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The Revenant 2009, Back Review

The Revenant 2009, Back Review

Year: 2009
Stars: David Anders, Chris Wylde, Louise Griffiths
Directed: D. Kerry Prior
Running Time: 117 mins

Directed by D. Kerry Prior (Lots of work other than directing, like special effects etc. before and after this film) for an unknown sum of cash.
It’s a tongue in cheek undead film starring David Anders (hundreds of TV series episodes to many to list but among other heroes and Vampire Diaries) as Bart Gregory, Chris Wylde (lots of single episodes on popular TV programs) as Joey Luebner and Louise Griffiths (The Mudman and Hardflip) as Janet.
When Bart is killed in an ambush in Iraq his body is shipped back for a grieving family to bury, the fiancée taking it hard apparently. Later in a bar talking about how preachy the sermon giver was Janet goes outside followed by Joey, spilling her heart they get it on.
Back in the graveyard Bart frees him-self from the coffin confines and breaks into the graveyards mortuary and cleans him-self up, when turning on a light her realises something’s wrong and freaks out when he finds out his mouth is sewn shut.
I pissed myself laughing within the first minute of when he goes to see Joey and the dialogue between them.
After some gross stuff in the flat they go to hospital thinking it’s some condition, it is he’s dead, this film just made me laugh from one minute to the next. With people being uncomfortable around him due to his looks and smell. This film really made me reminiscent of the old style tongue in cheek horrors such as Return of the Living Dead and Reanimator.
It continues until Bart seemingly dies a second time when they get back to the flat, in the morning their wicker friend comes over to examine his corpse and suggests when they come to the conclusion he’s undead to stake him and behead him.

This film had a lot of little pop culture references like that in there and it was just fun to fish for them as I watched. Night time comes back around and Bart magically rises again asking if he slept under the watchful gaze of Joey who tells him no he was dead, then proceeds to cook him breakfast.
The film details him dealing with the condition through most of the rest of it from blood to vomiting to trying to figure out what he is either a zombie or a vampire.
When stealing blood doesn’t work out so much, in a weird twist of fate they are attacked by a thug and dealing with the morality of actually eating a guy. Suffice to say he does, the rest of movie was mostly in the same vein with his ex-girlfriend finding out and him whacking any thug that crosses their paths with him becoming a vigilante of sorts. Joey himself getting killed later in the process of trying to save Bart, yet he somehow comes back from the dead too. Of course it all starts going pear shaped towards the end, but as always here on THN that’s where I’ll leave it for you guys to find out for yourself if you so choose.
What I will say is the ending was a little bleak after such a comedic film.
The Revenant was an enjoyable watch that I would recommend to anyone to have a go, I couldn’t find any major faults with this film I will give it a maximum 5/5 THN score

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