Thursday, 11 January 2018

THN News: Critters, Returning?

I'm a bit late with this but I have to report it, you all know I'm a massive franchise fan. If your horror movie series has over 2 sequels I love it even if it's shit.
I'm looking at you puppet master, seriously though franchises give you something to invest in which is your time. If you give something that time you invariably grow to love it.
So the Krites are returning it was 1992 the last time we seen them. With Charlie having been jettisoned into outer space with the only 2 remaining eggs. Frozen he was found by a gang of mostly lovable rogues, of course it goes bad and the crew as they hatch and spawn more.
Small furballs standing at the most 1 foot high with terrifying red eyes. A razor maw of sharp teeth capable of piranha like eating and the ability to shoot paralyzing darts from their back makes them quite formidable foes.

Like many I'm surprised to see these returning before Gremlins. Everyone's been crying out for a 3rd film for so long, but it is only a TV show.
It will be on a advertisement streaming serving called go90 from Verizon, when the UK will get it and on where I don't know, as soon as I do I'll update you all.

It's going to see in modern times with as far as I can see no ties to the original films. It will see the critters Returning to earth in some rural American state to find one of their number left behind. Sounds a bit odd that they would have been here already and left one behind but we'll see how it goes. They will then terrorise a group of school kids in the mean time.

Of course we would all love to see Don Keith Opper return as Charlie but he threw in the acting towel in late 2005. On the plus side his brother who was involved with the films and this project may be able to twist his arm perhaps?
So not a lot to go on be sure I'll be bringing you any more news and reviews on this as I find out more!

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