Saturday, 13 February 2016

My top 10 horror games (supposedly) coming in 2016

Hey there folks I've been trawling the Internet's looking for things I love and that's a damn good survival horror game. 2016 is going to be no different to previous years in that a large glut of them are coming in, be it PC or console related. I have recently played through firewatch which although wasn't a true horror game there were certainly tense moments, well longer than moments in some cases, check out the review here on THN to learn more.
Now back to the task at hand there's a lot coming out I've only chosen things that have a damn good chance of giving at least one or two jump or tense moments. A large amount of games coming unfortunately seem to be going the outlast way.
This is not necessarily a bad thing as outlast did give me some genuine oh shit moments rare for me, so without further ado here are my 10 most looked forward to 2016 horror titles:

1. Outlast 2
Got to start with this one, not much info or much of a trailer for this so far, but the first horror game to genuinely shit me up since silent hill many moons ago is getting a sequel let's hope its as tense as its predecessor.

2. The Peterson Case Files
Again not an incredible amount found on this game but from what I've seen it has an alien abduction vibe going on with elements of alien isolation like hiding set in around about our time frame.

3. The Walking Dead
Not tell tale or that abysmal failure of a third person shooter released a while back. No this is a new game based in the zombie filled world of TWD. The trailer though not showing anything is still suitably bleak. Info I've found aludes to a rainbow sixish style of relying on others to survive and scavenge.

4. Visage
Another isolation type game somewhere along the lines of the now cancelled 1st person silent hill game. Just the trailer managed to shit me up with this so I am well excited here.

5. Grey Dawn
Set in alush looking open world, at least the trailer seems that way. It does again seem to have an isolationist feel (a running theme this year) with some nice olde world visuals.

6. Pamela
Going a futuristic route this time in a utopia where things seem to have gone seriously wrong for the inhabitants. Unlike the others this seems more action orientated with weapons an combat involved.

7. The Dark Inside Me
The initial start screen sees a scarred man embellished with your game options, the game itself seems action like with incredible amounts of gore and blood throughout.

8. Friday the 13th
This I seriously cannot wait for the 13th franchise is by far one of my favourite movie series's, so when I learned of a game based on it I was ecstatic with anticipation. From what I've gathered either you or an AI controls old Jason and then a small team of Councillor's have to survive him L4D style except each person has a skill, jock is strong nerd is brainy etc work together to live or just throw Jay the nerd and run if all else 1efails.

9. Routine
Another outlast type game set in the near future where from what I've gathered robots routines have gone haywire. Armed with what seems to be a hacking tool that can be used motion trackerlike, stun some robots or be used liked night vision. A lot of alien type stuff used in this corker of a game.

10. Allison Roads
Looks almost Identical to to visage, based in a house with spooky setting. This was once again a trailer that spooked me a little again, differences the corridors doors etc seem much more tighter and chlostrophia is evident. Black mail a friend to hold your hand whilst you play.

This concludes my ten most wanted 2016 horror based games what are you looking forwards to?

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