Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Review: Ghoulies 2 (1988)

Cast: Damon Martin, Royal Dano

Directed By: Albert Band

Budget: Unknown

Okay this is a rare occurrence though not many people may agree with me. I actually think ghoulies 2 is BETTER than the first film. Not by much, just a small hairs breadth of a better story line and acting.

The ghoulies have an upgrade model wise too. This movie, though i can't see how, supposedly takes place not long after the last one. The ghoulies are in a truck stop somehow, then when they see a truck called Satan's den pull in they stow away on board.

Dano plays uncle Ned he's part of a fair ground, his Satan's Den is a horror house of sorts, his Nephew also works with him. Phil Fondacaro plays by far one of jewels of the film as Sir Nigel Penneyweight, a down and out small person actor who plays a the part of mini demon in the Den. Unfortunately the Den hasn't been making it's money and the owner threatens a bunch of attractions with closure. The Den being most imminent to close. Uncle Ned uses a spell book and tries to summon up some demons to help them make money. The ghoulies show themselves to Ned who thinks he's summoned them, Ned also has something of a drinking problem so when he gets his Nephew and Nigel to show them they just think he's out of it on booze when they don't see them.

Two kids happen upon the Den and are persuaded to give it a go. A group of hooligans also enter just intent on making out inside somewhere. The ghoulies terrorize the kids and kill one of the hooligans lesser friends who comes in later. The kids who thoroughly enjoy the terrorizing go and spread word about the carnival. This brings flocks of people to see what the fuss is all about.
The carnival owner is puzzled over how this is happening but seems pleased in a grudging way. The other hooligans are terrorized by the ghoulies too, they escape threatening to sue for the wounds caused.

The police show up later thanks the hooligans complaints and Uncle Ned wakes up and stumbles around the Den. He realizes the ghoulies are evil and tries to dismiss them with magic. They end up killing him making lights come on in the Den despite the Nephew telling the police it was empty. They then find Ned dead and the owner takes over the attraction under Ned's nephews nose.
Some other hi-jinks happen then they all find out the demons, when they try to kill the Ghoulies they angry and go about the carnival causing big trouble. Nigel and the Nephew Larry try to use magic to dismiss the ghoulies. That's as far as i go here as any more would spoil the end of the film and this one is defo worth the watch.

THN likes this one more than the first movie only by a gnats whisker but it's certainly to me better, so we are still giving the film a 3 out of 5 score but with a better recommendation to watch.


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