Friday, 13 January 2017

THN Ramblings: Friday the 13th

So that day for many an unlucky day so many people are unashamedly superstitious about this date. So much so that they lock themselves away for the whole day, can you believe that?

Well I'm not one to bash ones decisions if they feel safer doing that then go ahead, I myself have never believed in things like that I'll walk over manholes, under ladders, smash a mirror, look on as a black cat serenades across my path.
We make our own luck its only the laws of the universe like physics etc that stop things sometimes occasionally other times a lot.

I'm rambling though, but that's what my rambling bit is about, for me Friday the 13th spells something quite quite different it puts me in mind of a hockey mask and the first time I saw it attached to something that rocked my world.
Now I had seen nightmare on elm street but I was young, about 9 or so yes my folks let me watch stuff. But at 12 a massive 8 years after its release I watched ft13th part 6 seeing this gave me something an interest in franchises I actively sought out all franchise films and boy was I not disappointed (well maybe by some and definitely some sequels) to find the amazing world of horror franchises.

Ft13th, nightmare on elm street, child's play, evil dead, reanimator, wishmaster, Halloween, leprechaun and many many more.
But Jason has always been the one that's burned into my memory he's my favourite of all the invincible killers. I'm looking forwards to 2017s Friday the 13th game, also hoping among hope we get more news about a PROPER sequel too.
Maybe I'm hoping to much but well we have to have something to look forwards too hey even on this day.

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