Review

House at the End of the Street, Review

Year: 2012
Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue, Max Thieriot
Directed: Mark Tonderai
Running Time: 101mins

We have here a recently released on DVD movie directed by Mark Tonderai, not exactly well known for anything but a good thumbs up for this piece. Staring hunger games Jennifer Lawrence she is so good at acting I swear. The girl beginning is a flash back to family asleep in bed when they hear a noise the woman goes to check only to be bludgeoned to death by their daughter who at this point seems possessed the father craping his pants stays on the bed observing this from outside. The door closes and then bursts open and she in a spray of blood and pillow feathers caves his head in too.

Cut 4 years into the future and a mother and daughter family from the big city move into a big house in the country and we learn right away that its neighbour house is where the murders took place, unperturbed by this as their city folk and have seen murders and shit they unpack and move in.

The mother sees a light go on and later finds out the son, Ryan lives there now after inheriting the house Elissa takes it upon herself to see to this boy and in her way try to fix him as her mother believes she likes to do. They don’t get along because the mother hates this side of and doesn’t wasn’t her turning out like she did in school which as the film progresses we learn was not the best of people.

In other words a bit of a slapper putting about the dad is dead but was a musician and that musical side has rubbed off on Elissa and she along with her new friends brother decide to do battle of the bands. She invites Ryan, while there the other town’s folk start to trash his car, Ryan runs out after being told gets his ass whooped for a few minutes then turns and breaks the one arsehole boys ankle.
Not long after this Elissa learns that Ryan has been keeping, or at least we throughout most of the film think he’s been keeping his sister down in the basement, apparently not. I leave it there as any more info would spoil the rest of the film for you.

What I will say is this film isn’t a bad one well written and Jennifer as an actor is coming on in leaps and bounds. Not your usual Hollywood beauty but as she has an air of confidence and she’s just damn good at what she does she is a little hottie.
Nice to see Elizabeth Shue as well does a good job and she is certainly aging well also, like I said not a bad actor all round here, what the film does suffer from is an incredibly slow pace we get snippets here and there but most of the film is building up for the last 30 minutes where we learn the main secret and a lot of the action and also horror starts.
As a not so horror film though like I said it does do surprisingly well made for a modest budget of $6.9 million it didn’t do too bad in getting its money back fivefold either. There are hardly any effects in the film other than some make up and some wounds later.

So over all? I enjoyed it but it could have a lot more in it for my taste still a solid movie and when the last half hour hits you it’s fun, a solid 4/5 stars form me

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