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Friday the 13th parts 1-10 1980-2001

Right folks doing the whole, well almost whole Friday the 13th series, Freddy vs Jason though a sequel is a different type of film. The remake though just feels like ft13th part 11 is a remake so is not included here.

Friday the 13th: 1980
The original and some might say the best. This film isn't a 'Jason' film it's a slasher film but every thing has got to start somewhere right?
So camp crystal lake is being reopened to the public after a tragedy that happened a few years before. The councilors are there setting everything up. Unfortunately there someone who doesn't want this camp reopening. Our hero in this film is an unlikely female named Alice, who when people start dying steps up to save her own life. See the tragedy that befell the camp years back was the drowning of a disabled boy.
Jason Vorhees, who was both mentally and physically disabled was not watched by some councilors ( who were busy doing the jiggly) so he subsequently drowned. near the end of the film when everyone else has been killed in various ways.
Spears through necks, axes etc Alice the only survivor runs into Pamela, who happens to be Jason's mum and the crazy killer. She has a seemingly split personality of where Jason tells her to kill all the youths. Alice defends herself and ends up chopping off Miss Vorhees noggin with a handy machete.
The movie ends with Alice upon the lake being dragged under the water by the boy Jason, only to wake up in an ambulance asking where the boy is.

Friday the 13th Part 2: 1981
We start this movie with a catch up with Alice, who is subsequently murdered by an unknown assailant. 5 years later another group of teenagers come to set up the camp anew again. again the kids get killed one by one by a bag headed man. All until Ginny one of the councilors manages to escape and find a strange cabin in the woods.
This cabin happens to belong to none other than an adult version of Jason, he had survived his drowning as a child and was now continuing his mothers killing spree.
In the cabin Jason has built a shrine to his mother, including her decapitated head and the machete used to behead her. Ginny manages to fight back now and ends up cleaving the machete into Jason's shoulder sending him backwards.
Ginny again passes out and later awakes when an ambulance is carting her away.

Friday the 13th Part 3: 1982
So Jason is still alive after the last film, he's recovered from the machetes strike to his shoulder in the way only Jason can. So he finds way to a guy named Chris's barn where he hides out for a while. When people wander in the barn he kills them, he obtains the iconic hockey mask this way.
Jason eventually leaves the barn intent on murdering the rest of the group, he pretty much succeeds until Chris gets him good with an ax to bonce.
The police come and take a very hysterical Chris away in the back of their car.

Friday the 13th Part 4: 1984 (the final chapter)
Jason's supposed corpse is taken to the morgue where they remove the ax from his head. He kills a coroner and nurse and makes his way back to crystal lake. Tommy a young boy interested in movie make up and props in general rent a holiday home near the lake. a group of teens have hired the cabin next door who Jason proceeds to murder.
He then comes for Tommy and his sister but Tommy thanks to his sisters distractions disguises himself as a young Jason. This confuses the large Jason, Tommy however goes into a flying rage and starts hacking at Jason with a machete.

Friday the 13th Part 5: 1985 (A New Beginning)
This film features Tommy from the last one, only he's been in and out of mental homes for children for the past few years. Tommy is in a constant state of fear that Jason will come back. He even dreams of Jason rising from the grave.
One of the kids is accidentally killed by an ax, So kids keep dying and Tommy keeps seeing Jason and no one believes him again. Finally him and Pam, who he persuades Jason is alive manage to stop the killer. They de-mask the killer and find out he was actually the father of the boy who was accidentally killed.
Using the persona of Jason to hide his actions. The film ends with Tommy wearing Jason's mask holding a knife ready to kill Pam before the screen fades to black.

Friday the 13th Part 6: 1986 (Jason Lives)
Again Tommy Jarvis is the main protagonist of this film. This is in fact my favorite part of the series, possibly jaded as it's also the first one i watched. So Tommy recently released from mental care goes with his friend to make sure Jason is really dead.
The idiot digs up Jason's corpse intending to burn him. However he goes mental rips off a fence post and proceeds to beat Jason's corpse then ramming it into his chest. Throwing petrol all over the corpse he's about to light it when a rain storm starts. The pole is struck by lightening bringing Jason back to life. He proceeds to kill Tommy's friend who falls into Jason's grave, Tommy however escapes.
Jason goes on a killing spree while Tommy unsuccessfully tries to persuade the people that Jason is back. He also gets the blame for some of it. In the end he finally works out that they need to return Jason to crystal lake. strapping a boulder around his neck and then breaking his neck with the boat propellers ends this chapter and also the end of Tommy being in future parts.

Friday the 13th Part 7: 1988 (The New Blood)
After some time has passed new people begin to live on the lakeside. One of these is a troubled girl named Tina. Her father drowned in the lake when she was young. Tina however has a certain special power, shes telekinetic.
She's being studied by a doctor who has designs on her mother. Tina gets upset near the beginning of the film and tries to raise her dad from the bottom of the lake. unfortunately its Jason she brings up. Like all the films Jason goes on a killing spree in the house of teens next door mutilating the teens partying in there.
He even kills Tina's mum. She gets mad near the end of the film where Jason is on the end of the pier using he powers she calls forth her dad who drags Jason back down to the bottom of the lake.

Friday the 13th Part 8: 1989 (Jason takes Manhattan)
Two teens on a boat sail around on crystal lake, again an indeterminate amount of time from the last, the boy plays a trick on the girl with Jason's mask. unknown to them their anchor has disturbed an underwater power line.
The anchor breaks the line sending electric shocks into Jason's dead body. The newly resurrected Jason climbs aboard the ship takes the new hockey mask and kills the teens. Early the next morning a bunch of teens who are on a senior class cruise get to go on a boat ride to Manhattan.
Apparently there's a dock just down from the lake?
Rennie one of the girls on the boat has a secret and her uncle is an evil ass, her uncle trying to teach her to swim nearly drowned her. In fact she believes Jason tried to pull her down.
So in true Jason fashion he murders 90% of the boats occupants before they manage to reach Manhattan. Rennie her uncle and only a few make it ashore. One of the lads cornered by Jason is a good boxer, he does manage to beat Jason up for a bit until he tires out. Where, this being one of my all time fave Jason kills. Jason bops his head off his shoulders.
So only Rennie and her boyfriend make it through the sewers at the end Jason is hit by a torrent of toxic waste ridden water which melts his skin and flesh from his bones. How he comes back from this i'll never know.

Friday the 13th Part 9: 1993 (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday)
Possibly the worst of the bunch this one breaks with tradition in that Jason is alive and well stalking Crystal Lake. A seemingly defenseless woman takes a shower and Jason comes for her. She escapes and runs to a wide opening. Jason follows her then flood lights come on and the FBI pop up guns blazing, an air strike is called in which blows Jason to bits.
His remains are bagged and sent to forensic labs, the doctor doing tests on his corpse gets possessed by some black goo (blood?) from Jason's giant malformed heart.
So apparently Jason needs a family member to come back to life proper, otherwise he has to body swap now and then as a normal human with deteriorate to mush after a while. So he goes on a killing spree in many different bodies until he finds his long lost sister and niece. His sister gets killed but he still manages to use her dead body to come back.
His niece using a special blade, as she's the only one who can truly kill him stabs him right in the heart. Where we see Jason dragged to hell, the end of the film see's his mask pulled under by Freddy Krueggers hand.

Friday the 13th Part 10: 2002 (Jason X)
This film starts a good few years into the future they've caught Jason (who is miraculously alive again) and don't know what to do with him. They've tried lethal injection, firing squad a host of ways to kill him but his regenerative powers are to strong.
So they decide to freeze him permanently. Of course he escapes and kills everyone except the scientist, Rowan who has been studying him for years. she lures him into the cryogenic room and shoots him into the container. Gloating up against the container Jason impaled Rowan allowing cryogenic gas to escape and freeze the whole room.
about 400 years later some students on an excavation tour find their bodies. They save Rowans life with nano tech repairing her wound and fractured cells. One of the senior students sets about giving Jason an autopsy. Where he thaws and then goes on a minor killing spree. He's eventually stopped by futuristic firepower from a female android KM-14.
Unfortunately his corpse lands on the nano bed where the tiny bots rebuild his body using metal and circuits. The new 'Uber Jason' goes on killing, the KM tries to stop him again only to be beheaded by the new more powerful Jason. It's only as they reach Earth 2 that a brave strong marine manages to eject himself and Jason into space. Where they both burn up in the planets atmosphere.

So that's a my full series review hope you enjoyed reading it gleaning enough information to decide if you want to have a go at watching it or any parts yourself over all as a series it's one of my faves, it hasn't aged amazingly well so by todays standards I give it an over all 3 out of 5 but highly recommended parts 6+8 are my all time faves though.

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