Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Once Bitten (Comedy Horror) 1985

Stars: Jim Carey, Karen Kopins,    
Lauren Hutton


Howard Storm

Okay so i watched this last night didn't even know this existed. Apparently Jim's first starring role (I new earth girls easy was one his 'first' movies but that wasn't starring) and despite some amazingly Carrey moments this is painfully obvious.
Most of the time this this goes for spoof and slapstick but it could just be it's age as most of this falls flat on it's face. This really didn't feel like age though and just felt like either poor writing or late comedy timing. Who is to blame? The director, the writers or the actors?
Maybe even the cutting.
So thats my thoughts on the movie as a whole, lets take a look at the films plot etc now.

So we meet a female vampire who is around 400 years old every now and then she needs to feed on the blood of a virgin to keep her youthful looks. Her main servant/butler is a camp, homosexual man. Of course he he the stereotypical tongue in cheek type of gay person always done in these early films, over the top speech and flamboyance.
She has other lackey's who are people she's turned into vampires over the past years. Now this being the 80's it's supposedly really hard to get hold of a virgin. Especially since she's quite picky and seemingly has some morals for being a vampire.
We meet Jim trying to get it on with his girlfriend, who really wants to but feels she wants to wait for the right moment ( like most girls of that age/time). So while seemingly everyone else in the parking lot he's in are getting lucky Jim goes without.

He has two friends who suggest they go out on the town in Hollywood and try to pick up some easier girls. The lackey's spot Jim's character and they report back. Though how they surmise he's a virgin or report back so fast is lost on me.
So she woes him back to her place and feeds on him once (oh she also has to do it three times at set instances) then sends him on his merry way. He obviously starts taking on some vampiric traits due this and people start noticing and worrying. Especially his girlfriend who despite them breaking up for like a day takes his sleeping with another woman (though we find out she didn't sleep with him, he needs to be a virgin duhhh!!) very well.
So she feeds once more, but it's established his girlfriend has quite a hold over his heart and this may prove to be a problem. I can't even bothered to speak on this film any more as it's so abysmal in it's writing and seemingly glaring holes that are covered over from scene to scene.
Like i said one of the films saving graces is Carrey and you can see why he went on to do much bigger and better things from this. His trademark slapstick and rubber facing are prevalent throughout this and did actually get a laugh or two out of me.

Both his girlfriend and the vampire are delicious eye candy for the fellas too, especially in the high school dance off. Which again would have excruciatingly bad if wasn't for all the factors I mentioned.

Despite this i think just to see Carrey in an early role wight be a reasonably good reason to give this film just one watch, even if it is just to see old stereotypes in very over the top performances (even the indian book shop owner later on) So rating for this film?

THN gives a poor 2 out of 5 to this dated, poorly timed stereotypical comedy.

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