Friday, 25 January 2013

Timothy W. Long Audio Book Competition

Hi The Horror Nation
Timothy W. Long (check amazon for his complete book series) has graciously decided to give me a code for audible for a free download of Among the Living the first book in his Among the series, a zombie apocalypse series that has really stand out characters.

So what can you do to win this awesome prize?
Simply answer the following three questions please send your answers to
the closing date for this competition is one month from now and any answers put down the bottom will be swiftly deleted and not taken into consideration.

Q1. The zombie wilson diaries is a tongue in cheek name for one of Tim's books in what film does Tom Hanks actually have a football friend called wilson?

Q2. In Tim's Among the series what is the name of the katana wielding killer?

Q3. In a non Timothy related question, in the return of the living dead series of films what is the chemical gas called that reanimates the dead (full name)

So answers sent to the email above and i'll take one winner at random and let you know at the end of February if you've won!

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  1. Competition is now closed winner has been selected early due to lack of newer entries lately