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Slither 2006 Back Review

Slither 2006 Back Review

Year: 2006
Stars: Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker
Directed: James Gunn
Running Time: 95 mins

Written and Directed by James Gunn (Wrote the 2002 Scooby Doo film and also wrote the storyline for the ace lollipop chainsaw game amongst other titles) on a budget of $15million. Staring everyone’s favourite actor Nathan Fillion (Need I say Firefly, Serenity or Castle? Oops I just did) he is Bill Pardy the sheriff in  town where in the style of the blob a meteorite falls, then in the style of a zombie film parasites infect peoples brains.
A lot like the older film of this kind night of the creeps.
There’s a lot more to it than that in this film when Starla Grants (Elizabeth banks husband stumble across the meteor and become infected with a parasite she ignores his odd behaviour and slight changes until it’s too late.
Having kidnaped a young woman and impregnated her with millions of little slug like parasites she eventually bursts when Bill Starla and a bunch searching for her husband come upon her. These slugs infect and turn people into mindless killers only intent on spreading more of them it’s up to Bill and Starla to stop them.
This movie is by far one of those tongues in cheek classics that everyone who loves one or more of the films it rips will love to sit and watch. Initially the films quite comedy with some good little light laughs but when the slugs burst forth and start infecting Willy nilly it can become quite a shocker as anyone from old people to young children are infected. This film has everything in it that a b-movie needs a monster, a stupid mayor and a lovelorn hero it does it all too great parody effect.
Acting wise with a pretty all-star cast including Merle from walking dead’s actor playing Starla’s husband there’s no stinkers here at all and its well written and well-acted whether it’s a a-star film or not, these are actors we can trust.
A just over $15million budget back in 2006 meant some pretty good effects and this film doesn’t let down there the make-up and CGI is better than a lot of films I’ve seen these days.
I think it does a good job parodying the films it intends to.
I have to say this film though not the best story wise does a good job keeping you interested through good acting and good writing for the material it had to work with. In anyone else’s hands or other actors this could have been a lot worse.
It keeps you smiling and well worth the 95 minutes you invested in watching it, the film comes to and explosive climax which as always on THN we won’t spoil for you. I give this film a decent 4 out of 5 stars and recommend you watch it if you haven’t.

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