Friday, 9 December 2016

THN Top 5: Cold Horror/Thriller Films

Cold it's already a killer itself, but when some kind of maniac, alien creature or demon is added into the mix it becomes a dual edged knife then in more ways than one. Survive the cold and fight for your life, can you live through both?

5. 30 Days of Night
When an Alaskan town that loses all sunlight for 30 days is beset by vampires as well as cripplingly cold temperatures don't expect to survive for very long. The vampire in this film are not usual ones very feral and vicious in their ways. Yet thankfully very very susceptible to sun light. Was followed up with a sequel that was no way as good as this original.

4. Misery
When a successful writer has a car accident he is unexpectedly saved by what can only be described as his biggest fan. She is indeed big and things take a turn for the worst when she discovers that one of the books isn't going to go the way she expected. This film has some of the most wincingly nasty torture scenes I have seen. Also one of the few really well done King book to film adaptations I have seen.

3. Whiteout
Based on a comic book Kate Beckinsale is US Marshal assigned to watch over a small installation however once a frozen corpse is found and people start dying she must stay on to aid the survivors and help solve a 50 year old mystery that ends in more death.

2. Gremlins
Of course i couldn't miss this out could I?
When a young man is bought a mysterious new pet for Christmas it comes with 3 easy to follow rules
1. Don't get them wet.
2. Don't feed them after midnight
3. Don't expose them to bright light
Throughout the course of this comedy horror all three rules are broken it is truly is a must watch by all comedy and horror fans, especially in this holiday season.

1. John Carpenters, The Thing
This film without a doubt is to me one the masterpieces of film making, loosely based on an old black and white flick John took the idea of a frozen alien being in the most inhospitable places on the planet to the next extreme. The alien can mimic anyone suspense and paranoia ensue as everyone gets fingered out as the beast, with an ending as bleak and open ended as it could ever be. This still to this day stands at my top favorite film of its genre, good job!

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