Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Demons, ready for a come back?

Yes I know I've banged on about it a lot especially lately it's only because I feel this has been dormant for quite a while. Right we have as such encountered a big increase in zombie films lately well recently it's quietened down somewhat. Which is probably why a new spin on the genre or at least an old new spin could work about now.
That's about the demon angle and I'm talk the two original films, where the nearest scratch or drop of infected blood will turn you in a clawed ferocious plague spreading demon. None of this night of the demons bullshit either, Angela and all that rubbish can bugger off. Sorry they were half decent films with nice depictions of demons in them, just not the same type as the original films.
So I think a third film by the master himself would be great and a-1 hopeful dreaming. But if done right and I swallow my own bile saying this, a GOOD remake of the first film.
So do you agree?
If so please leave me a comment and thanks in advance!


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  1. I agree with you completely. Demons rock. I have sent my book of to an agent. I am waiting for a reply. I mention this because my books has demons in it. I love the idea of cross pollination of genres. Lets get horror and fantasy. Horror and love - spice it all up, mix it together and create/watch kick arse stories, movies or comics. Originality seems to be difficult for these movie making people. They need some of what we got .