Wednesday, 10 May 2017

IT 2017 Trailer Breakdown

So this year we are getting a lot of remakes, or additions to old/existing franchises. From Child's Play to Saw, we were getting another Friday the 13th that has unfortunately been canned though. Still we are getting a super awesome game based on the series up to part 9 at least.
One remake that has peaked a lot of people interests is the Stephen King classic IT. A lot of people love the original not because it's a masterpiece but because of the brilliant Tim Curry Pennywise and the hammy nature of the entire film.

The remake however looks set to remove the jolly of the clown and make him definitively the clown from everyone's nightmares. Some people seem on the fence about this but others willing to give it a try. I for a while was more interested in this despite the looks of Pennywise (another reason some people aren't to hot on the remake) than the upcoming other King work, the Dark Tower, though since seeing the trailer for that I've been somewhat swayed to give it a chance.

IT however I both enjoyed and quite like the look of the evil clown. So much so I've cottoned on to some of the things in the trailer which may or not be important to the story, everything is in the viewers minds eye right?

So in the opening scenes we see who i can only guess is Georgie sailing his waxed paper boat down the streets in the rain just like the book and the original film. This is where something really interesting and in my eyes at least because it make me wonder if a concussion type nightmare is something that's going to be a theme in this film?

If so it would be a nice way to explain the surreal themes this film will bring up if its all a collective nightmare of sorts, why i think this si because right up until that scene there's happy music playing then bam head hit it stops, something to think about perhaps.

There is definitely a large theme of playing on fears in this film and the way things are done that not everyone notices things happening like balloons floating past in the middle of a room except the kid that's involved, suggests it is only a small shared psychosis too.
Along with the fact that each of these children have experienced abuse or bullying at some point in their life to would leave them open to suggestibility or maybe even gives them the ability to see danger where most who live a normal happy life wouldn't.

What we all would like is if this was a real terrifying thing that some rag tag bunch of kids did find the courage to beat, but it think the under laying mental state will always make you wonder...

Onto some fears i have from the trailer now, i'm hoping every scare isn't a typical high sound effect screech thing to elicit a cheap jump scare. I don't have massive fears of this as the trailer only really does this once when Georgie first see's Pennywise In the drain.

Everything else seems to be mind playing tricks on you like the balloons just there or floating past, or just out right freaky like a number of times where the slide show goes bananas, the part where Pennywise claws come out to play and the wild scene where the killer clown in chasing one of the children arms flailing like a mad man.

Overall i have not high expectations for this film but at least a good feeling that yes it will be a more serious telling than our cult classic but will be certainly better acting and pace wise and find a place in our hearts next to the classic, THN signing off.

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