Saturday, 23 April 2016

Warlock 1989

Year: 1989
Stars: Julian Sands, Richard E. Grant, Lori Singer
Directed by: Steve Miner
Budget: $7 million

So first of this is one of my favorite movies, the cast are perfect in their roles and it is one of Julian Sands (at least for me) stand out roles. So Julian plays the role of a warlock in 1690ish Boston, he's been caught by a witch hunter and sentenced to death.
He manages to escape to the future (our time, well almost) the witch hunter manages to follow him back. His name is Redfern and is played, also brilliantly by Richard E. Grant. Who has to stop him attaining three parts of some kind of anti bible The Grand Grimoire that has goods true name inside.
Saying it will undo all of creation or something along those lines, why do these bad guys want to destroy the world where are they going to live if there's no planet?

Lori Singer plays Kassandra with a K, love the way Redfern always addresses her as this. shes a young bright bubbly redhead. The warlock finds out that the book has been split into three parts and goes on a hunt for each part. Kass, finds herself thrown together with Redfern. Who is clearly alienated by today's standards and very fish out of water when he isn't focused on the task at hand. He explains a few rules to Kass like the warlock can't abide salt which is like poison to him, also iron which will hurt him in many different ways.

Kass unfortunately has a bracelet stolen and a curse placed on her by the warlock to age exponentially. Redfern swears to her he'll get it back and cure her, Kass also suffers with diabetes which is a very minor subplot but comes into play later. So they both track Sands down nearly always one or two steps behind him.
This is down to the warlock making a flying potion from the fat of an unbaptised child, told you Sands was good in this role. So yeah pretty gruesome and probably what got it it's 18 certificate.
I find child murder in stuff usually does that. Kass amusingly manages to get her bracelet back by nailing iron nails into the warlocks foot prints which seem to hurt him like real nails in the foot.

So he assembles two thirds of the book before Redfern and Kass find out the last third is buried with Redfern himself. So they head to his grave and dig up his corpse, Redfern is not to happy about this but he perseveres with it.
The warlock shows up and beating them gets the last third of the book, he's assembling them and almost sees the name of god when Kass. Remember I said she had diabetes, who was knocked into salt water fills her syringe with it leaps on Sands and injects him into the neck.
With this poison like substance coursing through his veins he bursts into flames leaving only smoldering bones.

His work done Redfern is pulled back to his timeline, there's a little more to the ending than what I've explained and a bit more time wise too. Because as you now i don't like spoiling to much. This film has to me at least a half decent sequel too, which you'll see me do at some point. YES i know there's a threequel too but meh.

Well a very decently acted on all parts and excellently paced film, in my opinion. I am soooooo tempted to go with a five star but four might be more realistic, so yes four stars but with a mighty recommend from the THN audience. Give it a go see if you agree

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