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Review: Child's Play 3 (1991)

Childsplay3.jpgStars: Justin Whalin, Brad Douriff

Budget: $13 million

Directed By: Jack Bender

Third film in the childs play/Chucky series, we see the films evolving like Nightmare on elm street from more horror based to slaptick gore fests, gone are the Chucky level cameras and late reveal of the killer.
We all know who the star of the show is and we want to see him take out as many chumps as he can before his innevitable defeat at the hands of the films chosen heroes.
As this franchise would have it, it once again falls on the shoulders of Andy Barclay, now played by Justin Whalin, showing the older Barclay in the few years between movies.

Based a good number of years after the last film, we finally see the toy company responsible for making the good guy dolls starting to recover from it's financial loses over the bad publicity of 'Chucky'.
Deciding to reintroduce the Good Guy Dolls they re-open the factory where Chucky was last killed. Throwing in what they think is just waste plastics into the mixing vat, it is infact the remains of Chucky. His blood mixes in with the plastic and he is reborn in a new body.
The first new doll of the assembly line, he given to the company CEO who he quickly dispatches with a variety of other toys. He finds the location of Andy and mails himself to him.

Andy has joined a military school as he's been trouble in numerous homes, he is clearly still troubled from his past fights with Chucky. He quickly makes friends with some other cadets with his defiance of the bullying techniques they try to press on them.
Kristin, Harold and Ronald. He quickly falls Kristin, Ronald is a young boy and runs errands for people around the campus. He is tasked with taking a package to Andy (Chucky inside). When he discovers the contents are a good guy doll he keeps it for himself.
Hiding in the lower reaches of the campus he goes to open the package when it burst open revealing Charles ready to get back at Andy. Realising he has a new body and that he can now tell his secret to a new person, reveals it to Ronald in hopes he can possess this new kid with his soul.

They are interrupted mid possession by the campus owner colonel Cochran, he ends up throwing Chucky in the rubbish chute, he then ends up in a garbage truck but ends up killing the driver when he thinks someone is trapped in there. Stupidly that night Chucky reveals himself to Andy and his entire plan, before he can kill Andy though The bully Shelton busts in. He takes Chucky for himself back to his room, Andy unsuccessfully attempts to steal the doll back that night and ends up getting caught by Shelton.
Chucky has however left of his own volition and Shelton accuses Andy of theft and much to the chagrin of everyone forces the rest of the cadets to get up and exercise.

Chucky tries many times to possess Ronald but fails or gets stopped every time by something. In all this time he also kills a number of the camps other staff such as the barber and attempts to kill Cochran but comically he naturally dies of a heart attack upon seeing him.
When the camps annual war games are announced Chucky switches the fake ammo with live munitions. split into two teams they fight against each other, Chucky takes this opportunity to try and possess Ronald again. This time Ronald realises that he's bad, back outside some of the kids have accidentally shot each other. Andy's friend selflessly throws himself onto a live grenade to save the others around him too.
Finally Andy and Kirstin go to help Ronald. I'll leave the explanations there, part 3 is still a very strong addition to the series and well worth watching. THN awards Child Play 3 a strong 3 out of 5 stars and recommendation to watch.

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