Tuesday, 6 March 2018

THN Games: Last Year, New Slasher Game!

Slasher games, a newish genre for games currently led by dead by daylight and Friday the 13th. A new one coming to the genre is the 90s slasher based game called Last Year, it's more based on the human kind of slasher that the 90s made popular.
In contrast to the invincible killers like Jason, Freddy and Micheal. The human aspect is going to play into it well as the killer can be incapacitated if set about by more than one or two of the teens unlike ft13th or dbd.
The killer though of which there's going to a few to choose from can respawn and travel around like that. It seems like it's all about setting up and stalking.

Unfortunately I only have a console and a shitty laptop as this game is slated for pc release only, INITIALLY, they would like to see it on consoles only when they've totally ironed out its running on pc.
So here's hoping they get their act together and get it to us that can't afford the likes of a gaming laptop or desktop!

Additional information can be found on their official site


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