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THN News: More up Coming 2017 Horror Films

So more news has popped up on a few things i left out of the last list, by far this year is going to be the return of to franchise or remake year for horror films that i have seen in a long time.
To kick off the list since a whole slew of what the story line is etc has surfaced since my last list is:

1. Cult of Chucky

Oh I so wanted to include this on my last list but the lack of information well anything solid anyway made me a bit weary of using any sources.
Now though there's been a slew of info on what this is all about, I still say take it with a grain of salt but here we go.
Recovering in a mental home Nica from curse of Chucky believes she has killed all the people they say, when a new good guy doll shows up and killings start again Andy Barclay catches wind and tries to help, though he ends up being hampered by Chucky's old flame Tiffany.
It is nice to see a proper new addition to the series though and none of this remake business we are getting or got with Freddy, Jason etc. Tipped to have a December 2017 release date, so quite a wait.

2. Suspiria
Years in development hell since 2008 or beyond this remake of 1977 classic penned by Dario Argento and Daria Nicolodi is once again picking up steam with the cast now swelling with stardom from Chloe Grace Moretz, Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson. Though filming has been seen going on i'm still a bit iffy on the release, especially since Moretz has said shes taking a break from acting not so long back will have to wait and see if it actually goes anywhere. Release date is some time in 2017.

3. 5 Nights at Freddy's
A game to film adaptation what could go wrong here right?, RIGHT?
In a world where game adapts are usually somewhat bunk, mainly because people take FAAAAAAAAAR to much liberty and making them into something not even resembling the game its based on (looking at you resident evil) Yes i know games don't usually have great plots but improve on whats there not change it!!
Ok rant over so five nights at freddy's is a game where you work as a security guard in the Freddy's pizza joint, kind of like that american place chuck e cheese is it?
Well theres animatronic animals in a band that play music by day and kill by night, you have to work your power grid out to make sure these homicidal robots don't kill you. Silly plot etc I know but the film is actually in good hands city of ember director Gil Kenan wants practical effects so little CGI as possible and stick to the way the game works as is.
Will it work? Who knows but we'll see, again no fixed date for release just 2017

4. Friday the 13th 2017
Ooookay another walking on thin ice and take it with a grain of salt movie here, considering it was supposed to be out this January's Friday the 13th, where was it?
Well we certainly didn't get it that's for sure. So what do we know about this so far?
Well it was going to retell the Jason Mythos, include Pamela to a certain degree and tell us why Jason is able to suddenly to jump from any attack that would kill anyone else. Originally it was going to include some found footage shite as well but they back tracked on that thanks to the heavens above.
So theres still no more info on it than that or a concrete release date, i am interested if it could mean a good reboot for the series then go ahead but if doesn't work (likely) it'll mean we may not see another forray into Crystal lake for quite some time, Seriously though JUST MAKE ANOTHER PROPER ONE part 11 go go go..........

5. Sky Sharks
Okay we are back in indie Territory here, something I've slightly moved away from, not for want of trying it's just lately there is not much on offer, but this, oooh this film well you'd think the title was zany enough with Flying Sharks right?
WRONG there is more to it than that oh yes a lot more.
So deep in the antarctic some scientists and geologists uncover a hidden Nazi base from the second world war. In this facility they find sharks that can fly!
Not only that their genetically modified undead zombie pilots, if that's not silly enough when these terrors start to wreak havoc around the place to counter them america reanimates dead Vietnam vets to counter them!
This movie sound amazingly funny and convoluted and that's the best things about it!
a 1st of september 2017 release date is slated.

6. The Mummy, Invisible Man, Bride of Frankenstein etc
Ok then now we come this this, something i like the idea of a lot but am also very weary over, all these classic horror monster movie remakes and shared universe supposedly coming along. Tom Cruise in a remake of the mummy, a more serious take on the franchise than Brendan Frasers tongue in cheek ones (i liked the first one). With a female mummy this time who brings a terrifying curse with her when the tomb is opened. With Russel Crowe as Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde too.
Directed by Alex Kurtzman, he's some okish films and some good ones, also some stinkers but generally i've viewed his writing as pretty decent. He will be overseeing the entire project.
We also have the invisible man, Dracula, Frankensteins monster, Creature from the black lagoon bride all appearing in their own films perhaps to have an avengers style team up in the end except of monster club preportions lol (i can only wish).
How these films will pan out I don't know. I believe some won't be named directly after their namesake, I think Van Helsing will introduce Dracula, though the invisible man, starring Johnny Depp is still called just that as is Bride of Frankenstein.
July 2017 release date for The Mummy

7. Day of the Dead
Not a lot floating around on this one but worth a mention, with remakes of Dawn and Day. Dawn being vastly superior to Day and including the running crazed undead that caught on quite well. Day just being a really bad mess and quite possibly just a quick cash in. This Day of the dead is supposedly going back to it's origins with slow shamblers.
Also the storyline seems somewhat reminiscent of the original with it simply stating that a bunch of survivalists seek shelter underground when the planet is overrun with zombie hordes. We've also seen on set pictures of the return of Bub too, but called Max now? I am cautiously optimistic about this from the small amounts i've seen. I guess only time will tell.
No fixed date just ETA 2017

8. Cute Little Buggers
Lastly we have cute little buggers a British indie film set to be a comedy horror in the same vane as Shawn of the Dead etc. Now you may or not have seen Monty Python and the holy grail. If you have you'll remember one killer rabbit that was exploded with the holy hand grenade.
Well this movie see's a plethora of killer Bunbuns, Rabbid Rabbits Ready to kill. Now i've got that out of my system whats it about?
When an alien spaceship crash lands the aliens take on the appearance of cute little bunnies, then when the women of the little nearby village start vanishing they take it upon themselves to find out whats going on. Blood and bunny death ensue in this unique looking film.
Sounds like a lot of fun to me, pretty much the same way black sheep was, it has a 10th of February
2017 release date

Okay then i'm and actually do know theres a lot more install for 2017 than what i've reported here but these are a few that have really caught my eye, if theres anything you'd like to know about just drop me a line here at THN.

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