Sunday, 26 February 2017

Review: Killer Mermaids (2014)

Stars: Franco Nero, Kristina Klebe

Budget: Can't find

Directed by: Milan Todorovic

A Serbian b-movie that I recently
found on Netflix, the write up and
Pictures got me a little interested in
This cheaply made horror flick.
I was unfortunately disappointed
by what I watched. No means a bad
movie especially by b-movie
standards it was just so slow and boring
for the first 50 minutes in a maximum
run time of 96 minutes or so.
With the name as well it takes a good while before we are even treated to a glimpse of the mermaid.

So let's get on with the film shall we, not 5 minutes into its run time we are treated to b-movie boobies. When a man and woman are making out on a small stone jetty, port?
I'm not sure which, anyway even with the prospect of bewbs right in his face the dude ignores said jubblies and gets lured into the ocean.
He subsequently vanishes under the waves and an unknown person watches on, miss topless then proceeds to beg this guy for help only to get a massive hook in her neck. Which has some of the best practical effects in the film, good for a b-movie too.

We are then treated to the lovely form of another woman Lucy who gets out of a pool to shout at her friend Kelly whose working while they are supposed to be holidaying.
They've gone to meet an old college friend Alex who was some kind of lethario in their college days and had a thing with Lucy.
They meet up and it appears Alex has a new fiancee much to Lucy's chagrin. The proceed to party and the dialogue feels so strained at times and the topics they talk about surely college friends should know about each other.

Like Kelly's fear of water because of her brother drowning, this is all things that pad out the first boring 50 minutes or so of this film. Including Alex having a quick fling with Lucy that never really goes anywhere.
Also don't bank on any more boobs either the beginning was all your getting, the main actresses must have been like no way!

So they go to quaint little island and then the next day discover a disused military base, one of the women see's another structure on a near island that used to a prison Alex explains.
A new fellow suddenly pops out of the water totally freaking out the women but then magically charms them much to Alex's chagrin this time. We then learn he's a friend of Alex's fiancee, they arrange to meet up later for a drink. Before they leave Kelly spots an older guy over on the bases port.

Later on over drinks they discuss going to the prison, Alex is reluctant to take his yacht so boban says they take his boat. They are then warned by every horror movie staple, the crazy old guy to stay away from the island.

They of course ignore his ramblings and go to the island, they witness a man named Niko tip human remains down a well. When Kelly thinks she sees a woman down there thing suddenly from bad to worse and the film suddenly picks up some steam.
Although it's mostly Niko who starts to pick off the merry bunch one by one, we find out later he under control of the mermaid who actually loves him!
Alex gets attracted by the song and killed when we actually see the mermaid properly after 60 minutes or more with some piss poor CGI effects thrown into the mix.
Boban's boat is sunk and after he gets badly hurt only him and Kelly make it off the island after seemingly killing Niko.

Seems mermaid screaming will bring an old dead guy back to life. They escape from him a second time through tunnels connecting the island, they are then miraculously saved by the crazy old dude.
I'll stop there as there's not much left and if anything the last 20-30 minutes of this film make the boring first two 3rds of this film just about watchable.

I also found out this movie has been named a number of things from the above title to nymph, just killer mermaid and also Mamula. THN awards this film a 2 out of 5 stars based only on the last one 3rd of this film, watch if bored...

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