Saturday, 13 February 2016

Review: Fire watch the game

Release date: 9th February 2016
Developer: campo santo
Wow this game, what can I say, atmosphere, fun, beautiful and all at your discretion too!
After heart warming but sad intro, that you get to interact with mind your character (Henry) decides to take a job away from it all in the wilderness as a fire watch person.
This entails staying in a cabin up on tall struts overlooking trees in the spring\summer watching for random brush fires and reporting them should that happen.
You get introduced to your boss almost right away Delilah each avenue of speech with her can go one of three ways, open, closed or generally nasty ( or if you truly feel like it you can mostly ignore her and just carry out the tasks at hand) this is what is truly good about firewatch, choice.
The start of the game chronicles the first few days simple things checking stuff etc, telling some dumb teens off for setting off fireworks. This can handled a few different ways too.
Then things get tense later on as its skips weeks ahead and depending on how you've treated Delilah have an ally or possible enemy in what's to come.
You know here at THN I don't spoil things, this game is not truly horror but every time your out each mission grips you tightly with a feeling of foreboding until or even beyond its completion. I played friendly to Delilah first time and it was great, I upset her once though and she turned her radio off for a while!
This made the already lonely setting that much more silent. The game unfolds with unique twists and turns as you play though and never let's up that tension or isolation ( you don't truly meet or see anyone close up most of the game)
I've got the first part of a let's play linked here by a good lp'er danq8000 watch the whole series or watch the first part and like me get it yourself to play.
Lots of fun in between other games a strong 4\5

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