Wednesday, 12 October 2016

THN Top 5: Scenes of Gore

So I've compiled here a few scenes in movies that even made me wince and go not good!

5. Dina Meyers character in saw ribs ripped open, I like Dina too so this was extra painful to watch especially when you realized there was no escape

4. Cabin Fever my god this film put the fear of flesh eating viruses into me for a good while! The worst part though, the girl literally shaves her skin and flesh off her legs in the bath.

3. The fly 2, oh god I could not almost watch this scene, I loooove dogs and when that poor dog gets flayed and still lives from the teleporter it destroyed me as a kid, now I can see it for the silly effects it is still only partly detracts from the gross factor.

2. Starship troopers the brain bug brain sucking scene had me closing my eyes the first two times I watched it, it's not so much the grossness of it, though it is pretty graphic and was a 15 in the cinema then 18 on home video, go figure? It just imagine that happening to you just everything you are sucked out like that and pop consciousness gone...

1. Cannibal holocaust my god how they made this movie so realistic I'll never know watch it now it still seems so real! Of the many many horrific scenes it has to be the penis removal scene that make me go weak in the stomach region, I literally had to look up when I young lad if this was real or not, silly me.

So what's your grossest scenes ever? Let me know!

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